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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Some come
Some go.

Sprinting around in my head.

What to Write?
What to Do?
What Not to Do?

Do I do it for me?
Do I do it for You?
Maybe for Both?

Games to play,
Clean up to do, ugh....
Readin needs done.....

What to Do?
What Not to Do?

Sometimes, I Almost catch a Thought.
It just slips past.

Now more are there.
I Swear.

More thoughts
just jump on in.

Its a jungle in there.
My head, so full.

I need a net.
to catch these thoughts in my head.

Hope You ALL have a Great Weekend!

P.S. Remember I am hunting down a New Name for our Dime Store Detective.......
have one suggestion so far....... leave a suggestion and we can pick one sometime in the last week of August..... gives everyone time to think about it.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Went to Far, Did to Much

Two days with nothing!

Bet you all thought I was off the radar again?

Nope, just had some interesting nights lately and with the weather like it has been my service provider for the internet has been "Spacey" at best.
So, I figured I would wait until I knew it was going to stay up and running while writing.

Since I haven't had any luck figuring out what exactly I was going to write today, I pulled out "Ole Reliable".  Well, not so Old as it was my Fathers Day gift from last year from the girls -- my Enya's Greatest hits.  Figured I could listen to it a bit and see what it might get started.  

So, I will sit here for just a few listening and see what happens here on this page.

Amazing how Music - in any form that you like can help you think things through and come up with ideas that just "Pop up" out of nowhere.

Well, Shes going to "KILL" me!!!!!!

While waiting to see what the music might inspire, I decided to do just a "little" cleaning and moving things that we had talked about.......

NOT a good Idea!

Got about a Quarter of the bedroom cleaned and moved ---- took me the better part of two hrs but got it done....  NOW, I AM DONE!!!!

I kept taking breaks to help a bit but OH BOY!

I has a Funny Feeling I am going to be "Sleeping" by the time she gets home so I don't hear it......

This was not the post you all should have gotten today but......
I will get you a better one, a Good one up soon.

OH, and for the Readers of the Dime Store Detective stories -- I know I named him "Dan" in one but I was thinking I would ask you all for suggestions for a Proper name for the man in the Jacket and Hat.......  Pass the word around and have people stop in and read it and  we can give it a month...... then choose from what names were suggested.
Sound like something good for all and maybe get a few more to stop in and see whats here?

Hope You All are having a Great Week!?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things from Unexpected Places

Anything at Anytime is a bit shorter today.

For those of you New to this Blog:
I am 42 years old and have Later Stage Emphysema, thus the Emphysema page.

Now that that is out of the way.

Things here at home have sort of changed.  I say sort of because financially nothing has changed yet.
Social Security Finally Acknowledged one of my request for my Disability.

You would not believe the paperwork that goes with it........

Got it all completed as much as I can - now I just need to get an appointment with one of the local agents, which does not seem like that is going to be to bad as she already sent me an email.  Then have her go over my paper work and get all she needs from the Dr.'s office and that one should be on the road to somewhere.

Cross Your Fingers, toes, arms, legs, and anything else you can cross in hopes it all goes through for Us.
It would be a Boon for the Family, most especially J and myself.

That by itself was/is an accomplishment of sorts headed in the right direction.

Last Tuesday I wrote short post "A Must Read! (Not by Me)" with an email that had been passed on to me by a Woman I haven't seen in YEARS but if I were to run into her today she would still treat me like "that long lost little brother".  I have no doubt with open arms, hugs and tears for me; and for my wife and girls.
I added that email to my post solely for the reason that I felt it was a Good Story and that fit in well with many of the things, sentiments that I have posted here on Anything at Anytime in the past.
I read the whole thing and as things do when we read some of them just blend in with the email/story we are reading.  I wouldn't have put it in if I hadn't, as I don't want certain things getting on the site as I like to keep it PG-13 at the most with maybe a VERY very rare R in there. (I don't think I have any of those on here, hmmmmmm, might have to go back and read to be sure.)

That is not what that bit is about.

What it is about:
The very next day I get a call from my Father, telling me he had a conversation with one of his American Legion representatives (for those that don't know - The American Legion is a U.S. wide Group of Veterans that has multiple Post in every single State of the Union) and that person had given him the name of a lady to call at another post in Waco and she deals very closely with the VA (Veterans Administration).

Well, my Father being my Father went ahead and arranged a phone call appointment for me with this lady last Thursday.
So, in trying to keep my Father's good name with his contacts I made the phone call at the first available time he gave me 9 AM -10 AM her time (8 AM - 9 AM my time).  I ended up Spending the better part of an hour with her on the phone but she is sending me another bunch of Paperwork to fill out (our Government and anybody dealing with our Government can't get past paperwork - there has to be a paper trail somewhere.  LOL)
She believes that I should be in a position to get some sort of Aide from the VA.  How much?  Not known but any assistance would again be a Boon.  Even if it were to just get aid in medications.  One of her concerns was that when I was in the Navy, I was on-board one of the Oldest Ships in the Fleet at the time.  A (in her time) Top of the line Destroyer Tender USS Sierra AD - 18.  In those days Asbestos was the thing to use as insulation.  She is not saying it is the Asbestos fault but wondering if the Asbestos could have been a contributing factor in my having my Emphysema show up so early in me.

So, More paperwork for me and a bit for my Dr. and that is just one way she thinks she can help.  Hopefully the paperwork will show up next and I will have it started and finished ASAP (As Soon As Possible - for those that don't know).

Again, all of this second little part "Landed in my lap" the day after I posted "A Must Read! (Not by Me)".

I went back and re-read that piece ... interesting little bit at the end that I wasn't expecting.

Now, I will ask my readers that have gotten this far....... Pray, talk to Buddha, Converse with your Greater Being, or whatever you believe in that at least one of these work my way.  Just that little bit of help would take a ton of pressure off of J and That would be just AWESOME to give her that little bit.

Part of the reason this is so short today is that I have an appointment today at my Pulmanologist  office to Test my Breathing capabilities again (easiest explanation is my lung capacity compared to last year and the year before).

So, I will leave it at that today, and will have something Good for you tomorrow.

Hope You are All having a Great Day!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Music Mondaze #9

I have been on an 80's kick lately so I figure I will shape today's Music Mondaze a little bit differently.

I will have a few different choices for you to choose from.
Listen to one or Listen to them all but it gives you a chance just to see some of the different stuff that came from when several of us were still a bit younger.

A bit of Ritz

MusicPlaylistView Profile
Create a playlist at MixPod.com

Not Exactly what I was looking for:
But one of the Beginning "Mall Acts" to get attention

MusicPlaylistView Profile
Create a playlist at MixPod.com

At the Request of my Eldest
I think you will all recognize this one!

MusicPlaylistView Profile
Create a playlist at MixPod.com

And at the request of my Youngest
This may be another song you recognize:

MusicPlaylistView Profile
Create a playlist at MixPod.com

I hope you enjoyed the choices and I am still open to any request/suggestions.

At Anytime leave a suggestion in the comments and I will do my best to find it and get it up here for Music Mondaze.

I Hope You ALL have a Great Start to Your Week!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mild changes to pages

Today, I am keeping it very simple.

If you haven't noticed the background has changed.

It took me a little while to get it to fit and it isn't EXACTLY what I wanted but it is a start.
Sometimes teaching yourself how to work all this stuff is the best way, yet in doing so you must live thru some mistakes, or Close to what "I" wanted.

This is the original picture I wanted in the background:

But of course the thing came out all tiled and mix matched and just did not look good at all.

So I played and stretched it only to be told that..... Well, it was to BIG!

I played around some more, shrunk it and added a few stars in the background, which gave me this:

That still didn't fit or work exactly so I had to cut part of the bottom out and a little from the back and this is what I got:

Notice the big Difference in the picture versus the original -- but still I got my Dragon as my Background picture.

Took many many tries to get it to this point and so it almost fit perfectly.

Practice makes perfect!

Since I am back and looks like "running" (here on the blog at least.... LOL) according to my usual self, I decided to put something New up in the background.

Oh, there is another change I have made recently but wont say anything about it for awhile as I want to make sure I am Back and Back for Good.

Hope You ALL have Had a Good Weekend
and Music Mondaze will be back Tomorrow - I Promise!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Possibilities, from a writers imagination


You didn't think I would give you the rest of "The Case of the Roses and Pictures" already, Did You?

No, That will come another day, I Promise!

OH, and never forget this is ANYTHING at ANYTIME!  You and I Never know whats next!

I gather most of you that read this blog realize I like to read myself.  Personally, my preferences are Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but I will read anything that the writer has "Grabbed" my attention with.
Same Goes for my Movies.

Just as I am starting to get back to my blogging regularly, I got into a couple of old series of books I have read and re-read over and over again - and tonight of all nights one of My Favorite Movies "Contact" was on while I was writing this.

The movie and books have one thing in common - Aliens - or Intelligent Extra Terrestrial Life.

That is not here I am going with this today.
Actually, I'm not even going to really mention the movie that much if even at all.  I just thought it was Cool that one of my Favorites would be on this late tonight/this morning while writing.

Technology as we know it has advanced at a tremendous rate over the last - what 400 years - and even faster in the last 150 years - and even Faster int the last 50 Years and even Faster over the last 25 years.!
A ton of the advancements we have had in the last 50 years alone have come from our Space Explorations.  As of Yesterday, our Explorations have not halted but been Slowed, Hampered to a tremendous degree!
This all Still strays from my point/post and original intent.

A series of Books by Ian Douglas.  I should say two series but they are tied together completely from the beginning to the end.  There are 3 books to "The Heritage Trilogy" and 3 books in "The Legacy Trilogy"

Now I am a Navy man and an Army Man, but these two series revolve around Marines (I have always respected and admired those that were/are Marines!)

But what these books all have in common is a technological advance that we are seeing today - A.I. - Artificial Intelligence.
Most A.I. we see today is in Minuit scale compared to what is in these books.  Today we see them (A.I.) in our security programs to protect our computers from harm and hackers, gaming A.Is that try to "Learn" how we play games n order to make the games more challenging for us.

In the Books, in the beginning A.I.s are just a tad more advanced than they are today.  Thru out the series they get more and more powerful, almost to the point of self Awareness - not against humanity but as a pure assistance to humanity.

Don't think I am saying that everything is perfect in these books, because they aren't.  They bring to light many different conflict in and around the world just as we see ourselves today and some we could easily imagine.
The early series revolves around the Earth, Moon, Mars, and Europa. (Alone it makes for a good series.)

These Books open your eyes to Humanity, the Good and the Ugly.  They make you think of what could be and might be possible.

I know this is just a touch off of the topic of the books, but let me point out another Science Fiction Bit that has made changes We can see in use TODAY!

Star Trek
(and Yes, I am a mild Trekkie)
Star Trek had many things in it that we all though NUTS at the time.
Communicators so small to be held in one hand and allowed one to talk to someone thousands of miles away with no wires - Sound Familiar?  Like, maybe, a Cell Phone?
How about things "Bones" used to scan his patients?  We aren't completely there yet bu what about hand held sonograms used by some Dr.s today in more advanced hospitals?
or Ohurah (sp) and her ear piece at the communications station - Looks very similar to a Blue-tooth doesn't it?

The "Heritage" and "Legacy" trilogies by Ian Douglas could lead to similar advances, Changes that may not be exactly the same as in his books but provide us with changes that could help improve and further our exploration.  Help us Use more of our Humankind's Mental Capacities.  That alone could improve our Technologies to a level as yet UN-IMAGINED!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dime Store Detective: The Case of the Roses and Pictures

A New Case from our local Dime Store Detective.

From Case Files:  The Roses and Pictures

Date: Sometime in the Past -

Summer is HERE!
Hot is an understatement, more like an oven set at Broil.  Step outside for more than 5 mintes and your COOKED.

The Heat seems to keep the Smog settled down on the city like a heavy Brown blanket.  Take a Deep Breath and it is as if you are sucking on the end of a tailpipe directly.

These are the conditions Shirley and I are Currently working in.  Well, I am.  I bought a new larger window unit for Shirley last week.  Like stepping into an ICE BOX when I leave my office.

Besides, it works a couple of ways.  People stick around out front with it being cooler, when they get into my office and the heat hits them... Well, the ones that Really want or need my services stick it out. As for the others that would be a waste of my time are normally gone Quickly!

The office was full this day.  Shirley had already sent in about 15 people by 10 A.M.   some of them even cute Dames - Bad for them, they used cheap make-up - most of it started to run and smear withthe sweat from the heat.

A couple of lost pets, a Cheap Ring (sentimental value) that may have been lost or stolen by a cousin.  (My bet was lost behind the Night stand)
All of it was Mickey Mouse stuff that wouldn't really help pay the bills (I'm not that Desperate... Yet!)

Then at about 1 P.M. Shirley sends in this guy.  David Stringer, I remember the name because when he first cam in there was something about him I couldn't put my finger on, THAT got my Attention!
Not many of THOSE that walk in My Door.

Normally, I have someone pegged in just a few minutes.  This guy took at least a full hour plus.
Dressed in slacks, button up shirt, Tie, and Jacket,hardly a bit of sweat anywhere on him.

Little details, those are the tattle tell signs.  Not much on this guy.

His eyes at best were distant.  Later I would learn they were both Distant and Distraught.  He was a couple of years younger than myself by just a few years.

I got his whole life story - I swear some of those just do not help me in a case.  This is one of those that later would.

He was a married man, but had married later in life as he had been alone with his mother since he was 7. Dad had left for a Job to have something to give to his family.  He sent money home every month for two years, then it stopped.  (Better than most I have Discovered!)
That was Not his reason for stopping in and requesting my services.

His Mother had Passed away almost a year earlier and since it was on his way to work, he stopped at the cemetary on Friday Afternoons on his way home.  Just to keep her up to date with what was happening in his life and soon to be Family as his Wife was pregnant.

The Reason he wanted My help was that every Friday when he got there, there was a Fresh Rose and a  Picture of him and his mother taped to her Head Stone.  Never the same picture.  Always something different: sporting events, drama, swimming pools, etc..... Things from over the years.
It had been going on since his Mother Died.  Every Week.

I took the case.

More later

All of You have a Great Day

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blog Who_ing, Rememberance, and a Rant to an END

The day has come ----

Anything at Anytime is SOOOOooooo near the 100 followers mark it isn't even funny.

So, I guess this is the day I ask all that follow me to give me a big, Big assist and get you all to see if you can help me do a bit of what we have all come to call "Blog Whoring"......

I have been sitting at the 90s up and down for some time but this is the nearest I have been to breaking the 100 level.

With a bit of your help and suggestions to those that follow you I would ask that you Look in and find one of your Favorites that I have written and posted here on this site and link to it and ask them to look around and follow if they like what they see.

From reading all of you that have gotten there and been near the mark that first 100 is something we Really truly enjoy.  Its like running and completing your first Marathon, or the first time you tied your shoes on your own, or that first kiss that just..... Well, I think you get THAT idea.

Now for something that was missed Yesterday and  a SAD Ending today!

Yesterday was the 42nd Anniversary for Apollo 11 -- Landing on the Moon - the First time MAN set foot on a Planetary object other than Earth!

The courage of those associated with that program and those on the flight brings back thoughts of the mariners that sailed the oceans not knowing what awaited them.

So, a Salute to those that made it happen and gave DREAMS to SO MANY --- THANK YOU ALL!

Buzz Aldrin performing maintenance
and The Eagle

Today STS-135 Landed.  STS-135 is the last Flight of the Space Shuttle(s) - there will be No More!

These are the Lucky Few that got to take that last Flight
and in my opinion
Have a Special Place in History

STS-135 Landing for the Last time

As a Child (relatively Newborn as I was only 7 1/2 months old) I was (as told by my Mother) placed before the TV to see the Moon Landing.

Maybe, just Maybe it was due to that, that I have always found a desire to go up there, be there.

It is a Sad thought that now, we have NO real means READY to take the place of the Shuttle and put us up in the regions we belong.
Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty to do and learn here on Planet Earth.
Our Future is Space!
Our Future is to Explore our Solar System with more Manned Flights as the Sailors of the past.  Space is our Ocean of Exploration and it Drives Technological advances far beyond normal expectations.

We as a People - Mankind (as a Whole) needs to do this and be there.

25 yrs of Service for the Shuttles -- two major accidents (out of how many Missions) that sadly lives were lost....... Isn't that what Exploration is?  Knowing there could be cost, even catastrophic ones?
But, we still go on to explore and learn from those before us.

Why, WHY have we not worked on a replacement/improvement to the Shuttle Program that could have gone active at the end of the Shuttles' uses?

Now, we are left to rely on either other Countries or Private Companies to come up with the means.  Some of that could lead to Good things because some of the Best improvements have come from the Private Sector, but at what Cost?  I am not talking about Personnel loss/cost but Monetary Cost....

We need to form a Collective - a Collective of Science and Engineering that will work together for the Sole purpose of Space Exploration --- Damn the Nationalities and the Whose Country Governs!
All Scientists and Engineers in the field working together Under No Specific Government.  Yet All Governments responsible for the safety and protection of said Grouping.

However, if we could get the Scientists and Engineers from around the World working together, could that not be a lesson to ALL of us from?

We NEED to be back into Space on a regular basis and not just floating around in our own immediate little corner.  The International Space Station is a start but we need to go further - MUCH Further!

I know this is turning into one of my RANTS but this has also been a DREAM of Mine for YEARS.......

There used to be a show called "1999" or something similar to that - and guess where they had the scientists and engineers gathered for it?  A sizable space station on the MOON --- It is still doable today.  More so than when the creators of the show imagined it.  The means are here for us to do it today.

Why haven't we done it?
Ask our Governments.

A station like that on the moon could mean -- better training for Astronauts/Cosmonauts in actual environments they would be dealing with, a Launch site that could be used to Launch many different types of Manned Missions further out and beyond........
The Things WE could learn just blows the imagination out of this World.

Sorry, but my Rant on what I feel is a Sad day for MANKIND with the Ending of the Space Shuttle Program.
NASA has done a Fantastic job with what they had available...... But, WE can do so much more and this should not have been allowed to end.

Hope You ALL have a Great Day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Something to THINK About!

Most of you that read me know that from time to time I have extra time on my hands to watch TV and Movies.

Well, watching "Legion" a couple of weeks ago and a quote was made in it I found to be a very interesting QUOTE and Question.

Personally, I am still pondering my response/answer to it.

Here is the QUOTE from "Legend" and I will share what I have come up with for myself so far, after.

"If You don't wake up tomorrow and it turns out Today is Your Last day on Earth, Would You be Proud of what You have Done in this Life?"

Makes you think a bit doesn't it?
I literally have been thinking about it for Weeks.
Not the Easiest of things to answer.

I have done things in my past I am DEFINITELY NOT Proud of:

  1. Held a Grudge against my Parents for things they did, that they thought best at the time.  (Upon Reflection, as a Parent myself, I have to say I can understand - those choices are not EASY.)
  2. As the Eldest of 3 Brothers I have allowed separation between us all.  One I know why and was not able to correct it before he passed away, but he knew I was trying to get us past it.  The other..... Well, that one I am really and truly clueless as to what happened.  I have an Idea but not even sure that is the problem.
  3. I Love Pissing Off ASS Hats and making them look "Little" - basically putting them in their place, that they are NO Better than the rest of us.  (Been put there myself a few times - hard lesson to learn!
  4. Proving a Professor at College Wrong in front of the entire class..... and that Cost me a 4.0 GPA  (Still feel I was right in that matter as it was Literature Interpretation and his opinion was the ONLY opinion - Interpretation is just that in my book - I can say one thing and you take it another.  Wars have been started that way!)
  5. Drank like a Fish -- and could put men twice to three times my size under the table -- Quit 3 days after I got married, She was more important and I told her that -- in 15 years now I might have had a case + a 6 pack.
  6. and those are just a few -- If I sat here and thought about it all night I would come up with Hundreds of things that I am NOT PROUD OF, but that would then get down to the nit picky.

Things I have Done that I am PROUD OF:

  1. Married my Wife -- she is EVERYTHING to me and MORE....... (those that have read before can piece that together and WHY.)
  2. My Daughters, knowing that J and I have brought them up to be BETTER than US in ALL WAYS!
  3. Knowing that I have Learned from my Parents mistakes - isn't that how they are supposed to bring us up?  (NO, not all mistakes were avoided, but realizing I/We were in a similar situation and Not doing it/them the same way.  They did their job and taught me and I Learned from their experience.)
  4. Stopping and helping others when they need/ed help, not because I had to but because it is/was the right thing to do.
  5. Making Friends around the World and accepting the differences between themselves and myself, realizing that somewhere in there, there were similarities we could agree on and make something with it/them.
  6. Teaching my Daughters to Treat All People with respect, As I Try to Treat All People with respect.  (there are times you try and try and it doesn't work, then you resort to treating them the way they treat you and others and eventually they get the idea, HOPEFULLY)
  7. Having served my country not once but twice - once in the U.S. Navy on-board the USS Sierra AD-18 (during Desert Shield and Storm, two Hurricanes Hugo and Andrew), and in the U.S. Army in Bosnia.
  8. Most of my writing on this Blog (call it Rose Colored Glasses on my part) is GOOD.  (Some not so Great but all writers in any format have a bad day once in awhile.... LOL)
  9. and I will stop this one here as again I could go on and on.

These are Some of the responses to the QUOTE/QUESTION above.

Care to share any of yours even if it is just one or two?
and if not - At least Think about it...... Are you headed where you want to be, or....

Hope you all have a Great Day!

P.S.  If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @DanWins2007 -- and it will also give you updates on when I post something New here on the blog as well.  Hope to see you there and/or here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Must Read! (Not by me)

I know........

I have had less and less concentration to get on here and write.....
almost as if the "Spirit" has taken a VERY, very LONG vacation and I am waiting for it to come back.....

I really hope so.... SOON!?!?

What brings this about is an email I received from a Very Old Friend.
She was a friend of my Mother and Fathers' but to me she seemed more like an Older Sister.
I think she saw things in me back then (then was MANY years ago) that I had No Idea were in me.

She is a Very Good Artist in her own right.  Her name: Theresa Sanders
I do not think she wrote this but forwarded it to me and a few others but it is something that I think all should Read!

So here it is - a Story that may touch some of you and make some of you think of something you could do.

Good morning said a woman as she walked up 
to the man sitting on ground.
The man slowly looked up. 

This was a woman clearly accustomed to the 
finer things of life. Her coat was new.. She looked 
like she had never missed a meal in her life. 
His first thought was that she wanted to make 
fun of him, like so many others had done before..  
"Leave me alone," he growled.... 
To his amazement, the woman continued standing. 
She was smiling -- her even white teeth displayed 
in dazzling rows. "Are you hungry?" she asked. 
"No," he answered sarcastically. "I've just come 
from dining with the president. Now go away." 
The woman's smile became even broader. 
Suddenly the man felt a gentle hand under 
his arm.  
"What are you doing, lady?" the man asked 
"I said to leave me alone. 

Just then a policeman came up. 
"Is there any problem, ma'am?" he asked.. 
"No problem here, officer," the woman answered. 
"I'm just trying to get this man to his feet. 
Will you help me?" 
The officer scratched his head.  "That's old 
Jack. He's been a fixture around here for a 
couple of years. What do you want with him?" 

"See that cafeteria over there?" she asked. 
"I'm going to get him something to eat and get 
him out of the cold for awhile."  
"Are you crazy, lady?" the homeless man resisted. 
"I don't want to go in there!"  Then he felt 
strong hands grab his other arm and lift him up.  
"Let me go, officer. I didn't do anything."
" This is a good deal for you, Jack" 
the officer answered. 
"Don't blow it."  

Finally, and with some difficulty, the woman 
and the police officer got Jack into the cafeteria 
and sat him at a table in a remote corner.  
It was the middle of the morning, so most of the 
breakfast crowd had already left and the lunch 
bunch had not yet arrived... 

The manager strode across the cafeteria and 
stood by his table.  
"What's going on here, officer?" he asked.  
"What is all this, is this man in trouble?" 
"This lady brought this man in here to be fed," 
the policeman answered.  
"Not in here!" the manager replied angrily. 
"Having a person like that here is bad for 
Old Jack smiled a toothless grin.  
"See, lady. I told you so. Now if you'll let me go. 
I didn't want to come here in the first place."    
The woman turned to the cafeteria manager 
and smiled... 
"Sir, are you familiar with Eddy and Associates, 
the banking firm down the street?"  
"Of course I am," 
the manager answered impatiently. 
"They hold their weekly meetings in one of 
my banquet rooms."  
"And do you make a goodly amount of money 
providing food at these weekly meetings?" 
"What business is that of yours?" 
am Penelope Eddy, 
president and CEO of the company." 
The woman smiled again. 
"I thought that might make a difference."  
She glanced at the cop who was busy stifling 
a giggle. 
"Would you like to join us in a cup of coffee 
and a meal, officer?" 

"No thanks, ma'am," the officer replied. 
"I'm on duty."  
"Then, perhaps, a cup of coffee to go?"
 "Yes, mam. That would be very nice."  
The cafeteria manager turned on his heel, 
"I'll get your coffee for you right away, officer."  
The officer watched him walk away. 
"You certainly put him in his place," he said. 
"That was not my intent. Believe it or not, 
I have a reason for all this."    
She sat down at the table across from her 
amazed dinner guest. 
She stared at him intently..  
"Jack, do you remember me?" 

Old Jack searched her face with his old, 
rheumy eyes.  
"I think so -- I mean you do look familiar." 

"I'm a little older perhaps," she said. 
"Maybe I've even filled out more than in my 
younger days when you worked here, and I came 
through that very door, cold and hungry." 

"Ma'am?" the officer said questioningly.  
He couldn't believe that such a magnificently 
turned out woman could ever have been hungry. 
"I was just out of college," the woman began. 
"I had come to the city looking for a job, but 
I couldn't find anything.  Finally I was down 
to my last few cents and had been kicked out 
of my apartment. I walked the streets for days.  
It was February and I was cold and nearly 
starving. I saw this place and walked in on the 
off chance that I could get something to eat." 

Jack lit up with a smile.  "Now I remember," 
he said..  
"I was behind the serving counter.  You came 
up and asked me if you could work for something 
to eat. I said that it was against company policy."  

"I know," the woman continued. 
"Then you made me the biggest roast beef 
sandwich that I had ever seen, gave me a cup of 
coffee, and told me to go over to a corner table 
and enjoy it..  I was afraid that you would get 
into trouble... Then, when I looked over and saw 
you put the price of my food in the cash register, 
I knew then that everything would be all right." 

"So you started your own business?" 
Old Jack said. 
"I got a job that very afternoon. I worked my 
way up.  Eventually I started my own business 
that, with the help of God, prospered." 

She opened her purse and pulled out a business 
card.. "When you are finished here, I want you 
to pay a visit to a Mr. Lyons...He's the personnel 
director of my company. 
I'll go talk to him now and I'm certain he'll find 
something for you to do around the office."  
She smiled.  
"I think he might even find the funds to give you 
a little advance so that you can buy some clothes 
and get a place to live until you get on your feet... 

If you ever need anything, 
my door is always opened to you." 
There were tears in the old man's eyes. 
"How can I ever thank you?" he said.
"Don't thank me," the woman answered. 
"To God goes the glory. Thank Jesus... 
He led me to you."  
Outside the cafeteria, the officer and the woman 
paused at the entrance before going their 
separate ways.... 

"Thank you for all your help, officer," she said. 
"On the contrary, Ms. Eddy," he answered. 
"Thank you. I saw a miracle today, something 
that I will never forget. And..
And thank you for the coffee." 

If you have missed knowing me, 
you have missed nothing. 
If you have missed some of my emails, 
you might have missed a laugh..  
But, if you have missed knowing my 
Lord and Savior, 
Jesus Christ, 
you have missed everything in the world.  
Have a Wonderful Day. 
May God Bless You Always 
and don't forget that when you 
"cast your bread upon the waters," 
you never know how it will be returned to you..

God is so big He can cover the whole world 
with his Love and so small 
He can curl up inside your heart.. 

When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, 
Trust Him fully and let go. 
Only 1 of 2 things will happen, 
either He'll catch you when you fall, or 
He'll teach you how to fly! 
The  power of one sentence! 
God is going to shift things around for you today 
let things work in your favor. 
If you believe, send it. 
If you don't believe, delete it. 

God closes doors no man can open 
God opens doors no man can close.. 
If you need God to open some doors 
for you...send this on. 
Have a blessed day and remember to be a blessing...

Sometimes Timing is everything.... and as I got this --- I FINALLY got the Social Security Office to let me know what they needed from me to get things Rolling..........

Talk about ........  Well, I think you all know.

I Hope You ALL have a Great Week!?!


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