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Still Wondering What's Next? Anything at Anytime (I) has/have had a rough start to the year. Sorry for the delays in Posts and I Promise to do better. No Excuses as Life Must GO ON! So Keep an Eye Open... Oh, if you would like to follow on Twitter I am @DanWins2007.

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My Blogs of Note Page -- Sites I think deserve a look see from everyone.

If I am Following you and you are not on here - I still like you!  These just are ..... well....... go take a look and see for yourself.

Updated: 05 December 2010

     The Magnolia Blossom Review - LAvery one of the founders of the Real Bloggers United group, writes this blog about various Blogs she has found and what she thinks of them.  Awarding them up to 4 "Magnolia Blossoms" for everything from Mechanics - Writing.  She Covers it and has found everyone some Fantastic Blogs.  Go check it out and see if she has reviewed something you might like.

     10 Minutes 2 Breathe - A Relatively New Blog that I think needs a little more attention and has a talented writer behind it.  Give Her a look see and Hopefully you will feel the same.

     Real Bloggers United - A Group of Many Talented Writers/Bloggers.  I am a member of this Group and they have posted a few of my Writings so far.  They send out a "Topic" to all Members and take submissions and then Post Several over a period of time.  You will be Amazed with some of what you read.  
It is Well Worth your time!

     Dribble.... - Everyday Life written from the DownUnda (Australia) by a woman with an Awesome imagination.  You should give her a Read sometime.  She also has an "Adult" orientated "Romance" site that will..... Well, "SPARK" a fire or two.

      Dancing on the Other side of the Rainbow -  This person puts out some fantastic Poetry that really makes you think and has some Really great Artwork that they do for their site (I was Lucky and she did one for me!!!!  See Dragon page and find the Green Dragon with balls).

     Caffeine-A-Holic -    This guy has a very Unique site that Reviews (he actually tries All of these drinks, candies and mints) all kinds of energy drinks and the like.  So check him out and see if he has tried something you have thought about trying but haven't yet.

     Life with the Lebedas -   This site does giveaways so try them out, follow and register for some of the giveaways.  Never Hurts to try.  Don't forget to tell her that Anything at Anytime sent you to say hello, that and $1.00 might get you a cup of coffee.

     Hyperthetically -  This site has some unique art and presents some interesting thought provoking  articles.  You like Math?  Check it out.

    ZoneCartoons -   This site I just had brought to my attention and it is a really neat site with a ton of toons.  If you like toons this is your place.

     Blogger's Cafe -  This site is all about us finding more blogs to read and helping to Highlight good solid blogs.  Visit the Libraries and look around.  You can see my blog Anything at Anytime here in Library 1 and it looks as if we may be in some good company. 

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  1. Sorry, this doesn't qualify as Page 3 content.

  2. To Clarify for those out there that don't understand this comment. Page 3 is something from the British Tabloid "The Sun" and it has some very interesting pictures. Will leave it at that.

  3. Thanks for the write up, it all helps to make the world turn.


  4. Love the write up....Unfortunately, I can't do art for others. It can take days, even weeks to create an original image, since I don't use anything that has been created by someone else (except the blank figure models I use in Poser.
    This Blogs of Note is a wonderful idea! Thank you for including me.


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