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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Comments of College Football

One Thing I can tell you is that in Sports Anything can happen at ANYTIME!
In my experience that can not be a Truer statement Especially in College Sports.


College Football is almost Here!

One month to go and we get to have excitement, explosive filled Saturdays and a few games during the weeks to wet our appetites.  I can hardly wait.

Of course all of you that have been reading Anything at Anytime for awhile now, know that I am a Nebraska Cornhuskers FAN!  Have been as long as I can remember.  I am also a closeted UTEP Fan.  (I know, from one Extreme to the other.)

The Hype is already building up for all teams and all conferences.

Just from all the talk it is looking like it will be a Good if not Great Year in College Football.

Nebraska and Colorado will be playing their last year in the Big 12.
How will things shape up for the Big 12 this year after everything that has happened during the late spring and early parts of summer?  It looks to be interesting as Teams like Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas A&M all have had things going on.  Texas will be replacing some KEY players (players that put them in the positions they have been in the last few years).  Oklahoma will also be replacing some key components but their replacements got a good bit of playing time last year.  Texas Tech having gone through the turmoil at the end of the season with the firing of one Head Coach, the hiring of a New Head Coach and the team having to adjust to these changes.  Texas A&M looks to have a Defense and Offense that could cause problems for other teams this year, IF they play like they did against Texas at the end of the season last year.

The PAC-10 will be adding a few teams next year so this is the last year you will see these teams playing for a straight out season with No conference championship.  Oregon is having its problems still with their student athletes causing issues, so not sure where they will be shaping up as key players have been removed/released from the program.  Oregon State seems to be a team to watch all the time in the PAC-10 either as an underdog or an outright (albeit often Underrated ) stacked team.  Washington looks to be interesting this year as they may have let the Offense ferment long enough.  USC looks to be an interesting watch - how will they react to the NCAA punishment - Not to mention Lane Kiffin as their new Head Coach.  He couldn't get Tenn. going what makes them think that he will be able to do anything at USC and now as a recovering program?  As I said, it will be interesting to see how the Team responds.

All the Teams in the SEC that are currently being checked out for various "violations".  It is sad that a bunch of "Bad Apples" (Unscrupulous Agents) have to go out and screw with kids.  Hell, I am 41 going on 42 and if someone was flaunting that kind of money in My Face....... Well, it would be a tough choice and that is that I know what the consequences could be.  Not to mention the actions of these "Agents" screw up the system for the schools.  I am not saying that the Student Athlete(s) and the School(s) have No responsibility, they most assuredly do.  Temptations with the amounts of money and travel these "Agents" put out there are tough to look past but the school(s) and the athlete(s) have to maintain a Higher standard as they are far, Far more visible than anyone else.

This is all a build up for something.

I am thinking about starting a second blog.

I already know what the topic will be if I get it up and Running.  I have a month so I have plenty of time to get things arranged and looking right.  So if you are a College Sports Fan keep an eye out for me announcing that the new site is up and running.

As this will be my first attempt at something like this I am going to follow the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule.  I will start it off with College Football and if all goes well will expand into other College Sports.

So again, Keep your eyes open and I will let you all know when I have it running.

Friday, July 30, 2010

What, Why and Where?

Anything at Anytime: ponder that for a moment, think over those three words.
Wonder where I came up with them?
Maybe this might help a little bit and it might give you an Idea why I write Anything at Anytime.

Many sometimes, I wonder where life is taking me, is taking us?

Have you ever wondered why things happen?  Thought about what got us where we are?

I guess that is one of the all time questions: "Why?  What got us here and Where is it taking US (Me)?

I am not going to involve God or a Superior being or anything like that into this discussion although I personally feel God plays a major roll in all things.  This is about What and Why and Wheres of Us.

The What and Whys I think I have figured out.
What got us here, where we are today is us.  The nature in people is to find new things most of which are intended to make life better as a whole.  The persistent desire to explore different and possibly better things.
Sometimes it works against us.  That is how we learn and move on to the next step and find that certain answer that makes it all fit together.  What got us to where we are today is the fact that some people figured out certain things that fulfilled the next logical step.

Somebody got with somebody and said: "Look what I have found/discovered.  Isn't it Great?!?"
The other(s) liked and......... BANG....... it Grows on the world.  More and more people do it, use it, read it or just in general accept it.  A couple Examples you ask?  Of course.
Airplanes - started out as something for fun and experimentation.  Today, we have thousands if not millions traveling daily, great distances that can be measured in minutes and would have taken months if not years.
Cell Phones - upgrade from phones - but a device allowing communication over vast distances in seconds where as a letter of old would take days, weeks and months; if not longer.
Cars - same things apply here distance and time.
Television/cable/satellite - Things that have "improved" life........  Hmmmmmm..... That one is still up for judgement.  Some TV is ok but give me a good book over TV any day of the week.

What got us here was the urge to Explore, to move on in a forward direction.  One step at a time, one in front of the other always going forward.  A few slips and slides when we run into obstructions.  Leaps and bounds when freed of Restraints.

The Why is simple:  It is Our Nature!

We have that urge, the need to see what is beyond the horizon.  What lies beyond the next hill?  We can't help ourselves.  We must go that next step.  Nature - Our inborn Natural instincts are to see what is there.  We can not sit still, and for those that do like to stay where they are..... Well, they just get dragged along.

There are those who do not take action but inspire action.  They are Writers (wish I could say I was one but sadly I am not).  Writers are in a sense catalyst.  They Spark the kindling that initiates the fire.  They are the Flash Point.  Writers give us Ideas and What ifs that get the movers to move.  Anything can happen when Writers put words to paper or screen.  Writers paint a picture of the future with words, We fill it in with color by action.

Where is this all taking US (Me)?

I have not the faintest clue.  I am not a fortune teller at the carnival and can not fathom even an educated guess.  We as a Whole choose what direction.  Our Actions and Inactions will determine that destination.  With where things are today,  My question is this:  What web of paintings will Writers provide us with in order for US to fill with paint?  What things can We do to make it better or take Us to that next step?

We are the answer.
Not I, Not You.

We are!

SOoooo........;  What, Why and Where are We going?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deja Vu and Choices

Yes, Anything at Anytime is going there.

Deja Vu moments - Have you ever had them?

You know those times where you are doing something, anything, and right in the middle of it you are hit with that feeling...."I've done this already!"

Personally, I have them every now and again.  I will have them at the weirdest of moments and sometimes I will have them at those "Turning Point" moments.

 The times it happens at the weird moments I just sit back and watch it happen.  It almost seems as if I am watching a re-run of a show I like on TV.  The sad part is they are over far to soon.  (They could at least have the decency to be as long as a 30 minute sitcom without the commercials!)

The Turning Point" Deja Vues, now those....


Well, those are the ones we all should really pay attention to because they are the ones that "MEAN" something.  They are the ones that shout out to us - "You better have paid attention!", "The MOMENT is Here!", "We told you.  Now, What are You Going to DO!?!?"

The problem with "Turning Point" Deja Vues is that you only know the moment it happens, the situation.  You have NO clue as to what is next.
Do you DO IT? or Do you Not?
Turn Left or Turn Right?
Do you Stop or Keep Going?
Do you Hit the Jerk or Just totally immasculate him and make him look like the Total Fool and Jerk that he is in front of his friends and peers? (OK, this last one I think you know what I did!)
All the while knowing in your gut that no matter the choce somehow, someway you have just set yourself to a specific path.

We are confronted with these types of choices every single day.  We just don't have the luxoury of Deja Vu all of the time to let us know that we are THERE.

It is nice to have those moments.  The foreknowledge that you are at one of those Moments that you know you are faced with a changing choice.

Where do I go from here?  Where do We go from here?  I don't know Deja Vu left me at that title.
I will say this:  Sometimes Dreams are more than just a "dream", they can have real substance that helps us work out what is going on in our lives.  I believe that Dreams create Deja Vu moments by pulling everything from our everyday lives and sub-conciousness and putting them all together in "if this, then that" scenerios and the Deja Vues are when we "hit the nail on the head" and everything played out just like in the Dream(s).

Deja Vu is ourselves telling us that this is where we are headed.  This is what will happen as a result of this!
Our Choices are what creates the things for our minds to work around and put together with how we normally react to situations and thus the result is a dream one night and a Deja Vu the next week.

So, What is Your Choice?

Continue on?

Turn the Page?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am always saying Anything at Anytime, so My Computer decided to jump on the band wagon.

I was going to write up a short piece about a Follower and a Friend that has another blog.
His Name if you would like is "The Muller" or as those of us in the Forum know him Caymantime.
He has a site/blog of his own called The Isle of Mulling and has some interesting reads.  If you ever get a chance go pay him a visit and look around.  I wanted to give him more, a short story at least but Life, Computer Life interfered.

NO!!!!!  Not My COMPUTER, NOT HER!?!

I had planned a really interesting post for today.

See I keep it all in my head.

Sometimes I write it down,
but the really good ones start with an idea only in my head.

When I start to type,
then is when it goes and grows.

See my computer has been acting funny,
really weird and strange.

She would lock up on a screen,
She just stopped when she wanted, doing nothing at all.

No typing, No mousing, No nothing at all.

I knew what was coming,
She was Crashing,
something inside her,
Munching away.

Last Night was it,
She did it one last time.
I knew it was over when the Putergons (the little computer Dragons) appeared to say goodbye.
They patted her and spoke to her and helped her comeback just for a few.

Just Long enough -

I scrambled to save all I could think,
I know I forgot things, things I know I will need.

I saved Pictures, Lost videos;
I saved code and comments, Lost games and time;

She was on her last legs and I had only one thing,
Only one thing I too do!

I tried uninstalling multiple things, not a chance;
I had tried to boot back to earlier days but that didn't work.

So last night until three this morning I Did the one thing,
The One Thing I wanted the Least.

I put this here Friend of mine to sleep,
And Woke her up as the day she got home.

The dreaded "FACTORY MODE" !!

So today she is back.
She is the same and Not.
She knew every place and address I tended to go.
She would take me to places she knew I would like.

She will Never remember the games we played,
       the places we went.
She will Never recall the birth of this blog,
       the changes we've made.

Oh, The Tragedy

But, Hey, Who cares?
I got my Computer Back!!
I guess I will just have to play all those games all over again.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's "Super Girl", It's "Wonder Woman",................ No, It's My WIFE!

Anything at Anytime:  Will I ever stay on a Topic for awhile?  NOT LIKELY!!
                                  Maybe on Saturdays when College Football starts....... Maybe.

My Wife woke me with a cup of coffee at 7 am this morning.  Nothing New, Nothing Special, just because.

One of these days I would like to beat her to the punch.  That isn't going to happen anytime soon as she has a sixth sense.  She has something like a motion detector built in.  The moment I move to sit up or get out of bed she is wide awake.

Her Motion detector has an automatic timer too.  If I get our of bed between 11pm - 3:30am - Nothing.  She is still out like a light, cutting down trees.  3:31am and on *BANG* eyes wide open.

She is always beating me to the punch and getting up before me.

She has to be either "Super Girl" or "Wonder Woman" in disguise!

I Swear!!!

  1. She Never worries about Herself only others.
  2. She has an internal motion detector,
  3. An internal Alarm clock - She is up and running before the alarm at 4am every day,
  4. What appears to be a Never Ending supply of energy,
  5. Her timing is Perfect - When She does something it is Always at Just the Right Time!  Exactly when it is needed!
  6. Without being told She Knows when one of us needs something, Anything.

Those are just a few of the many reasons I look at her that way.

I have not seen a Cape or Magic Lasso, but does she need them?
She would probably laugh and ask "What do I need these for?".

She is everywhere at a moments notice:
with me,
the girls,
her students,
her parents, (both hers and her student's)
and friends.

An Yet, I have NEVER heard her say: "What about Me?"

Now, I have heard:  "I Need a BREAK!"
After all of what she does..... I say she has earned it 10X over 100X over and then some.

She could easily go with a Title like "Super Girl", "Wonder Woman" , or any of those comic book figures and they would fit.  She Chooses Three that I know of:
and My Wife.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Letter in the Mail / Post

Anything at Anytime, You never know what your going to get.

Yesterday I received a letter from an old friend, Tomas DumBass (pronounced Dumb Bass) Snotbottom.

Good God, I haven't heard from him in, it has to be 20+ years now.  Tomas and I became fast friends when I lived in Europe many years ago.  I had gone to a local Pub (of all places The Green Dragon) for my regular Pint or Two before calling it a night.

Halfway into my first Pint I overheard this young man (Hell, he is my age - young man my ass) talking about Dragons.  Well, I couldn't help myself.  I downed the remainder of my Pint and order two more from the Barkeep.

I took the drinks to the table this guy was at and told him I had overheard him and had a personal fascination with Dragons and asked if I could join him to talk Dragons.

From that moment on we became inseparable when we had free time, always stalking Dragons or chasing down rumors of them.
Many Adventures we had.

Anyway, Did I tell you I got a letter from him yesterday?  Duh, of course I did, that is what started this.  

It is a Fantastic Letter and If He is on to Who or What he thinks then it could change many different aspects of Science as we all know it.  I will let you Read what I got:

                              My friend, I know I have neglected our friendship for many years 
                         by not writing and returning your letters.  I have gotten all of your letters 
                         over time and that is part of why I haven't contacted you.  
                              You got married, wish I could have been there.  I can only imagine 
                         the party afterward.  Then I got the letters telling of the birth of your 
                         Daughters, You Lucky Man!  
                         For Your Daughters more than anything is why I have not been corresponding. 
                         I know your passion is strong for what we LOVE and I NEVER wanted to 
                         tempt you away from your Family.  
                               Sorry to hear of your illness.  I Truly am!  That is the Reason I  am writing 
                         you and decided to get back in touch.  I will not stand idly by when a True 
                         Friend is in Need and cares a burden upon their shoulders.  
                               You know that after you left Europe, I continued to search, listen, hunt and 
                         read any and all I could about Our Passion, Dragons!  Believe me I read many 
                         books and old Tombs and learned of many New Dragons we had not heard of 
                         or known of. 
                               When I got your last letter of you being sick with the Emphysema, 
                         something rang a bell in my head.  I didn't write immediately, I got your letter 
                         last Fall, as I plunged myself back into the books and Tombs.  I just knew I 
                         had seen or read something!

                         And I Found IT!!

                                Dragons of old had a condition that they (the Dragons) called 
                          "Short Breath."  from my studies it seems to be very similar to Emphysema, just 
                           in Dragons.  
                                 Now there was No Cure; however, there was a Dragon that was said to 
                           have the powers to extend and improve the life noticeably in other Dragons 
                           inflicted with this malady.  I still think HE exist, just that HE has been in the 
                          "LONG SLEEP" for near 1300 years.  The last scrolls that mentioned him 
                           written in 732 A.D. and all things I have found on or mentioning HIM, place 
                           Him somewhere in the Eiffel Mountains (not far from where you lived as a child).  
                                 I have arranged for an expedition to begin a search and we start out tomorrow.  
                           I wanted to let you know your Friends here have not Forsaken You!  
                                 I will write more as time permits.  Now, I must pack and rest a bit before we  
                           leave tomorrow.  

                          Forever Your Dragon Friend and Compatriot,
                                                                         Tomas DumBass Snotbottom

If it is True - Well, I (No, We as I have now included you all) will have to wait and see what the expedition turns up.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What to DO?

Well, I was going to write a Poem today.
I got it all written and ready to type.  I re-read it and when done.....  Oh, God what a failure that was! 
I did that......?  Ugh!

I sat and thought about what to write, what would be good for today?
I thought I had it and was going to make a farce of a fairy tale.  My Youngest did one about Jack and Jill, and she did a fantastic job.  I mean Awesome job!  So, if she can do it, Dad can do it.  Right?


Thinking a little longer I thought about how I could draw a comparison about how several of the fairy tales and Aesop's Fables all roll around Threes. 
The Three Bears, The Billy Goats Gruff, The Three little Pigs, etc..... etc.......

That wouldn't work because then what do I do with The Ugly Duckling, The Pied Piper, Old Mother Hubbard, and on and on. 

For some reason things do not want to fall into place.

I can't find the piece that fits today's puzzle.
I am stuck in the dark with no light to guide my path.
I have jumped a wall and lost my balance.
I cleaned my desk and lost my mind.
                          (all references to previous post *Hint* if you haven't read you might try 'em.)

Hmmmmm........  College Football to watch...Nope, to early, still have a little more than a month to go.
My Rangers?  No, that game isn't until later tonight.
I know Soccer (only interested during World Cup time).  Damn, World Cup is already over!

If I can't think of something soon I am going to get desperate.
If I get desperate I don't know what I will do. 
It could be anything........ and "Anything" is scary!
          I shudder at the thought!

I have to do something so that I look busy.

Something has to come to mind.

Just a minute.
I have to look like I am typing and really, really involved in what I am doing and focused because She has just come into the room.

Damn, She is reading over my shoulder as I type.

Gig is UP!

Now I have to close as I am needed for assistance CLEANING the HOUSE.

Will be back later, I hope, if She doesn't find something else for me to DO!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ever "Feel" that Way?

This was one of the "Something to make you chuckle"s - (about half way down in the right hand column).

I read them all the time because they are just a "hoot". 

"I live on a one-way street
that is also a Dead End.
I'm not sure how I got there."
                                                                 Steven Wright

Personally, I would have worded it a little differently -

I live at the end of a Dead End street.
Problem is, It is a One-Way!

Ever "Feel" that way?  or  Know someone that does?

Do me, yourself or them a favor, throw a rope to them or tell someone, just that little thing could change everything. 

You never know when you might need someone to do the same thing for you!

Imagine Space, some photos to help

I have been on a word run for a little while now and have neglected to put up any good space pictures lately.  So the first post today is to Space Pictures.

A good change of pace for Anything at Anytime.

These images came from NASA's Multimedia Image Gallery:

The first is a picture of Saturn's moon Dione in front of the moon Titan:

Next is Tyco's Supernova (upper left) and a Nebula (lower right) :

A Portion of the Corina Nebula:

A shot of the Shuttle as it passes by:

Sun Ring Prominence:

A closing shot with an enhanced picture of the last Solar Eclipse taken on Easter Island on 11 July 2010:

I Hope you all Enjoy these pictures and can allow yourself to let your imagination go where We can not.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dare to Dream

Where to start?

at Anytime....... Hummppphhh...?

I guess the place to start would be when we start to dream.  For me it was when I was about eight.  That year for my birthday I received as a gift a book about space and astronauts.

My "Dream" started there and then, to this day I still dream that dream even knowing it no longer exist as a reality for me.  I have dreamt of flying in space and exploring, discovering things and worlds that "Others" could only  dream of. 

I still "Dream" that dream but have moved my reality dream, that dream that could still become reality, to something that fits with the here and the now.  A Dream that has been there but on the back burner of life and wanting that first dream so much more.  Reality tells me today that the first dream is just that now, only a dream that can not be.  The back burner Dream fits so well with my current reality.

The dream that fits today's reality is simple and so much more possible. 
This dream is one that I am doing now, have done for the last two months. 
I have dreamt that I could write.  Write something that people read.  Put to words things that would make people think about who and what we are.  Give them a work that will transport them/you to a place that allows you the freedom from today's burdens, or allows you to look at something from another perspective.

Write a book (or in this case - a blog) that would express multiple desires and dreams.  Do something to show my children that no matter what happens in your life you can keep your dreams alive as long as you keep getting up or give your best effort.  You may need to change course a few times, maybe even turn around completely and backtrack a little, but striving to achieve something, Anything that you have wanted.

Life is not always kind nor is it even easy or fair.  It will give you one thing and take another.  There is always a price. 

Sometimes we are given a choice and with that choice we know that whichever we choose the other is lost forever.  Some will regret those choices, decisions but in reality you should regret them not at all but learn and direct yourself back to the path you feel is right for yourself.

Never regret your past, contemplate over what you have done and choose to do as you are doing or to change the path you are following , but never regret! 

Regret leads to despair!
Despair is Death of Hope!
Despair is Death of the Dream!
Dreams should never Die!!!!

Dreams are Life and as long as You Dream, Life goes on even into Infinity.

So Read on..... Today, Tomorrow, or even the next day, read on and find a Dream.

Read on and Find YOUR DREAM(S)!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Campaign Against Underage Sex

As a Father I aim to keep this site so that my daughters can read it anytime they want.  Anything and everything I put on this site is aimed to be readable by just about everyone.  At worst my site might get PG-13 or a very low R (on occasion), but to date I may have "brushed" a PG-13.

So Anything at Anytime strikes Again with something totally different from the previous day.

If you have read yesterday's post you know I have read and read Sun-tzu's The Art of War.  The one thing that I think is the most profound and True statement in the book (as I commented yesterday) is:
     Know Yourself and Know Your enemy and You will be Victorious!
     (Paraphrased from a paraphrase but still the same meaning.)
I am a man and used to be a young man sooooooooo...... Know yourself and Know your enemy.

Well, I am a Father of two budding, Beautiful young women.  My Oldest is taking that special interest in her own LOOKS because she wants to look Good for the guys (boys). 
(Dad, uh... Me, has a Problem with this! So I have a 3 Phase Plan!)


My Wife and I have had many "Talks" with the girls (young women), enough so that we feel that if that point comes then they have enough to make a "Wise" decision. 

I have gone so far as to make sure my daughters will, or can if they choose or must, be an over aggressive boys Worst Nightmare!

Those "Talks" of ..... If he does this.... You do this..... If he does This..... You do This..... And IF He Does THIS..... YOU DO THIS!!!!!!........ And THEN I WILL DO THIS!!!!!!!
(Again, I am Keeping this clean so that all can read it.  If you are a Parent or Sexually Active you already have an Idea what this, This and THIS is on the boys part.  As for what I have instructed the girls -- well, that will stay a secret for now, suffice it to say if a girl had done that to me.......I might have gone crying to Mommy and Daddy.)


Now, this is Just Mean..... I know!  But Man, it is (hopefully will be) ONE Hell of a Deterrent!

We all know how we got here, at least those of us old enough to have DONE IT!

Now, imagine you are getting ready to DO IT!  Just as you are starting the flash across your minds eye (your imagination) is that of YOUR MOM AND DAD DOING IT!!!!

Cold as a fish, Limp as a cooked noodle in the blink of an eye isn't it?

We all know the "hows" and the "whys" and that they are what got us here but really........ Thinking bout OUR Parents DOING IT!!!! 
I don't know about you...... but TURN OFF for me!!!!!!!  (Nothing against you Mom and Dad if you read this..... Just not My Cup of Tea!)

So, I (as a mean, cruel, insidious Dad) have begun the subliminal building of said image in my daughters' minds. 
When a scene comes on in a movie or TV show that has a couple starting to DO IT!  I will make a comment to my wife, something like... "Remember when we did that before you got Pregnant with "D"?" or something like "We tried that just before you had "E", remember?"  It always gets that "UGH...." winced eye reaction from them both.

My Oldest even went so far as to ask my why I did that once.  I told her the Truth.  "I want you to think of us when you decide to DO IT! and of what we got when we DID IT!
Her Response:  "OH, GOD - THANKS ALOT DAD!" in the most sarcastic voice I have heard since Army Basic Training.  A Drill Sargent could not have done it better.


This part came to me in a mysterious e-mail right after my Oldest was born:

50 rules to Dating MY Daughter!

I have since lost the original but before it was lost I condensed it down to a few simple rules for the boys. 
I have already told my daughters that any boy that wants to date them will have to come into the house, read these rules and sign a copy saying that they have read and understand said rules.
(They are already Cringing with this one.)

1.  First and Foremost above all others!

     You make my Daughter Cry.......... I Make You Cry!
            If you are a Father of a Daughter you know the worst thing is to have your Daughter Cry.
            We let ourselves become wrapped around their pinkies just because.......
            Nobody hurts our little girls without feeling the PAIN.

2.  You DO NOT Honk for her to come out.  You Get your ASS out of the car and come to the Door!
            My Daughter(s) are young women, not your buddies on the other side of the football field.
            This is a sign of Respect for Her and My Home.

3.  Always remember these things: 
I have a shovel!
I have a lot of Land!
And Most Importantly

So these are my PHASES Against Underage Sex.

Am I missing anything?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sun-tzu and Puzzles?

I will hold True to the Title of this blog Anything at Anytime.

For you my Readers, the Reason:

It is what I call "My Puzzle Piece Writings."

Not that all of my writing fits together like a puzzle because I jump from topic to topic, from one thing to another from day to day.  In a weird way they do because they all come from me but I am the only true connection there. 

I start writing with a topic in mind, one I woke up with or found or saw.  It could be about Anything; The Captchas, The Kindle, The Last Grand Adventure, The Perfect Cup of Coffee; well, you get the idea.  anytime an idea strikes me I write about it.  At times it can be a Royal Jumbled Mess. 

I have so much crap running around in my head (Don't We all?), I must break it down and think of it all like a puzzle.  One Giant, Monstrous puzzle that I can't touch and that I have no picture to guide me.

So, I just start to write.  As the writing (pieces) comes out I start looking and seeing if that fits with this and this fits with that.  Sometimes they do.  Most times they Don't!  That's when the Puzzle Hunt Begins!

When I started this blog I knew in my core that it would be like this:
1. It is who I am!
2. It is how my life is, Jumbled and All over the place - and I know I am not the only one like this.
3. You as a Reader have already seen it in previous writings, I am all here and there and everywhere.

Hence the Title of this blog - Anything at Anytime.

Knowing myself well enough that I could not Expect (ever) to say " This is It."  I knew I Could expect of myself to do exactly as I have done so far and will continue to do. 
I like to read and read many, many types of books.  One that I have read off and on over the years is Sun-tzu's The Art of War - it may seem like it is out of place in a blog like this but truly it is a book that if read properly can apply to Every Day Life as well as to Military tacticians.  One of my favorites (paraphrased of course) is:  Knowing yourself and your enemy you will be victorious all the time, Knowing yourself and not your enemy you will sometimes be victorious.  How does this apply?  In Life if we know Who we (as individuals) are and know the situation we can always find a way to accomplish or Win (in essence Victorious), if on the other hand we know ourselves but don't know the situation we Might finish it or be Might be victorious in our endeavors. 

There are many things that Sun-tzu has in his book that can apply to everything.  Having Read and re-read the books I have on the subject, the writing has opened my eyes on how to look at things differently and to allow me to see Me, Myself, what I can do and what I can Not do. 
This enables me to just be me and know that in the end somehow, someway Anything can happen at Anytime and I will write about it as it comes to me. 
Maybe, just maybe fitting the situation to the Puzzle of my writing and I can come up with something that makes us all think, remember or even, yes, smile.

If you ever have a chance read a version of Sun-tzu's The Art of War, there are several versions out there but get one that has his writings and you break it down to how it applies to you.  Apply his writing to your daily life at home, at work, in competition.  You may be surprised about some of the things and how it might change your perception just that little bit that makes things clearer to you.

I know how it has changed my outlook on some things.
Only You will be able to tell for yourself.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Captcha Humor

Today's post on Anything at Anytime was inspired by a simple thing from a friend and follower and fellow blogger.

Annah over at When Red means Go put up a screen shot of a "Captcha" - those words you have to type in to comment on sites for security reasons - she got when posting on another site.  Funny as Hell!  You have to go to her site and read it because I am not going to tell you.  You will Laugh and Laugh at what she got.  And if you have kept up or go back and read some of her previous post it just makes things even Funnier.

The inspiration provided by Annah was this:  How many weird out their combinations can one get from "Captchas"?

Well, these were done just last night and this morning:

As you will see even the "Captchas" can give you Anything at Anytime, Literally.

This first one is the one that I got when Responding to Annah's post last night:

I like to think that I can be "The Nifty" one from time to time. - "denifty"  = The Nifty

This next one my Wife has a cousin that we all call AJ and we all Love him to Death (and he is the Godfather of one of my Girls but acts as he is to both)

So why would I want to "Bomb AJ"? - "bomaj" = Bomb AJ

This next one was a response I was making to a young woman that has decided to lay off of men for awhile:

Now, this one says it like no other could "Ban Sin".  - "bancen" = Ban Sin

This next one was in response to a gamers post about games put out by one company.  You would have to read the post to understand the comment but the "Captcha" just fit me and the situation:

This one could be taken two ways but still come out fitting.

1. "porat" = Poor at -- Right now we feel "Poor at" this time.

2. "porat" = Poor rat -- Sometimes I feel like a "Poor Rat" that can't provide but lives off of scraps.

Now you have seen some of the interesting bits that the "Captchas" can put out there and as I run across more I will save them and put them up for an occasional chuckle or two and hope you enjoy them as well. 

In the mean time, I am going to go find a fly swatter to smash this bugger that keeps bugging me while I am typing.

Keep an eye out for some of your own interesting "Captchas", and Don't Forget go visit Annah's When Red means Go to see what started this all.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rose Dragon

Your Thorns Hath Pierced me to the Core

My Blood Hath Stained Your Petals My True Colors

Your Stem is my Strength

Loosing Your Thorns When You Pierced Me

Your Stem,

My Strength,

Hath No Protection

As Your Thorn that Pierced My Core is In Me

A Part of Me

My Blood Hath Stained You and I Now a Part of You

I Shall Endeavor to be Your Protector

I Shall Wrap You in My Coils

Defending You to My Dying Days



By Me today 19 July 2010

A Cool Coincidence and MUCH More

As I have written in one of the descriptors for Anything at Anytime:  Anything at Anytime - Sometimes even surprising me.

Until the other day I had no idea how true that was. 

I was talking to my Mother about this site because I had made some changes and with them living far away I could have her look and tell me if she saw what I wanted her/the audience to see.  She did and as Mothers do started talking about what I was doing (about the blog).  As you will guess, I got the usual comments about "Oh, you write so well.", "You could have always written like this......", "Why didn't you........." . 

Honestly, I don't think my writing is that good but is descent and gets across my point.  But being a Parent myself I can truly understand what she was saying, so I swallowed the "Your only saying that because your my Mom." 

Somewhere in the conversation we got to talking about one of my previous post The "Quill" and she mentioned a bit of trivia behind it. 

First a bit of background:  I like History, love to read it and think about what could have happened if..... I also like it because if you pay attention to your History you can get an idea about what is coming. 
My Mother is one of those Genealogy Nuts.  She just dives into finding out who, what, and where the family has branched out from.  She has two different places she keeps track of it all. 

Anyway!  Back to where I was going.

I had written The "Quill" and our discussion was over what I had written and she was reading it again while we were talking and then she came to the end, the part that talks about the last person to sign the Declaration of Independence - Matthew Thornton. 

As she said it exactly:  "Oh, by the way we are Related to Him."  It was like a bombshell. 
Bang, Pow, Boom and all of that stuff.

First thought in my mind was: Now, that is cool.  To be able to say that somewhere down the line by some backhanded way I, we (my family) are attached to one of the Greatest Documents in American History!  The next thing was: What are the odds that I would choose to write something like that, about that, and mention his name when I did it?

One of those Freaky, weird things that just happen from time to time.

I have had time to think about it since she told me and I still find it to be an awesome coincidence that I would write that, mention his name and to find out after the fact that I am, in some out there extended way, related to one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. 

Now, after thinking about it, I have a Dilemma!  I used to be a Republican, even held a precinct chair position here in El Paso for awhile.  Now I am a self proclaimed True Independent.  All of the parties; Republican, Democrat, and the Tea Party, have something valid to say about what and how our government does things.  All of them are completely wrong with other things they say and do. 

Do I, as a descendant of one of the Original Signers, have a responsibility to bring that Document back to Life?  As a Veteran of the U.S. Navy and Army have the Duty to tell you all that WE (as a people) need to look at what that Document tells us - Nay - that Dictates to us that WE should do all in OUR Power to make the changes that must be made?!?!

We, as a People, have as much if not more responsibility than those in office.  We select them and put them in place to represent US.  If they are not doing the job we gave them, then it is OUR Responsibility to vote them out and to elect someone that will do what they are supposed to. 

We, as a People, must not forget the whats, the whys and the wherefores that got us to where we are today!  Documents such as the Declaration of Independence are/were written as guidelines to provide their Descendants, us (you and me), a path to follow when Governments or representatives over step the bounds.

No one party is responsible for what has and is happening in OUR Government.  WE, as a People, have that weight on OUR shoulders.  WE the People have, by OUR inaction and lackadaisical attitudes, allowed OUR Representatives to do and think the way they have for so long that Now they BELIEVE THEY KNOW what is best for us and WE DON'T!

There are some well intentioned Representatives in place now.  They are far out weighed by the Representatives of Special Interest - mostly the Special Interest of "What is in it for ME!" and the "How can I make monies!"  and the "They are Sheep and We Know Best Crowd!"

WE, the People (One Entity), must speak as a Voice, a single Voice, that says "It ends here and it Ends NOW!"  "Do as WE say or WE vote you out!"  Make them the Unemployed!  Make them "Work" for a living rather than Stand on OUR shoulders and tell us to push them up higher.  Make them do as they are supposed to do, Represent US or stand down and let someone that will do the job right, DO IT!

WE all must work TOGETHER in order to make things RIGHT!

I Guess I answered my earlier Questions.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kindle, like technology & a Prediction

As of yesterday, Anything at Anytime is now available on Amazon.com for the Kindle. 

I figured it would be a way to open up to a larger audience and at the same time maybe pick up a little income so that I could say: "Look Honey, I can still help out a little with the Bills.  Here's my 30 cents."

This site is not built to be a "Money Maker".  If it does make a little, Great!  If not, that is fine as well.  I will not overlook an opportunity to help bring a little into the household income when it is put right in front of me and doesn't cost my family Anything other than my time. 

If you want to see where we are check out this link:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003VYBJM0

Amazon sets the prices so I have no control over that.  I just think it is cool that they accepted it so quickly and felt it was worth what they put up there.  People will be able to see Anything at Anytime on things like the picture to the left here, it is a Kindle 2.

Kindle and Like technology- What does it imply and where is it heading us?

First and Foremost - I am NOT being paid for this!  I thought about all of this when my wife and I were discussing where Kindle and similar items could lead.

If you don't know what a Kindle is the most basic description is that it is an Electronic book.  A book with no Pages, A book with NO PAPER (other than the operating instructions when you buy it). 
First off lets start there - a book with NO PAPER.  How many books does a single tree make?  I have no idea and I will put lay odds that most of you have no clue either.  Kindle 2s can hold up to 1500 books, Yes 1500 books, that is not a typo 1500 books.   I don't know about you but I go through books pretty quickly, if I were to read all the time I would more than likely knock out on average 9 books a month.  Because of cost I run maybe 2 new books a month and go back and re-read several old favorites. 

Now, if we were to say that the Average "Joe" reader got in roughly 6 books a year and made up 50% of the market and the below average reader (maybe 3 books a year) and the above average reader (say about 15 books a year) both took 25% of the market apiece.  Take 100 readers, in one Year that is 4250 books!  I am not an expert but I really do not believe that a Single tree can make that many books. 
If 100 out of a 1000 readers had a Kindle that is 4250 books that do not need to be published, just a data transfer to the unit. 
I am not the Greenest person in the world by no means at all.  Green sticks to me about as well as Me catching a Greased Pig - It Ain't Happenin!!!!!

But you Do the Math and Figure out how many books you wouldn't need published?!?

As a Non-Greenie, I could add so much more about other things saving trees could lead to but I am not a Green Preacher.

By the way, when you just read "book" or "books" that is to include magazines and other "printed" materials.

Another Kicker that goes with the Kindle is that you can get your books as soon as they get it in the data base, and get it cheaper than the Hardback printed version.  Most of what I saw scanning around in the sales section for the Kindle was that Hardbacks ranging from $20-$30.00 you could get for download to the Kindle for $9.99.  That alone is a savings of $10-$20.00, and you got it as soon as it was available.  How many books a year do buy and read?  Now do that Math.

Every single one of you that has been reading me regularly is more than likely wondering where I am going with this; well, it definitely is not where you think. 

I am heading towards a prediction and one that could easily shake some and open eyes of others. 

If Kindles and the similar products that are out there take off, as I think they will, We are looking at the beginning of the end of regular Libraries and Printed Books! 

Don't get me wrong, there will still be Libraries but Libraries as we know them will be very, very rare.  Most publications will be printed in very limited runs as "research" materials only.  Everything will be available for download directly to your hand held reader.  Schools are already looking at getting items like this and laptops for the students in order to cut back on papers and books and save money in the long run for their districts. 

Imagine the cost savings for a medium to large city if they could have one Large Central library where everyone could stop in and get their downloads.  No extra building cost as in electricity, water, gas, security.  Take for Example a city like El Paso:  Give them 2  or even 3 Download centers (already existing "Libraries"), closing down or even selling off the other buildings to bring added income into the city, that would mean more funds for Parks, Recreation Facilities, better roads, better trained Police and Fire Depts. (not that they are bad but just more training, training always makes better). 

Those are just the immediate things I can think of off the top of my head.  Give me a Day and I can write you a book/data transfer. 

Libraries as We know them will be gone sometime in the next 25 years if not sooner.  Books as we know them (turning the page to see whats next, or where is the writer taking me now) will be something we see as a museum piece or that precious "research material" that can only be used on location.

Depending upon how you look at it, this can be a Good thing or a Bad thing. 
I Think it is a Good thing.
It will allow us as a People/Society to become paperless, saving trees and forest in the process and allowing Nature to replenish itself.  It will allow financial resources to be allotted for other needs. 

Again, I am not a Green!  The very Nature of the Kindle and similar items just make you Think "GREEN" because it fits so easily. 

If I could afford it I would get a Kindle for everyone in the house because we are a house full of READERS.  In the long run it would save us a ton of money on books and in our small way we would be helping Nature come back as our Parents and their Parents and the Parents before them all knew it. 

Not to mention that sometime in the next 25 years we are all going to need them anyway in order to Read what our Favorite Authors are putting out there for us.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tagged? Who Me? I'm IT?!?!?!

Anything at Anytime (or I did) got Tagged.

As I am a Neophyte blogger I understand tagging as means for other Bloggers and our readers wanting to Know a little bit more about the One(s) tagged. 

I have been blogging on this here site with anything that comes to my mind. 

Well, Amber (a friend from one of the forums I visit) has been a boon to me and to several other Neophyte bloggers and the other day she Tagged me.  If you get a chance and like to hear things Straight (no BS) check this lady and her blog out.

On to the Tagging Process:

When Tagged I was given 8 questions to answer about myself. 

1. Who is your favorite musician/band and why?  

To be honest I have multiple types I like and could call favorites for different reasons.  The phase I am going through right now has me listening to a mix; Pink Floyd, Enya, and The Eagles.  The reason behind this mixture - my daughters got me the cds for Father's Day and putting them all on the computer and fiddling around with the mix has really opened up some of my creative whatever you want to call it here at Anything at Anytime.  They were fantastic gifts at just the right time and for that - They just may take the Title Favorites.

2. What celebrity annoys you the most and why?

Boy, this one is a hard question!  I could Blast our Congressman here in El Paso Cong. Silvestre Reyes - but I don't want to make this or this site appear Political.  They (all Politicians) have royal bent us all over.

Another reason this is hard is because I firmly believe that everyone, celebrities included, deserves their own personal life without Judgement from Anyone else.  See, Celebrities have it tough in this sense: Every Single Little Thing they do is under a Media Microscope.  Imagine it is you or me Under that Microscope.  No doubt about it We are going to screw up somehow, someway.  We Can't escape it.  Just as an easy example: What happens to us, any of us, when a Cop pulls in behind us in traffic and just stays there?  He didn't like your haircut but he can't pull you over for that.  Soooooooo, He pulls in behind you and stays there until you forget a blinker to change lanes, or you slow down to much to let him pass, or you push the gas just a little more in your nervousness.  No matter what He has you. 
The Media does that to Celebrities enough, I don't need to jump on that bandwagon.

3. What has been your biggest letdown lately?

Personal letdown or Somebody let me down? 
I will go with a Personal Letdown - This is an ongoing Letdown.  Since being diagnosed with LS Emphysema and on Oxygen 24/7 I, Me, the Man of the house, the Husband, the Father, have/has not been able to provide for his/My Family.  Even with a "valid" reason it is still a Giant Pill to swallow.

4. Worse job you have ever had and why?

How about a Combination of Best and Worst Job I have had and why?
I had been Unemployed for several months and had just bought a house and was desperate for work.  Now I am a believer in Christ, Not one that prays every single day and my faith is a mixture of what I have seen over the years but I was so Desperate for work.  One night I broke down and got on my knees and prayed that God give me a Job, any Job - shoveling Shit if that was all I could get, Just give me ANYTHING.

***Careful what you pray for!

My wife called me the next day that her brother had a friend that was willing to hire me if I could be back in El Paso by 7am the next day.  Hell, I was packed and back in El Paso by 11:30 that night.  The next morning I was at the office/warehouse of A.R.C. Electric here in El Paso.  My very first job was a TEST to see if I was willing to "WORK".  I was up in the mountains digging a ditch with a pick axe and trenching shovel, Nothing but Rocks and Boulders!!!! They all figured I would quit that day.  They all figured I would Quit by the end of the week.  Not a Chance in Hell!  I asked for it, I DID IT! 
It was the worst job because I ended up being a prep man doing that kind of stuff ALL of the time.  Talk about Dead Tired!  Sore!  Just Beat to Death! 
But it was the Best Job because it put me back with my family and I ended up with a great boss.  The Owner/boss was/is a fair man and gives everyone a chance and a break.  He had no reason to take me on but he did and gave me fair starting wages and when he didn't hear me "Bitchin" about always getting the crap jobs, I received a fair raise.
So, Best and Worst.

6. Guilty pleasures? Spill.

It used to be Golf, being here in El Paso allows for Golf almost year round.  Since I get to tired to walk the course anymore...... Well, I have had to shift gears.
But A Truly guilty Pleasure is my wife and kids Coughin up the Big TV for me to Watch my NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS anytime during College Football season, which by the way is about a month and a half away!
They load me up: Sodas, chips, dip (guacamole).  Then they give me all the space to cheer, shout, hoot and holler to my hearts content. 

7. The last argument you had with someone - what was it about?

Getting my wife a new cell phone.  She didn't want to "Waste" the money on a new phone.  For some reason we went to war over that for about three days.  She got the phone but I lost the war.

8. What would be something you would NEVER do, even if someone paid you a shit ton of money?

Easy!  Kill myself.  I have way to much to live for and even on the worst days you can find a glimmer of light and hope SOMEWHERE!

There are my questions and answers to being TAGGED.

Now, I Tag you the readers of this article - Pick one of those questions above and answer it in the comments section and be Honest about it. 

photo from Tag
Now, Your IT

Friday, July 16, 2010

Crippled, Life Sucks and Then it Doesn't

There are times in our lives that can cripple us. 

          Cripple - Webster's Dictionary definition 2. - to disable; damage, impair.

Depending upon the person and the situation various ways of "crippling" can manifest in the individual.  A person can happen upon an accident and that accident can forever change their life, how they view something, do something, or even become something. 

Life can be "interesting" that way because you never know what could cripple a person.  It could be something that happened as a child, something that happens at work, something that happens at home, visiting friends or family; it could be anything that trips a person up and "cripples" them.

The thing is all of us face different events in our lives that can "cripple" us and some of us get through it and some don't.  Those of us that do get through it and past it normally have someone there to help us work it out or work around it.  Some of us can do it on our own (I would like to say I am one of those, I am Not), but most of us can't. 

I Feel for those that don't have someone to lean on or to assist them. 

I am a Lucky one!  I have my Wife and my Girls!

When I was diagnosed with Emphysema (Later Stage) I slipped into a really deep depression, one of those depressions that seems as if you are looking into the Abyss of Hell!  I saw my Life slipping over the edge of that Abyss;  40 years old (age diagnosed), drastic change in being able to Provide for my family, the not knowing if I would be around for all of my Daughters' Big events, to be a "Dirty Old Man" with my Wife (had to put that in here), wondering why and what if about EVERYTHING.

I used to be a very active guy.  Golf, softball, jog on occasion, hard physical work; all were a part of my everyday life.  Over the last few years things got me tired quicker and quicker and breathing was getting difficult when I got into really labor intensive situations.

So, unbeknown to me, my Life as I knew it was ending! 

When Reality hit........... It hit me (and my Entire Family, extended included) Hard and did not pull the Punch!
My youngest brother Mickey passed away 4 days after his 33 birthday.  Three months later I was Diagnosed with Later Stage Emphysema and put on Oxygen 24/7 (for those that don't know 24 hours a day 7 days a week).  Within a week my Sister-in-Law Karen was Diagnosed with an unknown form of Cancer.  She passed away on 29 Dec. 09 (Made it past Christmas for her Boys).

Thank God for my Wife and My Girls!!!............. if not for them I have know idea where I would be right now!

There is so much more to go with this post but I am going to break it here and post it as it is.  I will write more but don't want you to have to read a full book in one sitting.  :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Toilet Paper?

A five minute trip to the store.

All it was supposed to be was an in and out to get toilet paper.

That is All!

My wife and I walked in and found that toilet paper like a snap of the fingers, that fast.

We grabbed the $10.00 pack with 24 Rolls (with kids it seems we go through it like crap through a goose).

We headed for the register but something caught my eye.
"Wait" I said "we need paper plates as well."

Which of course lead to:
Laundry Soap,
Super Glue,
Lemon Bars,
Hawaiian Punch (orange, figured we could try it)
5 packets of seeds for me to see if my greenish brown thumb can get to grow.

All because we needed Toilet Paper!

$10.00 is all we were going to spend, really, just an in and out visit.

$50.00 later and we are home and putting the stuff up.

Can you believe it?

$50.00 for that small list.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thinking of an "Ole, Graceful Lady" - USS Sierra AD-18

So far Anything at Anytime has done exactly that: Anything at Anytime. 

So why would today be any different?

USS Sierra AD-18
Destroyer Tender
Motto: The Ship with the Helping Hands
Commissioned:  03/20/1944
Decommissioned:  10/15/1993

She was not the most beautiful, nor streamlined ship you ever saw, But she was Ours!
When I first met this Lady of the Sea, she was anchored in Charleston, SC. 
Man, did she Look Big to me (I would later learn She was small, but she will always be Big to me).

She was supposed to be what is referred to as "Welded to the Pier" - meaning She rarely if ever left port.
I spent 3 1/2 years on board Her and almost 3 years was at Sea.  "Welded to the Pier", My ASS!
I learned and saw many things on board that Old Lady of the Sea. 

3 Med. Cruises, 4 trips to Boston (for special repairs on the USS Constitution (and Yes, the Constitution is still a part of the Fleet)), 4 Gitmo runs, 2 Hurricanes (Hugo, and Andrew), and many, many short runs for exercises and training. 

I got my first tattoo while on board when we visited Palma Mallorca (sp) Spain.  My first bar brawl in Naples Italy.  Made Friends with many locals of all the ports we visited.  Tried my first squid (no pun intended) pizza in Greece.  Real Gyros there also with fresh Lambs meat (actually was present for the preparation if you know what I mean - so I know it was Lambs meat).

Standing crazy watches in the engine room so that at times you could literally go days without ever seeing the Sun.  Sometimes, when out at Sea and standing those watches, I would go out at the end of a watch in the pitch dark (so dark you couldn't see your hand in front of your face when under cover) and lay on our small flight deck and just stare up at the stars and sometimes, just sometimes if I got lucky I could watch meteor showers (twice) or watch a satellite(s) traverse from horizon to horizon and catch them coming around a 2nd and 3rd time (several times got that).

I actually got to see dolphins escort us in and out of port, flying fish as we broke the waves, Whales as they would move with us at a distance, and the one that stays the Freshest in my mind even to this day almost 20 years later was a Whale Shark that was at least 60' long and it was right beside us within 30 yards of the ship.  That Whale Shark stayed at our side for over an hour.  Reminded me of a calf whale with its Cow Momma Whale.  Darnedest thing, yet Awe inspiring!

Just a little about the Old Lady of the Sea that I (at times HATED with a Passion, more on those days later) will always remember and Love. 

They say the first one will steal your heart, and She Did!

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Understanding.......... INSURANCE?!?

Today was call my oxygen provider company to make payment arrangements day.

Our bill was getting weird and my wife and I couldn't figure it out. So I told her I would call them and see what was going on with the bill and to make arrangements to pay and make Everyone (but our pockets) happy.

The Lady I talked to was a little bit older and was very helpful trying to explain it to me. She and I both got mildly frustrated with the situation - not with each other but the situation and trying to figure out the math.

Now, I am pretty good at math. Not a math wiz or anything like that but having a few hours under my belt for a physics with a minor in mathematics degree, I think I can follow most math.

Who the Hell thought up all these damn formulas for insurance and how much who owes what and what owes who and why that cost this and not that and you can only have one of those otherwise the cost will be 7 times the cost divided by the 31st figure in the 14th dynasty's 3rd reign.........

and if that one doesn't explain it -

Well, sir I truly don't know why the insurance says you owe that much more, remember I work for the oxygen company (which is true and I told her so).  She then goes on to say something like : You think that is bad,  this is the rules as the insurance sets them down before us and we are the ones they are supposed to pay:  You being the Recievee and We  the payer and your patient/our customer the object in question will all interact thusly,  The Recievee will provide services to the patient/our customer and bill them 10 times the going rate at which point we the insurance shall tell you the Recievee that you are over billing us the Payer by 7 times the amount that it should be then we will tell the patient/our customer to pay you 4 times the actual worth of the product for the next 6 months.  Then and only then will we the Payer pay the Recievee whatever the patient/our customer hasn't which will be the total of 80 % of the total after subtracting their 20 % minus the additional fees that were added minus the sum total of over payments by cents Plus the sub-total minus the fraction of the overcharge and by the time it is done We the Payer Will Pay you the Recievee $0.01 while your patient/our customer pays you $2800.00 and our customer will continue to pay us the family coverage total of roughly $500.00 per month with an individual deductible of $1500.00 and $3000.00 for the family. 


So rather than make matters totally Discombobulated with the Nice Old Lady, I said: "Ma'am, thank you for trying to explain it to me but I don't think we have figured it out yet.  I will talk to the wife and we will pay you $---.-- and that should put us all right for now until I can get this straightened out with Insurance."

Her response: "Mr. Wins2007, Thank You that will be fine for now.  And Sir?"  "Yes?" I said.

"Good Luck!"

Monday, July 12, 2010

Will We Ever Learn?

"Anything at Anytime" implies that Anything can and will be written about at Anytime. 

Today is no different!
Today I Hope I hit a nerve,
Maybe make you Mad,
Maybe make you Sad,

Most of all Make You THINK!

I have Seen things,

Things that would boil the blood in your veins,

Things that would make your heart weep blood measured only by the flow of a river,

Things that are sad but sometimes must happen, all the sadder because it needs be done.

I have Seen things,

Things to bring a smile upon a child's face,

Things that just by the very nature of them bring out our best (yours and mine),

Things to bring our hearts such joy and wonder, as witnessing the birth of a calf in an open prairie.

My travels around the world have allowed me the chance to see many wondrous and monstrous things.

Somethings I wish I could forget and wipe from my memory like erasing a program or erasing the chalkboard after school for my wife.  As a student of Life and History, I know I can never let this happen.  Allowing yourself to forget History DOOMS you to repeat History!  That "Wheel" always turns around, sometimes faster than we are prepared for.

There are things I have Seen that, at times, I wish I could just stay right there or be a part of without end.  Those moments when everything is or seems too be in perfect harmony.  These moments are Rare but "Oh, so Worth the wait!"  Witnessing the birth of Your Child(ren), the calf being born in an open prairie (actually happened to me on a lone trip to Albuquerque on a back road and not a car within a 30 min drive in any direction, a story for another day), watching Haley's Comet as it passes by on its never ending voyage of the Cosmos, these are but a few of those moments that are worth the wait.  This is the "Wheel" that we should strive to keep rolling on and on.

The Other "Wheel", the "Wheel" of repetitious Doom is caused by not paying attention to the price those before us have paid.  In most of those cases the "Cost" was so High it boggles the mind to think that we as a people would Ever Forget.  "The Crusades", "The War of the Roses", WWI, WWII and the Holocaust, Bosnia, these are but a few examples of "Costly" repetition.  The "Cost" was paid in BLOOD and LIFE!
If We - as a people - can not Learn from those before us, We - as a people - are Destined to repeat those mistakes.

I will put it this way (as simple as I can):  You go to a car lot and  find the car you want to buy.  The Sticker price of the car is say $17,500.00.  You pay cash so you don't have to finance it.  The day after you bought it, it is stolen.  Insurance pays and you go back to the same car lot and find the exact same car, it IS the car you already paid for!  They want another $17,500.00............ Are You going to buy it again?

Why would we want to pay in Blood over and over when we have already done so countless times over and beyond the original "Cost"?

Will We Ever Learn?

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