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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Halloween Choice

As promised Anything at Anytime has done the Halloween thing.

Since the 15 votes were not received we took the two that had the most votes:

The Mrs. Doubtfire type


The Crossdressing Dime Store Detective

If The girls were "Older" the Dime Store Detective more than likely would have been the choice.  With the Girls at the ages they are the Choice ended up going to the Mrs. Doubtfire look.

So as promised Before and After pictures of the "GET UP":


and the After:

And the Side x Side:

Since this is a simple post with the pictures from the Halloween Costume voting, I hope you all got a chuckle out of the Conversion to a Mrs. Doubtfire type person.

Let me know what you think and how much of a laugh you got.

A very interesting Conversion to say the least.

Hope you all have had or will have a Good Safe Halloween.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween, Just thoughts

Halloween is just a hop, skip and a jump around the corner (Tomorrow to be exact) and Anything at Anytime has no clue as what to write today.  :(

A rarity I know!  DanWins2007 with Nothing to write?????? OMG!  What is the world coming to?

So I will just write as it/whatever comes to my mind/fingers and go from there.

Well, J and the Girls aren't sure as to what they want me to dress as tomorrow since we didn't get the 15 votes but we are leaving it available till tomorrow to see if any more votes are given/placed.

E (the youngest) went to school yesterday dressed as a Baseball player.  Used my old High School Baseball uniform.  Yes, I still have it and Yes, it still fits me and is in good shape.  Can you believe that?  20+ years and the uniform is still good to go (the letters are getting a bit cracked and the colors on the lettering is getting a touch faded but you can still read em).

I sit here now typing this and wondering what kind of Costumes will we see tonight and tomorrow.

Yesterday, when I left to go pick up J and the Girls from school, I saw someone walking the streets in a Predator Costume.  Damned if the person did not LOOK like they belonged in the Movie(s).  I had to take a double take because the Costume was that good.

I always find it amazing at GOOD Costumes.  Not the ones some body buys at a store.  I mean the ones that you know they worked on and did everything they could to make it convincing.  Some people have some great imaginations and talent to make them look REAL.

I am wondering if any of you, my readers, are going to get dressed/costumed up for Halloween and what your costumes will be and look like if you do?
If you do How much do you put into it?  Just a throw it together or really get into it and go all out?

Well, I guess I will leave it at that for now.

A reminder:  If you haven't voted on My Costume for Halloween jump on over to that Post and place your vote/suggestion now.
Tomorrow's Post will have a Before and After Pic of me with My Costume and will go from there.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Did They Pass the Driving Test?

A couple of quick things before hitting today's post topic here at Anything at Anytime:

So far have only had two Votes/suggestions on the Costume for Sunday/Halloween.  If we don't get more that leaves the choice up to my Wife and Daughters.  So if you want your choice to be the one -  drive people over here to Anything at Anytime to Vote!

Next, it is getting to be that time of year so please if it is getting colder in your area take care of yourself and family and make sure they bundle up and get all shots prior to the flu season hitting you and yours.

Today's post will be relatively short unless this Rant really Rolls.  I will try and get it to be Brief!

How Did They Pass the Driving Test?

Today, I had to go pick up J early at school to take her to the clinic because she has not been feeling very good. The early Bug has jumped on her and she is just RUN Down and just plain UGHHHHHH.  The same time I had to pick up the girls early because today is PTC (Parent Teacher Conferences) at their school and so I had a car load of family.

Anyway, as I was returning J and the Girls to J's school (after dropping off the prescriptions for her), I am driving along and this Driving Idiot in the right hand lane (I was in the middle lane) decides he wants to be in my lane.

No Blinker, No hand signal, just starts moving over into my lane.  Under normal circumstances that wouldn't be THAT BAD (bad enough) but I, my front end, was at about the back third of his Pick-up.  So I slam on my Brakes and Lay on the HORN.  Son of a Bitch stays half way across both lanes and is pointing and Laughing at me in his side mirror.

First thing, Had I not had J and the Girls in the Car, I would have stayed where I was and let the SOB hit me!!!!  Then let him explain it to the Cops when they got there.  As I had precious cargo in the Car I couldn't let that Happen.  Then as I move into the Right hand lane to get past him and get the Girls back to school, he swerves like he is going to ram me in the other lane, laughing the whole time.
For those of you that "KNOW" me, that is about the time I wanted to pull over and Kick the Snot out of the little SHIT!  Again with J and the Girls in the Car, No CAN DO!!!!!  ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH

I think most if not all of you can imagine some of the things coming out of my mouth at the time and not all of it was RABID FOAM.

Next,  I couldn't call the Police then as it is now illegal to use a cell phone in El Paso that is not hands free.  So when I got home I called the Police Dept. to report Wreckless Driving, and Failure to signal as I have the SHITS plate and make and model of his Truck.

I got told they could do nothing about it as it was my word against his.

Now, if that had been me doing that, there would have been a Cop right there that saw it and would have pulled me over and written me a citation if not Hauled my Ass in for the show of the swerve.

Since the Cops won't/can't do ANYTHING as it is my Word against his.......... I can do this in the hopes that when he goes to renew his Insurance and they run a search for his license plate on the Internet they find this and Read why his plate and make are Posted on a Blog.

Maybe, Just Maybe it might make them Think about insuring a kid that is willing to drive and act like that on Our Roads.

So, if you are Ever in West Texas, New Mexico or General area and see a WHITE CHEVY SILVERADO with TEXAS PLATES -  ATO 2421 ------
Be Careful the DRIVER IS WRECKLESS and an ENDANGERMENT to others on the ROAD.

Now, How did a kid like this pass the Drivers Test - Written or Driving?

Sorry for the Rant today but to have the Police say they could do NOTHING as it is my Word against his!

Well, I can do something.  It may not do much but maybe someone somewhere will see this and it might just take money out of his Pocket for higher insurance rates?

I Can only Hope.

Aside from the Rant I hope all of you have had a GOOD Week and Please VOTE for the Halloween Costume in the Previous Post.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Halloween Costume?

Anything at Anytime asked you all for suggestions for my Halloween Costume a few posts back.

There were a few suggestions that I can't do at this time.  They are:

1.  George and Martha Washington - Good idea but don't have any appropriate clothing to get them right or even recognizable.

2.  a Ghost - Again good idea but don't want to do something that has or could be Overdone.

3.  a Politician -  This could be done easily.  I just don't want to Scare anybody so bad that they have a heart attack or something.  I don't have insurance that would cover that.

The Suggestions that I would like you all to vote on and have your friends/visitors come over and vote on, are:

1.  Gothic Albert Einstein

2.  a Zombie Car Salesman

3.  a Mrs. Doubtfire creation (if you don't know, it is a funny movie, go rent it and get a laugh)

4.  A Crossdressing Dime Store Detective.

5.  Other -  Write in suggestions that can be done with stuff from home (if there are comments check and see if others have made suggestions you might want to vote for or put in your own)

There should be at least 15 Votes to provide a clear choice.  If not then Jackie, the girls and I will choose one of the 4 above suggestions on Friday Night.

As for yesterdays Post -  There were a couple good suggestions that I am taking into consideration for improvements.  Making it Thirteen days of Halloween, and making the first day - a grave in a church yard.

Have fun and hope you have had or will have had a good weekend.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Twelve days of Halloween

Anything at Anytime does something just a bit different from the usual bit of creating different Posts.  Can you understand that or did I just make it more confusing for us all again?


The following is to be sung to the music of "The Twelve days of Christmas".
I have no idea if this has been done before but figured this would be appropriate for the end of the month.

The Twelve days of Halloween

On the first day of Halloween my Haunting gave to me:
One Grave Stone

On the second day of Halloween my Haunting gave to me:
Two Owls A-Whoing
and One Grave Stone

On the third day of Halloween my Haunting gave to me:
Three Cawing Crows,
Two Owls A-Whoing,
and One Grave Stone

On the fourth day of Halloween my Haunting gave to me:
Four Hell Hounds Howling,
Three Cawing Crows,
Two Owls A-Whoing,
and One Grave Stone

On the Fifth day of Halloween my Haunting gave to me:
Five Molten Beasts,
Four Hell Hounds Howling,
Three Cawing Crows,
Two Owls A-Whoing,
and One Grave Stone

On the Sixth day of Halloween my Haunting gave to me:
Six Demons Screaming,

Five Molten Beasts,
Four Hell Hounds Howling,
Three Cawing Crows,
Two Owls A-Whoing,
and One Grave Stone

On the Seventh day of Halloween my Haunting gave to me:
Seven Vampires Biting,
Six Demons Screaming,
Five Molten Beasts,
Four Hell Hounds Howling,
Three Cawing Crows,
Two Owls A-Whoing,
and One Grave Stone

On the Eighth day of Halloween my Haunting gave to me:
Eight Spiders Spinning,
Seven Vampires Biting,
Six Demons Screaming,
Five Molten Beasts,
Four Hell Hounds Howling,
Three Cawing Crows,
Two Owls A-Whoing,
and One Grave Stone

On the Ninth day of Halloween my Haunting gave to me:
Nine Werewolves Changing,
Eight Spiders Spinning,
Seven Vampires Biting,
Six Demons Screaming,
Five Molten Beasts,
Four Hell Hounds Howling,
Three Cawing Crows,
Two Owls A-Whoing,
and One Grave Stone

On the Tenth day of Halloween my Haunting gave to me:
Ten Ghosts A-Scaring,
Nine Werewolves Changing,
Eight Spiders Spinning,
Seven Vampires Biting,
Six Demons Screaming,
Five Molten Beasts,
Four Hell Hounds Howling,
Three Cawing Crows,
Two Owls A-Whoing,
and One Grave Stone

On the Eleventh day of Halloween my Haunting gave to me:
Eleven Pumpkin Faces,
Ten Ghosts A-Scaring,
Nine Werewolves Changing,
Eight Spiders Spinning,
Seven Vampires Biting,
Six Demons Screaming,
Five Molten Beasts,
Four Hell Hounds Howling,
Three Cawing Crows,
Two Owls A-Whoing,
and One Grave Stone

On the Twelfth day of Halloween my Haunting gave to me:
Twelve Witches Brewing,
Eleven Pumpkin Faces,
Ten Ghosts A-Scaring,
Nine Werewolves Changing,
Eight Spiders Spinning,
Seven Vampires Biting,
Six Demons Screaming,
Five Molten Beasts,
Four Hell Hounds Howling,
Three Cawing Crows,
Two Owls A-Whoing,
and One Grave Stone

Hope you all got a Chuckle and Laugh out of this?

If you have a more appropriate thing for a Number above please let us know so we can all try different things in different spots.

Oh, If this hasn't been done before - It has Now -- By Me -- Today.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Happens to us All Eventually!

Anything at Anytime is proud to present -- 

What Happens to us All Eventually!

Now before I get started working on this post today, I have a few chores and miscellaneous to do around the house.  

First of course is waking up and getting my tired butt out of bed and get ready to get J and the girls to work/school.
(Got to have that first cup of coffee before I even attempt to drive them.  You all know how that is.)


Jump in the shower and get cleaned up and ready for the day around the house.
(OK, I didn't "Jump" but you all know what I was talking about.)

Ready for the Day! (I Think)

Next - Have to make the bed and pick up the bedroom just a little so that it is "Livable" 


Now, on to the living room and the girls room to see if they left any cups out so that I can get ready to do the dishes.

Everything is rounded up.

Do the first load of Dishes and in the rack.  (Yes, we still do Dishes by Hand in this house.)
Get a dry clean dish towel and dry the first load and put it up.

Finished with that.

Break time - have to get another cup of Coffee.


Back to Dishes and the next Load.  

Got them done, dried and put up.

Jump over into the Living room and do a quick general pick up.


Back to the Dishes and get the last load Done.  (It is amazing how many dishes can back up when almost everyone in the house is YUCKO!) 

Done and Put up!

Hmmmmm, there is something I am missing.
Have you ever done that?  
You have something you have to do but there are other things you have to do before you get to it and by the time you can do it you forgot what it was?  

I hate when this happens.  

Sitting here at the computer now and for the life of me I can not remember what I was going to do next.

Something I have to do around the House?  Nope.

Clean the car?  Nope, that is this weekend.

Hmmmm, it is still to early to leave and go pick up J and the girls.  

So it is not that.

This is just getting Frustrating!  What was I going to Do?  


Crap, I know what I was going to do.  I was going to write something for you all to read.  

Forget it!!!!  

I can't remember what I was going to write.

You all are going to have to wait until tomorrow.

Have a Good Night or a Good Day depending upon where you are and what time it is when you read this.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Father, Hubby, or Chauffeur???

Well, today Anything at Anytime is going to go into which roll is more important in my life.  A Thanks for this post also to Jamie over at Daydream Believer and I also won a gift card from her.  She has some fantastic post and just got married a couple of months ago.  If you haven't run across her site you need to stop by and take a quick look.

Now for today's post.

This could be very short or very long depending upon the fact I have NO Idea if this will become a full on rant or just a quick few comments about how things look to be shaping up.

After the situation caused by Cousin Murphy my life appears to have taken on a few different aspects.

First - there is the Father.  You know, Dad.  The man that is there to encourage his kids, make their lives joyful when needed and Miserable when least expected.  The Guy that is the "Dr." when they are Sick and cleans up when the "Sick" comes out (Because J just can't stand it or she will be doing it also) (YUCK!!!!).
The Guy that tries to set an example for my daughters so that they hopefully find a guy (Spouse for the more open minded) like me or BETTER.  (I wish and Hope for BETTER!)  The Guy that ask them what they want and why, and if the answers are good enough will let them try and (in most cases) Fail, but always encourage them to Try again.

Next - is the Hubby.  The Man that is to be there for my wife and give her my full support and help.  Give her a shoulder to lean on when she is tired and needs that support.  When she just needs to talk be there and listen.  Help clean up so that she doesn't feel that She is a maid to everyone's whims and desires.  To give her solace when she needs and Provide her with open arms to Welcome her home like a port to ship returning home.  Hopefully the man that makes her smile when she least desires to but truly needs to.  The Man to be proper "Pain in the A$$" when she needs someone to point out what she might not see.
The Man to be her "Dirty Ole' Man" that makes her feel "Desired".  (If you don't understand that last -- Well, you're to young -- Go ask your Mom and/or Dad.)

Last - is the Chauffeur.  Now this one has been thrust upon me by my Cousin Murphy and if I had my Dithers I would put an 8 1/2 BOOT right up his BUM! (I know 8 1/2 isn't all that big but try putting a BOOT that size where "The Sun Don't SHINE" - 8 1/2 sized BOOT is Hopefully going to FEEL like a MOUNTAIN!)
Well, the Chauffeur bit started in truth Yesterday.
Honey, I need to go here.
Dad, I need to go here.
Dad can I go here.
Honey, Don't forget I have to do this today.
Dear, could you take me over here so I can see what they have on sale today?
Dad do you think we could stop at mall for a bit?
Oh, Honey don't forget you have to take us to school and pick us up in the afternoon/early evening.
And this is just the Second day doing this.
Holy Cow!

I really need to Teach my Wife to drive Standard!

Hope you all Have a Good and Safe Week!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cousin Murphy - hmmmmmm

Here at Anything at Anytime, I was looking back at some of the things I have written and I couldn't find anything about my Cousin Murphy.

The reason I mention this is because yesterday I would have had a good post up for everyone to read and more than likely it would have been the Post to bring the whole Internet to My Blog.  I am telling you, yesterday's post would have been that kind of Post.

Murphy that #@^%*@$#@ really jumped out and grabbed me yesterday.
(Well, not me but Jackie and the girls - by relation/connection - Me.)

Murphy's actions did not disrupt us just yesterday but changed how and when we do things for some days to come.

You know what?  I think you all know Murphy, just you don't realize it.  My Cousin Murphy is famous (or as Annah (at When Red Means Go) would say Famosity) in his own right.  He has been around a long time.  If it weren't for the fact that he and I are so close, you could almost say he was/is Immortal.  He has been around that long.

His disruption yesterday was two fold.  He was devious in his actions and Jackie and I were definitely unprepared for him.  His first action yesterday was to give Jackie a flat tire and when I say flat I mean FLAT!

Just as I was sitting down to write my post I get a call.  Jackie called and said from one moment to the next she had just gone and picked up our oldest from Volleyball and everything was fine, then when she started to backup the tire just was phhhhttttt FLAT.  I know it had air in it because I check the tires on both of the cars every couple of days just to keep and eye on them.
I have to I have precious cargo in those cars.

So running out the door I go with hydraulic jack and all and drive up there to get her and the girls and change a tire.

Damn, I am out of shape it took me longer than I recall to change a tire and talk about tired after.......
Anyway, the whole time I was cussing my Cousin Murphy.  After I had it changed and the spare on the car I had her drive home ahead of me, that is when Murphy struck again!

If you know who my Cousin Murphy is yet, No, I did not get a flat.  No, Cousin Murphy had something much much better in store for me.  Enough so that he reminded me of something that happened to my Father about 30 years ago (Yes, 30 years) when we lived in Germany and my Father was driving my middle brother and I to the airport.  For him (my Father), Cousin Murphy had helped cause my Father's muffler to come off of his car on the Autobahn (a place you definitely don't want to loose a muffler) and Dad had to run back down the road to grab the muffler and get it off the road and in the car.

Well, Cousin Murphy did not do that to me but as I am driving home behind Jackie, I am looking at her back end.  (Get your minds out of the Gutter!!!  I am talking about the back end of her Car!)
Something did not look right and it took me a few minutes and two bumps in the road to see what it was.  Her muffler was hanging at an odd angle.  I had an idea what it was at that point and it brought back memories of Dad on the Autobahn.  When we got home I got under her car and verified what happened the pipe to the muffler cracked and so now Jackie's car is out of commission until we can afford to replace the muffler and get an overhaul done on her car.

We were already planning on the overhaul at the beginning of the year because the car is 12 years old.  Now that the Muffler is "gone" she/he (all mechanicals are shes in my book but J calls hers a him) is parked until we can build up funds.  Pretty sure you all understand that.

So, have you all figured out who my Cousin Murphy is?

You know the saying "Murphy's Law"?
"If it can go wrong, it will go wrong!"

That Murphy is my Cousin!

He has been around Me and mine so often there is no Doubt he is a relative!

So, of course Murphy strikes again, and I get to become a chauffeur until we can get hers fixed.

Isn't Life FUN?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Hodge Podge of What Nots!

Well, Anything at Anytime left the last post up for a couple of days so that as many people that came to the site could go visit the Petition site and Sign it.

It has been up long enough that now it is time to get back to Anything at Anytime's pretty regular schedule.  I have tried to keep it everyday posting and have done a fairly descent job keeping that schedule up with a few misses here and there.

A few things have happened lately that need to be commented on:

**********The miners in Chile have been Rescued!  Way to go everyone involved in working so hard to rescue those men and for those men to have the stamina to keep going under those circumstances!
To Everyone and those men Congratulations!!!!!!!

**********A Laugher that apparently no one noticed until recently on an absentee ballot from one of the Counties here in Texas.  Apparently the Absentee ballot for that County was to have the Texas State Flag on it and for some reason the person that chose the design for those ballots confused the Chilean Flag with the Texas State Flag.  The Flags do bare a very very similar appearance.  The Texas State Flag has a Blue field from top to bottom on the left side with a White star in the blue field followed by white upper half and red lower half.  The Chilean Flag is so similar the only difference is that the blue field only takes the upper left corner with a white star in it.  Just something to chuckle about how someone in a hurry doesn't pay attention to what they are doing and grabs the first thing that they see.

**********The Texas Rangers (Baseball) have won their first Post Season Series and advanced to the next stage for the first time in the team's 49 year history.  In the process they accomplished a first as well with their series with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays -  This was the first Series that all 5 games were Won by the Road team.  GO RANGERS - Claws and Antlers UP!  (you have to have followed the team to understand that last).

**********A couple of earlier Post Need your attention and comments/assistance if you can take the time to read them and do as they ask.  At most both will take 5-10 mins. no more than that (unless you fall asleep doing them).  The Petition Site to try and get the U.S. Post Office to create a COPD Stamp.  Your input on "You've got to be Kidding" for My Halloween Costume this year (Anything that can be done with stuff here at home, that we have).

**********Saturday My Corn Huskers play the Texas Longhorns and hope to improve their record to 6-0 and really put a crimp in Texas' season as that will give them 3 losses in a row for the first time in a long long time.  GO HUSKERS  (the game will be at 3:30 ET on ABC or ESPN - if it is not on your ABC affiliate it should be on ESPN or vice versa)

Hope you all have been having a good week and things are going well.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Action Needed!! Petition Signing Please?!?

As per Request of MO, I have amended this post just a bit.
MO brought this to my attention for a petition and it was started by a lady named Lori that Lost her Father to COPD.  So in that, I was not trying to give credit to MO but am truly glad she brought this to My/Our attention for Lori and all of us that have some form of COPD!

Anything at Anytime as you all know is my "OUTLET" to the world in many ways but one of the main reasons is my Emphysema.  There are many links in this post today but they go to only 3 sites: Here/Emphysema Journal, MO's Site, and a Petition site.  Please read on and see if it is something you would be interested in.

From time to time you see me comment about it, but not all that frequently, here on the main page and my Emphysema Journal here on the site is updated as I feel a need to comment on how I am feeling and how it is effecting me and my life.

Well, I have a Friend/Follower (and I follow her (MO)) that posted about a Petition online that is trying to get the U.S. Postal Service to create a Gold Ribbon Stamp for COPD.  Emphysema is one of several complications that make up COPD.  If you are wondering COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  It has no true Cure.  Those of us that have a form of it are stuck with it for life unless they are bad enough off and fit the criteria for a Lung reduction or Transplant surgery.  It can be controlled to a limit but We will always have complications and need to be a bit more alert of what is going on around us with colds and flues etc......

I am asking for Any (that come across my site) and All that read my site please go to The Petition Site and sign the Petition to get the first stages on the way to getting the U.S. Postal Service to create a COPD Ribbon Stamp in recognition of a disease that many Millions of people have.

Right now the aim is for 1,000 signatures and we are at 551 (I was #551).

On the site they have a picture of a metal Gold Ribbon that could represent a good stamp or be a representation for the U.S. Post Office to go by that was offered up by Lori.  Personally, I think that her picture would make a great looking stamp with a bit of the Postal Services talent for providing good looking Art on Stamps.

If you need good information on Emphysema/COPD then visit MO's site as she has many many more links than I have and basically is a Great Resource to get info.  If you are interested in the Topic please follow her and get a link to her to make her more accessible to the public rather than just a few of us.

Please, DO NOT Forget to go to The Petition Site and Sign the Petition to get us a COPD Stamp.

Thanks ALL of You.


P.S. Please Pass this on and either link to the Petition site or MO's or to this page so that others can sign the more the better.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quick Note & Captcha Humor Episode 3

Anything at Anytime has a input from you request for yesterday's post.

Basically it is what or how should I be dressed for Halloween?  I am leaving that open for my readers and any and all that visit the site and wish to comment and be included.

I will have a Before and After picture so that you may see and Judge how we (Jackie and I) did on my costume.

The most Common/Popular choice will be what I dress as for Halloween.

The Only Limits will be that it has to be something I can dress as with materials here at home.  So feel free to look at yesterday's post and leave your comment/suggestion.  Pass it on or link to it and have all of your Friends visit and comment on it.

Now for some more of that interesting and often weird, nutty:

Captcha Humor
part 3

The First one for today went to a Poem and Picture site from a follower/friend/sometimes commenter here and with Her site this just fit.

Glowlish =  Glow + Delicious/Delish

Therefore Her Site is Glowlish!

This one was in response to a friend in AZ that just so happens to be a College Prof.  and I think you all know by now that I have the utmost respect for all Teachers and this one just fit because of that Profession.

What do All Teachers need at the end of the school year?

A bunch of     REST  Ohhhhhhh   Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This one was just so out there that I would get this slang for the site I commented on.  The site just so happens to be a Movie commentary site on the top 200 or so movies of all time.

Of Course what do you do for movies in advance of them coming out to the public?

You have     PROMOs

This one was priceless for the fact it fit so well with what I wrote at the bottom of the comment.

This was in response to a Friend from the Land Down Unda - She is selling her house and the post on the day was talking about how she was thinking about her routines and people she knows/but doesn't know and certain was of doing things where she currently lives and how it will be different when she sells her house and moves into whatever New Home they find.

So I guess in my response I am  " FORSE " ing her future.

This time around the system did not give me any "ADULT" Captchas but I have noticed that it comes and goes in groups so who knows what will come out next in Captcha Humor 4.

Hope you all run across interesting Captchas of your Own.

Oh, and Don't forget to look at yesterday's post and comment on what Costume you would be interested in seeing.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

You've Got to be Kidding! From Two Angles

Anything at Anytime puts it all out there again.

Well, I got all the stuff done I could yesterday and was able to make the house satisfactory so that Jackie didn't feel like she had to kill herself this weekend.


So, how do I get thanked?


Jackie and Snuggles (if you don't know she is the dog) decided to keep me entertained last night - ALL NIGHT - with a unique rendition of Beethoven's 5th symphony in the Key of S.

Clip Art Guide
Oh, sorry!

I take it you don't know what the "Key of S" is?


ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been lucky it is about 1:45 in the afternoon here and I have had about 3 hours of sleep since 8:30 AM yesterday morning, and that was interrupted.

No matter how tired I am I can not sleep now and is just bugging the Living Hell out of me.
Clip Art Guide

That is One Angle.

The Other Angle is what I was talking about in the post before last.

Well, with Halloween approaching and again not much mullah, We (Jackie and I) are wondering how to dress me up for that night.  She has never gotten into it but I have always tried to do something.  So what we were thinking was to do a before and after type thing.

A side by side photo of me as me and the other as what YOU all suggest (most popular suggestion of all comments as long as something we can do with what we have in the House).

A few things we have come up with:

  1. A Banged up Biker
  2. A Cooked Cook
  3. Every persons worst nightmare - A Zombie USED Car Salesman
  4. A Woman - From Prim and Proper to Gypsy to ????
  5. Any Other suggestions you might have that we could do with things here at Home

Let's all have fun with this.

Pass it on and see how many Legitimate Suggestions we get.

And how many Out There Suggestions!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Back and Sorry for the Delay! or A New found Respect for Working Moms!

Is this you at Work?
This is how I see the Housework right now! 
Anything at Anytime is back.

I have been out of it for a bit as I got sick the following day after my last post and just now getting back into it all.  The bad part about it is not that I got sick but that it happened in this week.

With me not feeling good, Jackie and the girls on the go all week with Volleyball, PTA, School Carnival, etc.... everything backed up so yesterday I started to catch up and have been killing myself today trying to get as much caught up as Possible so that the weekend is not spent as clean up weekend ALL WEEKEND.

Catching up on the Dishes - Good thing there is that with all the travel the girls have been doing this week and as late as they have all been getting home most of it was coffee cups and glasses, as they ate out most nights.

Cleaning the Living Room and Bathroom - as (again) getting home late they have just been dropping what they didn't need and doing what they Needed - man I feel like I have been running a marathon.

Laundry (AGAIN!) - trying to get as much of it done today so that I/We don't have to worry about it Saturday or Sunday - Running around the entire house grabbing clothes and sheets and covers and ...........  Well, You get the idea.  Three loads done and on the line with a fourth waiting for me to finish typing this and then put it out on the line.

Sweeping the kitchen, living room, bathroom -  Dog hair, rabbit hair give new meaning to Dust Balls or Fur Balls - bad thing there is they (the D/F balls) drift away in the slightest breeze and your chasing them all over the floor.

Those are just the short bit of it all.  You all know that there is more involved with it all.

Now,  All of that and I don't "Work" any more.

I can now truly sympathize with Working Moms that feel totally overwhelmed when they are working and doing this on a daily basis not to mention how far behind they feel when THEY get sick.

My Deepest Respect to all of You Ladies!

As for my Previous Post - Jackie agreed so tomorrow will have something posted for you all to start considering.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Just a short bit today (IDEA???)

Anything at Anytime (Me, I, Myself) has/have an idea for October.

Before I Run it out here to the Internet and to everyone that reads my writing I must run it by the wife.

Just let us suffice it to say: If she approves it could be interesting and it would involve you my readers and everyone that comes across this post.

I know you all have that ??????? look on your faces right now but just keep an eye out for any of my post that may ask for your input.

Catch you all tomorrow, and hope you all have a good day.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Laundry Days.

Sorry for the delay from yesterday to today.

Anything at Anytime was in the middle of Laundry Day(s).

Considering that I don't do much to bring an income into the house I have decided to try to do as much of the "Domestic House Duties" as I can.  One of those things is the laundry on the weekend.

It does take awhile as most will tell you.  2 teenage kids, Wife, myself (Thank God they don't dress the dog).

Sheets, Lights, darks, whites, Uniforms, you know the drill.

With finances as they are we try not to use the dryer except on fluff for the towels.  Everything is dried on the line and Ironed by me on Mondays or them as they need them.  Again, we only use the dryer on the towels in order to get them fluffy soft.  I hate, they hate, and I imagine most of you would hate using towels that feel like stiff boards when you are trying to dry off after a nice shower or bath.

So today and yesterday have been spent getting all of the laundry done and trying to help keep things in order without it getting so bad that Jackie feels she has to step in and takeover.

Anyway, a New Week is starting and I wish you all a good New, Prosperous, and Healthy Week!

UPDATE:!!!!!   Had the Last Load on the line and was just getting ready to get the basket and get them brought in and Lo and Behold -  The Skies opened up and provided us with one of our 5 min down pours and everything is Soaked again.


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