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Monday, February 7, 2011

MUSIC Mondaze and the Week from Hell

Anything at Anytime thought we were back last week!

Amazing how a city that is in the top 25 or 30 (in size) in the U.S.A. could have this happen is ....... Well,...... just befuddles the mind.

Anyway before I get into that I need to give you your MUSIC Mondaze Fix.

MUSIC Mondaze

White Rabbit
Jefferson Airplane

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Now to let you know what has been going on here in El Paso, TX.

As some of you know there was a massive storm/cold front that hit a large part of the US this last week, what you don't know is how unprepared some places were for this even with a week to two week notice.

There were times this last week when El Paso was Colder than Anchorage Alaska!
(No Shit -- 2 1/2 days)

Our fantastic Electric company El Paso Electric decided not to do anything to prepare their 8 generators here in El Paso.  So, when the storm/Cold front moved in on Tuesday afternoon generators went down and Rolling black outs commenced around the city.

All the while El Paso Electric  was saying its not our fault we weren't ready.  Our system was designed for extreme High temperatures not Lows.

Bull Shit - Bull Shit - Bull Shit!!!!!!!

With a week to two week notice -- and I will be nice and say they only had a week -- there is No Way this should have happened!

Granted the Generators are outside so that the High temps don't overheat the units but when Winter time gets here you should Insulate the Exposed Piping that are not near the Core of the Generator.

After 4 years in the Navy Working in an Engine room in EXTREME Heat and Cold the insulation is not that hard to put on to units if you take the measurements of your pipes and mark locations.  It then becomes a quick job of wiring them up or taking them off and storing them for the next season.

The CEO of El Paso Electric says they wouldn't do anything differently after this fiasco but we the consumer/Customer will have to foot the bill when they raise the rates to cover their SCREW UP!!!!   This from a Company that made a 60.2 Million dollar Profit for the last fiscal Quarter of last year!

Take your Damn Profit and Fix your Facilities at your Expense,  NOT OURS!!!!!

Then, with the Rolling Blackouts, they ended up shutting down parts of El Paso Water Utilities Pumps -- Results of standing water in Pipes with Temperatures around 3-6 degrees Fahrenheit with a Wind Chill temperature running around 17-22 BELOW 0????!!!!!!?????!!!!!!

You Guessed it -- BURST Water pipes all over the city.  We have been on Water Restrictions and Boil Water orders since Friday/Saturday.

Schools have been closed since Weds. of last week due to the temperatures and the water problems.

Hopefully, Schools will be open tomorrow but if they can't guarantee safe drinking water at the schools I wouldn't be surprised if they stayed closed for a day or two more until they were certain it was safe to drink straight from the fountain.

A company like El Paso Electric that has a Monopoly here in the area that makes a profit off of us like this should have been better prepared and all of the Crap - Yes, CRAP - they are passing around as Excuses is just outrageous!

Anyway, it has been an interesting, if not Frustrating week trying to keep the family warm and with drinkable water for the last week but things are slowly looking up.  SLOWLY.

Hope you all have a Good Week.


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