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Monday, June 28, 2010

A Boost for my Wife! Assistance Please?

I have a Wife. 

For most of you that have been following that should not be "New" news, if it is you haven't been reading. 

How best to describe this woman:  Fantastic, Loving, Caring, Beautiful, Hard working (understatement), Does not quit, that will do for now (more later in more post).

When she reads this she will shoot me but I can live with that as I know she will understand where this has come from.  What I am hoping is that by the time you are done reading this you all will help me with comments for her?

My Wife is a work-a-holic and a stress-a-holic.  She can not slow down for herself.  She will not take one minute (any minute) to stop and breathe, relax.  She has just completed one of the toughest years in Our life and still pushes herself farther and further than she should. 

In this last year she has dealt with a lowered household income because of my being "Sick", moved to a higher grade, had to "learn" how to teach the kids to a "Test standard" (and I didn't help because I think teaching to Test is the biggest failure of our current educational system, but that is for another day), and put up with what you and I would say were some of the biggest "AHs" we have ever met. 

All of that and She has charged through it like a bull through a matadors cape.  In this case the matador got the horns!  The bull won!  What can I say, She is my Wife and I Love Her and am Proud of Her.  This past year She has done what I always thought I would be doing, what I felt (feel) was my job, my duty as a Husband and Father.  She Did IT!  SHE Picked up Our Family and carried us on Her shoulders.

Here is the RUB!  She does not know how to put us down and let Us (me and the girls) support her for awhile now. 

So Today I am dedicating this blog post to Her!  My Wife, Jacqueline, is the only reason for this blog at all.  I will post comments on all sites I know of to get everyone to come in and comment and leave Her Suggestions to relax and enjoy life again for a bit.  I ask that if you have read this Please pass it on and tell, have, make everyone you know come by and comment. 

I am Hoping to get a landslide so that all I do is spend the day adding comments,  with my traffic flow I know that is a big dream but I can always hope and with every ones help maybe I can.


And to My Wife, I did this because I Love You and you need to take a break!


  1. Oh, Danny Boy, what a sweet post. I know as a loving and dedicated wife, I would love it if my husband posted something so sweet about me.

    Both of you are quite lucky to have each other.

  2. This really is so sweet to read, Very rarely do we get post like this that you feel the partner truly and solely appreciates the other person, this is evident from this Blog.

    Jacqueline, one must always take time for ones self and take time out to relax now and again, after all, what good is a burnt match if you need a light.

    Relax once in a while, things will not fall apart for the sake of a few hours or a day.



  3. Relaxing is like uncharging a battery ... her nervous energy has a purpose ... changing it will be difficult for her. My opinion. Maybe run at her pace for a day .... see what's up

  4. Some years ago I hurt myself on a job and spent two years on disability. My wife stepped up and said she'd cover the bills while I went through what I needed to to recover (because there was a possibility). So she became a real estate agent and I indulged in my "computer hobby" between trips to the doctors and physical therapists.
    At the end of the first year, she had spent $20K more than she made while my "hobbies" were just breaking even. So we re-evaluated and I shifted the focus of my "hobbies" to be more in support of her business. The Internet was young and Internet advertising was in its infancy. I built a glorified blog that was half infomercial. The second year she made $80K more than she spent. Then I had to get a real estate license because she couldn't keep up with the traffic my "hobby" was attracting.
    We did really well until 9/11, then the Bush years kicked in and almost killed us. As time went I scaled the focus of my "hobby" and it responded by paying more and more of the bills. Today, we live in a place that she chose, and she spends a good part of her time sitting by the pool and playing with our 9-year-old grandson. I have learned over the years that very little of the know-how I have gathered is transferable to anyone else but I am a testament to the fact that prolific-blogging-with-specific-intent can be quite profitable, if done properly (and properly means "with enthusiasm"). "Enthusiasm" comes from the Greek: en-theo-isme - "in God-like consciousness." It more than pays our bills, even in these days of general financial horror. Now if only I could get her to refrain from spending it all before it arrives...

  5. What an enjoyable and sweet post. This post hit a chord with me, probably because I can relate to it.

    I can't say much, but I wish you and your wife luck.

  6. Dan I see your wife commenting on your posts. This is a really nice though, I'm sure your wife will appreciate it. It sounds ike you are very lucky to have each other.

    I can see what you are asking and can see two different sides. 1) your wife should take some time to relax and for herself. But 2)sometimes you enjoy the challenge of taking on life so she might not want/need to slow down.

    If you do want to relax I suggest blogging :0) or taking some walks in quiet countryside and just breathing.

    Thats my thoughts.

  7. This is sooo sweet!!! You should give my husband some lessons. LoL

    And Jacqueline, you're one lucky woman. =)

  8. I do hope i am not too late,
    I am not a usual reader of this blog but after this post i plan to be.
    You are a very caring person and your wife is lucky to have you.
    Good luck in getting her to relax.

  9. Thank you this really means a lot to me. I will be done with my extra classes on Wednesday and am going to try really, really hard to relax then. Since I have spent the year under so much stress, I am afraid to stop but I know I need to in order to do a good job with my daughters and new students.

    I love you for your concern and all the support you have given me through this really tough year.

  10. Could you be any friggin' sweeter?! SHEESH! *CUTE*

  11. Hi! As a woman who has so much to do that I often don't think I have enough time to do it all...I know the value of a little relaxation (even though I have a hard time doing it)

    My suggestion...laughter. It's a fabulous aerobic work out (seriously...there are entire sects of yogis who practice laugh yoga) and it lowers stress levels by increasing naturally occuring dopamine and endorphins.

    How to do it? Get 5 hilarious movies and watch them. One right after the other. My favorite totally goofy movie has got to be Galaxy Quest. I swear I laugh just thinking about it. Maybe you have a different one or 2 or 3! No matter...just find them and watch.

    And don't be afraid to laugh so hard you start to cry! It'll do you all a world of good.

    Here's wishing you a relaxing few moments to carry you through your day!


  12. Very sweet! Why don't you give her a pedicure. You don't have to make it complicated, it is really simple and at the very least fun!

  13. If you live anywhere near the water I would head straight there. Beach, lake, river, large puddle...There's just something naturally relaxing about being beside the water. If not, bring the beach to you! This could be anything from going out for delicious seafood or some other kind of tropical dinner, to just taking the best bubble bath in the world. Maybe a margarita or two also. Maybe.

  14. Sometimes the smallest change of scenery can have such an impact. Getting out of the house--to the extent that you're able--and just going to see something different is a nice break in routine. It's good that you appreciate her and even better that you're shouting it to the rooftops. :)

  15. Those who know, laugh in their crying.
    Those who love, cry in their laughter.

    May you love and know love and be love and cry love... and may you laugh to your hearts' content when it's time.

  16. What a nice post! Yes, women sometimes have a tendency to overwork ourselves, while looking after our families. I think that us *good* ones tend to wear ourselves ragged at times by trying to be everything to everyone....much like your wife by the sounds of it. Sometimes it takes us a while to realize that the happier and more recharged we are, the better we are at everything else....although sometimes it seems impossible to do.
    ~ Dan's wife....take some time....relax....I find a night/afternoon/breakfast out with a few girlfriends is sometimes just what I need....and all the better if there are mimosas!

  17. Dan this is fantastic mate. Good to see. You seem to have picked out a woman that is well worth keeping. Kudos to both of you.

  18. Great post! She sounds like a really strong person! I bet she's great! Hopefully i'll get to meet her! :)


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