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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twenty (20) Things I Like:

I Like is based on an earlier post I Believe.

Twenty (20) things I Like -

1.   - a good chair - you know the type - you sit down and it just molds to your body and makes you feel like you are a part of it and you can just melt away into it.

2.   - a good swim - in water that is crisp and clean and is cool enough to make you feel refreshed but warm enough to allow you to enjoy more than a couple of minutes in it.

3.   - a proper English Marmalade - can't beat it when on warm rolls or English muffins, with the butter melting down the sides.

4.   - sitting down and watching a good movie with my wife and kids.

5.   - fishing from the shore on a nice spring day.

6.   - a good book on a cloudy day.

7.   - spending time with my girls even if we do NOTHING.

8.   - being a Smart Ass when everyone needs a laugh.

9.   - watching a Good Football game - you've seen them - the ones where you know both teams have given it their best and there have been ups and downs on both sides. 

10. -  doing something (anything) because it is the Right thing to do.

11. - and the reverse (see #8.) - doing something (anything) because it is the WRONG thing to do.

12. - kicking back and playing computer and PS2 games.

13. - going to the forest away from everything and just sitting and listening to what nature says.

14. - encouraging my daughters to make me look stupid (as if they ever will, but it is a good challenge for them).

15. - a fresh cup of Coffee (just brewed) with milk and sugar.

The last 5 are reserved for Adults:

16. - Women in skirts (short skirts).

17. - stockings, garters and heels.  That combination to me is just Sexy.

18. - Deep long Kisses that when you knock her knees out from under her rebound and do the same to you.

19. - Teasing my wife mercilessly in THAT Way!

20. - and When She Does it to Me!!!

Hope you have enjoyed this list and can leave a few comments on what You Like?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Night the Lights went out in........ El Paso?

Last night, while I was here at the computer monitoring the blog for comments and playing in one of my Poker Stars tourneys, a monster Thunderstorm hit coming out of nowhere.  Winds in excess of 60+ mph and sounding like that dreaded "Freight Train" that you don't want to think about. 

Not that we get tornadoes here in El Paso that often, but having spent several years living in tornado country, you Know that sound.  Well, it wasn't!  Just a big bad Thunderstorm with some vicious wind. 

This was about 8 - 8:30 PM that it came through here and so I had Jackie put the TV on one of the local channels so I /We could see if there were any alerts coming out for the area.

We had all been in the living room for about a half hour and it seemed that everything was settling down and it was just going to be a good rain storm, so the girls went to their rooms to get ready for bed and........

BOOM,  a Thunder and lightning strike close to the house and that is it LIGHTS OUT!!!

The girls (all three) were shaken.  Hell, I was even shaken!  That damn thing was Close (I have been next to Bradleys firing their guns with no hearing protection and That made them sound like a whisper).  So, we are all shaken and lights out, I tell the girls to stay where they are and not to move in the dark.  Believe me when I say dark, It was Dark. 

Dark is an understatement, there wasn't even a hint of light from anything.  Off I go into the dark looking for the lighter we use on the stove.  One step, two steps, Damn!!!!! I trip on Snuggles (our dog if you haven't read an earlier story).  Luckily I catch myself with flailing arms in the kitchen doorway.  Good, I am only a couple of steps from the stove and the lighter to get something so that we can see. 

I reach over to the shelf and NOTHING....... I feel around a bit and...... nope Nothing.........  Damn, Damn, and Damn again!!!!!!

OK,  Where is the Damn Lighter!  I ask (if you can call that asking).

Three different voices and a "woof" all at the same time.
"woof" from Snuggles of course.
"I think its on the fridge"
"on the table in the kitchen" and
"maybe on the dinning room table"


One was easy to dismiss can you guess which one? 

Since I am in the kitchen I start to move to the kitchen table because it is closer to where I am and was quickest to check.  Having learned my lesson from the earlier "trip", I slide my feet across the floor slowly so I don't stumble on anything else.  Glad I learned my lesson earlier as I bumped the water and food bowls both one after the other as I move to the table. 

Feeling around on the Table Nothing again. 
Now, moving over to the fridge and feeling around on the fridge Again Nothing.  

So now I have to choose: weave my way through the mine field of the living room to get to the dining room table or head to our bedroom to get some matches on my desk?

Easy choice, I decided on the bedroom and my desk as less to worry about tripping on.  Slowly moving out of the kitchen and stepping through the doorway that leads to our bedroom. 

To LATE.......... I forgot about the step down.........

A bump and a bruise on my knee later I get to the desk and Thank God found the matches!

I strike a match and use the light to guide me back through it all back to the living room.  The match almost burns out on my finger but I shook it out before it could and pull another match to strike so that I can start looking for the candles. 

I strike the match and light it....... and .......  *wink*........ *blink*........ and the Lights Turn back on!

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Boost for my Wife! Assistance Please?

I have a Wife. 

For most of you that have been following that should not be "New" news, if it is you haven't been reading. 

How best to describe this woman:  Fantastic, Loving, Caring, Beautiful, Hard working (understatement), Does not quit, that will do for now (more later in more post).

When she reads this she will shoot me but I can live with that as I know she will understand where this has come from.  What I am hoping is that by the time you are done reading this you all will help me with comments for her?

My Wife is a work-a-holic and a stress-a-holic.  She can not slow down for herself.  She will not take one minute (any minute) to stop and breathe, relax.  She has just completed one of the toughest years in Our life and still pushes herself farther and further than she should. 

In this last year she has dealt with a lowered household income because of my being "Sick", moved to a higher grade, had to "learn" how to teach the kids to a "Test standard" (and I didn't help because I think teaching to Test is the biggest failure of our current educational system, but that is for another day), and put up with what you and I would say were some of the biggest "AHs" we have ever met. 

All of that and She has charged through it like a bull through a matadors cape.  In this case the matador got the horns!  The bull won!  What can I say, She is my Wife and I Love Her and am Proud of Her.  This past year She has done what I always thought I would be doing, what I felt (feel) was my job, my duty as a Husband and Father.  She Did IT!  SHE Picked up Our Family and carried us on Her shoulders.

Here is the RUB!  She does not know how to put us down and let Us (me and the girls) support her for awhile now. 

So Today I am dedicating this blog post to Her!  My Wife, Jacqueline, is the only reason for this blog at all.  I will post comments on all sites I know of to get everyone to come in and comment and leave Her Suggestions to relax and enjoy life again for a bit.  I ask that if you have read this Please pass it on and tell, have, make everyone you know come by and comment. 

I am Hoping to get a landslide so that all I do is spend the day adding comments,  with my traffic flow I know that is a big dream but I can always hope and with every ones help maybe I can.


And to My Wife, I did this because I Love You and you need to take a break!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Space: You got to Love It!

You will all have to forgive me!?!? 

Those of you that have been following are more than likely getting the idea that I like my SPACE.

While sitting here trying to think of what to write, I was surfing the net and just letting my mind wander as I looked at the images on the screen and listening to Enya, and I ran into one of my Favorites "The Universe" on the History Channel. 

If you have not seen it (parts of the series) you are Truly missing out on some fantastic imagery and visualizations of space and what is out there.  They have a multitude of Episodes dealing with several different things that are in space or that we may find in space. 

I will post a couple of links so that you might find the pages and videos easier than I did and hopefully you will find some of it entertaining, enjoyable, and educational.

If you have not noticed by now, I tend to want to make us think about all kinds of things.  No particular single subject has or hopefully never does become the soul purpose of this site other than to make us all THINK.

So here are a couple of Pics and Links to go with them to a couple of different spots on The History Channel:

This is in the first clip that the History Channel has for: The Backyard Astronomer.  Many more clips in the series are listed on the same page.

This is a link to an Interactive Universe that will allow you to get basic information on all the Planets and a few other items that we all may or may not be aware of out in that vast expanse we call Space.

This one has various NASA clips from various little space bits.  19 clips total on the page and range in time from 5 seconds to around 40 seconds.  One thing you do need to see advertisements before each clip is shown so just be aware of that.  Most if not all of these shots are worth a little advertising discomfort.

All Video clip Pictures were grabbed by "snip it" in Windows 7 directly from the video clips on The History Channel.

Hope You all enjoy some of this if not all of it, and any suggestions on related topics or things you would like to know more about let me know.  I would love to look it up and post what I have learned.

And to close:  Please Everyone have a Good Safe Week.

P.S. - Don't forget to vote on the new letter for "Topic Word".

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Cluttered Desk, What to Do!?!?

Something we all face sooner or later,
That moment in time when we have no choice but to look at everything around us and make a decision of Epic Consequence!

The Cluttered Desk, What to Do!?!?

Sitting at my desk

Jumbled confusion surrounds me

A mess to say the least

A Thick Jungle of junk to say the worst

Should I clean,


Maybe just straighten up a bit?

Where do I start?

What to move first,


I need to think,


WHAT to move First?

Maybe the Pencil holder?

Where should it go?

Maybe the Speakers?

The Paper Clips?

How about that collectors can Double Decker English Bus?

All this thinking is killing me

I Know!!!

I will rest and think about it Tomorrow!

by me today

Friday, June 25, 2010

Do you "LISTEN"? or Giving Credit!

Do you Listen to your "Husband"?

Do you Listen to your "Wife"?

A few days ago in one of the forums I got involved with, and participated in commenting on the various threads, specifically one thread that touched on this subject very lightly and jokingly.  With Yesterday's post and my wife's comment I realized I was in breach of Husband protocol.

I did not mean it Guys!  I did not even know I had done it until I read my wife's comment and posted it.
I do not believe she caught the code , so I think we all are safe and she won't blast it over the Wife Network of Utterly Knowing Minds (aka: the dreaded WNUKM or NUKE'M).

I will rewind a bit and give you the jist of it as best as I can recollect.

My wife is a Teacher and is currently out on summer vacation and for the first month she is taking her "Continuing Education" tid bits to give her new ideas and ways to approach different students.  One of the classes she took involved trying to get younger children interested in reading and writing.  For some reason, this class really got her going.  (Not sure but I think they gave the Teachers that attended some kind of literacy drug!)

That night (which would be Weds.), We went to bed as usual and I am laying there surfing the Boob Tube as my wife is discussing how her day and classes went.  I maintained protocol by saying all of the keywords in all the right places to let her know I was listening and understanding what she was telling me, all the while noting that my Texas Rangers had (to date still have) a good streak going, that Wimbledon was having an epic match between two Unknowns, and of course loving the fact that the USA World Cup team overcame FIFA's poor "officiating" to qualify for the round of 16. 

One of the things she started talking about that pulled my attention back to what she was saying was she mentioned Abraham Lincoln's hat.  His HAT of all things?!?!?  So for just a moment my attention had been snagged by her and what they had talked about. 

Now remember, I am surfing the channels and "Listening" to my wife and in bed so I am slowly drifting off to sleep in the process.

Looking and trying to listen to the recording of the night in my head, I think it involved something called "RAFT" (what it means, I have NO clue whatsoever) and how they were to get the kids involved in their reading by writing something as one of the objects in the story and how that object viewed what happened.

The very next morning (Yesterday) I woke up with a "WOW" moment with a Great little post.  Thus "The "Quill" " was born.

I like to have my wife read what I wrote so that if she likes she can tell people she knows that there is something interesting on my blog to read, and from time to time she may comment on it or about it.  She is my wife after all and She is the One I want to share my whole life with from beginning to end!

Well, last night as I was getting ready to wrap things up, I checked the blog to see if I had any comments to post and lo and behold my wife had placed a comment.  I opened it up to read before posting and "UH_OH!!!!!!"  There it is in Code. 

YOU did that "LISTENING" without "LISTENING" AGAIN!!!!!!!!
and to make matters worse - I did not give her credit for giving me the idea.

Honestly, I did not remember what was said Wednesday night and that it had triggered my Thursday post. 
But It Did!

So, with all humility, I tell you all now that Yesterday's The "Quill" was inspired by my wife's comments the night previous. 

Guys, I truly believe we are safe from NUKE'M (WNUKM). 

To all out there, this is an example of how NOT to practice the skill of "listening" without "listening". 

Guys are not the only ones that do this.  I have caught my wife doing this on several occasions as well but have not picked up the signals yet so I can not file a proper report with GOAL (Guys Observing All Ladies).

Now I am in a dilemma:  do I actually "Listen" for the next month or am I stuck actually "Listening" for the rest of the Summer?  And in both of those do I have to forfeit my surfing privileges while she talks?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The "Quill"

Before I start today's post I must say yesterday's post was not a part of my better work but it was needed in order to set up future post so you as my reader(s) can understand where some of these things come from.

Now, as for today's post, honestly I was laying in bed right after my wife woke me and wondering what I was going to write today and saw an ad on TV (don't know what ad triggered this) and this just hit me as something that would be Good to write.

The "Quill"

Today seems to be a busy day.  There have been men scuttling back and forth between rooms with raised voices and yelling at each other and some guy named George.  Really, it has been this way for awhile now.  The Yelling has gotten louder as the days progress one into the next.

Several men have been huddled together muttering and talking in the other room for days writing and scribbling something.  I'm not sure but I think that and this guy named George really has everyone here on edge.  Men keep going over to the group and asking things like "Where are you now?" and "How is it going?" or making statements like "Do not forget when they........", or "Remember when ........". 

All of these men have been here for days debating and discussing what that small group of men is over there writing.  It must be important.  I just wish I knew what they were talking about and doing.  It is hard for me to get into and understand these things as I am just a lowly scribe instrument. 

I have sat here on the shelf with many others like myself and as the days go on more and more of us have been taken off of the shelf and used by these men, us and the bottles of ink below us. 

Today there seems to be a, what did that guy Ben call it.........static, that is it, static in the air.  A feeling of trepidatious giddiness.  A feeling of action and..............

Oh, wait a minute.

They are calling all of the men into the main room.

Someone is approaching the shelves again and they take one of the bottles of ink away from the shelf and turns to go back, ooopp, he forgot something and reaches to our shelf.  

The man picked me off of the shelf!  I finally get to be used for my purpose to write.  Thank You mister for taking me from the shelf. 

The man takes me and places myself and the bottle on a small desk with several papers with a bunch of chicken scratch on them and One Parchment that has orderly writing from top to bottom.  Some large writing up at the top and little writing filling the rest of the page below it except for about the bottom third of the page. 

Here I will read you what I can from my vantage point.

In Congres.........  

How Rude!

Just as I was starting to read it the guy that brought me in here takes the paper away so I can not see it any more.   Well, it looks as if he is going to read it to everyone so hold on for just a moment.

"In Congress, July 4th, 1776               The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

When in the Course of human events,..............."  Oh, great something about human events.  Now that is something is it not.  He reads on and as he reads there are Great choruses and shouts of "Here, Here!" and things like;  "It is about time!", "We should have done this sooner!", "This will get his Attention!" and many many more that some I may not repeat as those were very ungentlemanly.

He is done reading and places the paper back beside me.  All of the men in the room are lining up at the table and a hand approaches me, picks me up and dips me in the bottle of ink and signs his name.  His name, Button Gwinnett.

Ten times this happens in an orderly neat fashion and then another man comes up and takes me to hand, dipping me into the ink and swirling me around and then in large bold writing puts his name and says something like, "He will not need his glasses to Read That!" (forgive me, it has been a long, long time so I may not have quoted it exactly but if that is not it, it is very near what was said). 

His name I do recall was John Hancock.

The signing goes on and on until the last (a total of 56 men use me to sign), a gentleman by the name of  Matthew Thornton.

As Mr. Thornton rises from the table the room explodes in cheers and clapping.

In the beginning I did not fully comprehend what I was used for but over the decades into centuries........

THIS is what I was used for:

                                                       The Declaration of Independence

So I can say I Truly was used for something GREAT!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today I will be setting up future post about places I have lived and Places I have LIVED. 

I will not get into the difference between them now.  Today will just be listing the ones off of the top of my memory and by seeing this list you may just get an idea where some of my writing comes from now and in the future.

Countries I have lived in or spent more than 4 months in:

Of course the US of A,                                                                                  
and Spain

Red is where I am, and blues are where I have been in general.  (Not the best artwork I know but it serves the purpose.)

States I have lived in for various amounts of time:

South Carolina,
New Mexico

States and countries I have been to and adventured in (not mentioned above):

North Carolina,
New York,

East Germany, and yes to those of you to young to know there used to be an East Germany,
Czech Republic,
Mexico, but just across the boarder to Juarez (years before it became as dangerous as it is),
St. Thomas, US Virgin Isles

As you can see it is a pretty good sized list with many, many stories to tell.  If you will notice everything is North of the Tropic of Cancer except Cuba and St. Thomas.  I have had the Pleasure to go to most of these places due to my service in the US Navy and the US Army. 

One thing I will say in this post:  If you ever have the chance to serve your Country and go to other places, take the chance!  It will open your eyes to Wonders beyond your imagination and allow you to see other "People" in a totally different aspect.

Something I learned in all of those travels was, that if you put forth an effort to understand them and try things Their Way, you tend to get so much more.  Its as if the People where you are "open" doors you didn't even know were there and it brings forth some of the Best Experiences of a Lifetime!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I could have Been Tiger Woods Before Tiger.

When I was younger, much, much younger, my parents got me a golf set so that I cold learn to play and play with my father out on the golf course when I got bigger and better (basically so he could have a golf partner). 
I tinkered, I tonked, I dinked and of course I donked all over the place with those clubs (at least I did in my own mind). 

So I set the stage properly here, you must understand that back in the day (yes, I am old enough I can use that phrase without causing myself mental harm) kiddie sets were real clubs with steel shafts and maybe a touch larger head on the club, not the plastic things you see on the shelves.  Come to think of it the very thing that I am about to tell you may have resulted in that change. 

I have been told over the years, from various people that knew me then (my parents and a few others), that I looked like I had the talent to play golf.  Having played it in my adult years I would have to say that had I kept up with it I might have been good. 

We (you and I) will never know now!

I (as I am sure most of you) have cousins that are a blast to be around and sometimes can just get a tad bit rowdy with when we all get together (even today in our 40s).  We would play tackle football and tackle tag and tackle whatever just to be clobbering each other.  Some of the best tackle whatevers took place at Grandma and Grandpa's house during the Winter in the snow. A story for another day.

This is not one of those occasions.  I apparently always took my golf set with me no matter where we went so that I could hit the balls and imagine myself out on the course playing a round and besting my Dad in whatever tournament we played.  On one of these occasions (trips) I took my clubs and my cousins Jeff and Ricky and their family were there as well. 

So, it ended up that my cousins and myself and my younger brother Donald (Don since he graduated from college, but still Donald to me) were doing our usual beat each other to a pulp rough housing and things got heated. 
(We are talking 30+ years so I will not say with a certainty exactly who or how things got to this point.  If my brother Donald or my cousins Jeff or Ricky would like to put in there 2 cents I will more than willingly post it as it will add to the flavor and the memories of us all.)

Somehow my clubs got involved and my cousin Jeff was chasing us all around like he was going to chop us all up with a sword.  You remember those days, when you played Cowboys and Indians and soldiers or pretended to be your favorite hero?  If not, take a moment and think back really try and remember.  I bet you can find a few times where you did that.
Anyway, back to the recollection.

Jeff is chasing us all around and waving one of my clubs like it is a sword and he caught his brother Ricky with a mighty blow.  A blow that would have slayed one of the Dragons on my Dragon page with not another strike needed!  Everything stopped dead in its tracks as Blood began to show itself on Ricky's head.  You can all imagine what happened next.

Parents being parents, my clubs (Jeff's imaginary swords) quickly found their way to the local dump never to be found again.  Looking back at that incident and knowing my Aunt and Uncle and My Parents, they all called the company(ies) that make those kind of things and demanded for safety's sake that they make play clubs from a collapsible plastic from that time forth.  Apparently it worked because that is all they make like that now.

Well, my clubs were gone.  My dream of slaughtering the competition dashed before I was 10. 

Why cruel world destroy the hopes of future golf by destroying The Dragon (I would have chosen that nick name over The Shark, The Walrus, Tiger (but that is his name), etc...... you get the drift)

I look back at it now and can see myself, The Dragon, walking down the 18th of St. Andrews on the final day in a tie with Chi Chi Rodriguez (and his flourishing sword buckling style with his clubs) for 1st and the British Open Title.  Who would win, the sword wielding long putter of Chi Chi Rodriguez or the Monster Fire Breathing Charge of The Dragon?
We will never know now!

My Clubs were forgotten in a matter of weeks and I soon received a book about Space and Astronauts.

I Know!!!!!!

I Can be the Neil Armstrong of My Daughters' Generation!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

THE PERFECT GAME or An Awesome Wrap Up and Addendum to My Father's Day!

Baseball and Biscuits?  

I know, but read on and you will see!

After all I wrote in My Father's Day (FANTASTIC!!) and some WOWs to boot my Daughters put an Ultimate Topping to the day.  (Reading Biscuits-N-Gravy before hand will also give you an insight pertaining to today's post.) 

They, my wife and girls, have all been reading my blog and on a few occasions making comments and letting me and you know what they are thinking about my writing.  Well, one of the post they read was Biscuits-N-Gravy and Love and apparently it stuck in their (my daughters) heads. 

Yesterday, as part of my day, my wife and girls went out for a bit to do some grocery shopping and to give Dad Peace in the house while he was watching his World Cup on the Big TV.  I tend to let them all watch on the Big TV because I know they are all not "into" what Dad is "into".  So I figured this was their way of letting me get a chance to watch "My stuff" on the Big Screen.

Boy, was I WRONG!

Sometimes my wife or myself will throw hints at them about what the other might appreciate.  Not this time, my daughters came up with this idea on their own. 
From time to time as you read what I write you will see Sports Analogies.  So...............
What my daughters did was pitch THE PERFECT GAME!!!!!!!!!

Perfect Game = No hits, No Walks, No Errors

THE PERFECT GAME = 81 pitches -  3 up 3 down 3 pitches ONLY for each batter faced for 9 innings = 81 pitches. Recording 27 strike outs or Ks in the Baseball world.  (If this were Football season I would come up with a Football analogy)

So again, my daughters pitched THE PERFECT GAME ending to a Fantastic Father's Day. 

Now by this time you are probably wondering what or how they could have done that.  Am I right?
Well, if I have done my job writing this, of course you are.

THE PERFECT GAME an Awesome Wrap Up

What Dad did not know was that his girls had talked his wife into going to the store to buy very specific ingredients. 
Because we are not the richest people in the world financially, and they know it, they were wondering what they could get or do for Dad that would be something SPECIAL.  One of them, I don't know which and will never ask, came up with the idea to fix Dad Biscuits-N-Gravy like his Grandma did. 

* Strike outs 1-9 *

They made a minor switch as they fixed this for dinner not breakfast.  Fine by me as Biscuits-N-Gravy are good at anytime of day. 

When it was about dinner time, I (still being clueless as to what was planned) was told I could not go into the kitchen and if I needed something I was to call out for it and someone would get it for me.  So their kitchen adventure began (maybe someday I can get one or both of them to write about that experience for all of us here).  One fixing one part and the other of course fixing the other part with a few comments and muttering about not having enough room to move around in a kitchen (problem with more than one cook in the kitchen).

The fixing, prepping, and cooking all done, I was called into the kitchen to get my Dinner/Father's Day Coup-de-grace. 

I had hints by the smells that were wafting around the house what was coming but sometimes you just can't be sure until you see in order to believe.  As I walked into the kitchen I see a Plate full of Biscuits-N-Gravy being held by two young women (faces beaming) and "Happy Father's Day" written on their faces (and the kitchen, lol).

*Strike outs 10-18*

Eating it was a Dream!  This was the First time they have ever fixed it and it was Perfect!  The flavor was a touch different than Grandma's, but how often can those of us that cook make something taste just like what we tasted even when we use the recipe (it isn't happening, close but not; know what I mean?).  For a Finish to a Great Father's Day,  This was Truly Grade A!

*Strike outs 19-26*    (I know, I left one out!)

The Best part of the whole thing...............  They got just the Perfect touch of the most special Ingredient.......LOVE. 

*Strike out 27*         THE PERFECT GAME!!!!!

Addendum:  A request was made on Biscuits-N-Gravy and in one of the Google forums from a friend Across the Pond for the Recipe.  So, Evertsen, here it is but please don't for get the most important ingredient........ Love when you fix it.



1/2 lb. bulk breakfast pork sausage, crumbled in medium and small sized bits

2 tbsp. chopped onion    *note* *the girls and Grandma didn't use*

3 tbsp. flour

2 c. hot milk

salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 500°F.

Cook sausage and onion in skillet until sausage is done and onion is clear. Remove sausage and onion. Drain

off all grease except for 2 tablespoons (or to personal taste). Stir in the flour and cook, stirring constantly,

until medium brown in color. Add hot milk, stirring constantly, and cook until thick. Stir in sausage and

onion. Taste gravy and season with salt and pepper (tasting until you get it to your liking).


*girls used the Bisquick ready mix*
(if you do not have that available in your area follow this recipe)

1 c. plus 2 tbsp. flour

1/2 tsp. salt

2 tbsp. Crisco shortening

1/2 c. buttermilk

1 tsp. baking powder

1/4 tsp. baking soda

1 tbsp. shortening (for skillet)

Mix dry ingredients. Using a fork or pastry blender, blend in 2 tablespoons shortening until mixture is grainy.

Using a fork, stir in buttermilk just until the dough is sticky. 

Do not over mix.

Place dough on a floured board (surface) and knead a few times. Pat or roll out the dough to about

1/2-inch thick. Cut with a floured biscuit cutter or glass dipped in flour.

Using a cast-iron skillet (if you have one), melt 1 tablespoon butter in skillet.

Take each piece of biscuit dough and place in skillet and turn over so both sides are

coated with the melted shortening.

Bake in 500°F oven for about 10 minutes (until nicely


Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Father's Day (FANTASTIC!!) and Some WOWs to boot

To all of you wondering if I was going to get to a Father's Day post, I am and boy I hope you get as much fun reading and looking as I will writing, remembering and experiencing again.  I will also give you a few places to visit on the web if you are interested.

My Father's Day began a couple of hours after posting "Retrospective Reflections",  I was sitting here playing my Pokerstars and getting clobbered with suck out plays (if you play poker online or watch it you will hear and understand that term), when my wife and kids got back from their day out "shopping".  I had told them earlier that I did not want or need anything but just to be with them. 

Well, kids being kids and my wife indulging them, they decided I did not know what I was talking about and bought me a few things that just blew my mind.  These things were not the most expensive, nor were they the shiniest, nor the biggest things they could get.  They did, somehow, someway, find what apparently was and is the Best things for me for this Father's Day. 

Thanks to the Infinite Wisdom of a Child (all be it my girls are bigger than that they are my Children), I received very inspirational gifts that have made a turn in my writing and explorative thoughts.  As individual gifts they were good, together the ARE GREAT! 

I received 3 albums and some flip flops (said that way I know, doesn't sound to inspirational).
The flip flops were from my Mother-in-Law (a woman who is definitely another Mother), and those allow my feet to feel free and clear of constraint (a lowly beginning to inspiration but everything is important when it comes to inspiration).

Now, the magic starts!

All of these albums alone are good.
The first album is The Very Best of Enya with some very good music.
The second album is Eagles - One Of These Nights, just the title song brings visions of my wife to my mind.
The third album and definitely not the least is Pink Floyd - The Division Bell, not the most popular album but some of the music is just..........

Now, looking at those three albums individually again they are good and from different Genres but the similarities when combined and interlaced with each other make a Monster Mix! 

Within 30 minutes I had all 3 albums burned into my Windows Media Player and started playing around.  The WOWs and Inspirations from these gifts just got started!

I decided to look into the Visualization button on the media player and there really wasn't much there that impressed me against the Visions I was seeing in my mind with the MUSIC.  So, I saw the tab at the bottom of the Visualization extended tab for more visualizations and decided to explore.  I found to free downloads that give you demos and they are fantastic for demos. 

The first I downloaded and only required to input email and very basic info was G-Force, this demo was only 3.4 MB so not to large for a demo. G-Force is located about a third of the way down on the page this link goes too:  Windows Media Player Visualizations 

Now, imagine the Music from the albums above and put these constantly moving images with it all:

All of the images you have seen so far came from snip-it screen shots from G-Force on Windows Media Player.

The next one I downloaded was called Morphyre (my pronunciation is: More Fire) and it had some equally amazing Visuals for the MUSIC as well needing 8.84 MB (the next set of Pics came from snip-its of Morphyre):

Personally both of them are just fantastic Visualization programs for Windows Media Player and they have the formats for other media players as well.  I have no favorite here and you can buy the full versions direct from both creating companies but I honestly feel the demos are great and you only have to put up with a few and I mean a few advertisements.  Nothing at all to take away from your viewing and listing pleasure.  Morphyre is located at the very top of the Windows Media Player Visualizations. 

Now, Looking at all those pictures and just taking a moment to imagine the MUSIC with those pieces of moving art moving in your eyes and mind, Can you see why I feel this has been a Fantastic Father's Day filled with Inspiration and WOWs?

I have been listening to the MUSIC and watching these with a huge Grin on my face all day (except while writing this, I only Listened). 

It has been an AWESOME FANTASTIC Father's Day! 

Thank You Girls,
Dad Wins

Topic Word "Quasar" the word of choice today.

When I set this challenge I had no idea what I was about to run into by the choice you all made.  Talk about a Challenge (and I think by the time I am done with this you will agree it deserves a "C").

So if you will all bare with me,  I will do my best.  I will not get all "Scientific" on you and babble on with all the Science mumbo jumbo and what nots but will do a base description and go from there. 

I took a few semesters of Astronomy at college and when we got to Quasars we kept it pretty simple as there is still much being learned about them.  The first notable discoveries of them came about in the 1950s and 60s and confused and astounded Astronomers of the time, and still do to this day for the enormity of Power/Energy.

Quasar - as stated in one of the comments - A Quasi-Stellar radio source. 

Quasars are Large objects in space but so distant that there are very, very few that can be picked up by the human eye.  They are so distant that their light sources travel millions of light years and the farthest detected Quasar's emissions have traveled approximately 10 Billion light years.

Quasars put out serious energy.  An example that you might be able to imagine is this:  imagine yourself on a mountain top in the middle of a plain, the Sun is 5 miles above your head and someone is standing 15 miles away with a candle that provides the energy of a Quasar,  You would not, I repeat Not, be able to see the Sun because of the energy output from that Candle/Quasar. 

picture from Physics UNC

*note the caption*
That is how I came up with the analogy I did for the energy output of that candle compared to the Sun.
Another way to describe how powerful, energetic a Quasar is:  Luminosity from 1 (one) Quasar is the equivalent of roughly 1000 (yes One Thousand) Galaxies.

To date there is still little known about Quasars but they are constantly being found in deep space. 

Scientist still theorize and wonder at what power source could be used to fuel such a mechanism.  One such is described in the picture above with galaxies colliding, another is a super massive Black hole, and there are other theories all ranging from completely plausible to (yep, you guessed it) Sci-Fi dreaming.

Now, I am not beating up on Sci-Fi, I Love Sci-Fi, look at Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry.  Communicators that were hand sized, could communicate with no lines over vast distances.  Sound like something familiar, like maybe Cell Phones?  That list could go on and on.  The History Channel even had a 2 hour show about things in the here and now based on things from Star Trek.  So even the Sci-Fi dreaming holds real relevance in the debate on what powers Quasars.

So now you have as much understanding of Quasars as I do and I studied some Astronomy and Love Astronomy.

An Exercise before "Quasar" the Winner

Ok, so you can understand how "Quasar" became a word to type with Read the "Topic Word" label items.

One of the comments/votes also posed another challenge and I figured I could give that one a GO before getting into the real challenge of writing on Quasar.

Starts With One  is a follower and a friend in the google forums "Coffee Shop" and voted for "Quasar" but threw down another gauntlet by commenting about seeing all 6 words in a viable sentence or paragraph.  Well, Starts , here I go with this one and hope you Like: 

(Disclaimer for my Friends Across the Pond -- This is no Insult to your Monarch)

     I was having a quaint visit with friends in merry ole England and visiting sites and places unseen for years when one afternoon I (lowly, little ole me) received a Royal Invitation from the Queen to attend her at lunch to have a conversation over matters unknown to me.  Well, the appointed hour arrived for my visit with the Queen, I walked before Her with much trepidation not knowing what to expect nor how to act properly in the company of Royalty.  The Queen immediately put me at ease by asking me to sit and join her in a cup of tea  (the Smart Ass I am at times thought "but we can't both fit in a cup of tea", the wise man clamped my lips).  Once seated and enjoying a mellow Orange Peel tea (I imagine She likes a bit of flavor), a queer moment presented itself as the Queen reached down and brought forth a pad of paper and a quill and bottle of ink.  Not sure I was seeing right I asked her if that was a quill and was informed that it was indeed a quill.  It was the "Quill of Quality" passed down to the Ruling Monarch no matter the line of succession so that all Monarchs of the Empire would write Just Laws and also a reminder of times when things were not quite so "simple".  As We (I use the Empirical We as I was in company with Royalty) talked about many things the Queen made queer little marks and notes with the "Quill of Quality" and the conversation stayed quaint until the subject turned to Quasars in space and what my opinion was, for which I had no true answer.  A little later I thanked the Queen for a Quality visit that not many Americans would ever be able to enjoy and I left Her Royal Person and returned to my friends to regale a quaint visit with their Queen.

Starts, Thanks again for a unique challenge and I hope that fits the bill?  I know it was a LONG paragraph but we writers can take a few liberties from time to time.

Now the Topic Word "Quasar" will be a bit later as I need to consult my astronomy books to make sure I get a few things right.  I wouldn't want to pull your legs now would I?

I took part in that! week 4 will be monthly after today

Folks, Visitors, Friends, and all that have stopped by this month and paid a visit to this lowly blog have made it worth my while to get on here and type each day and put a tad bit of my life and feelings out in the open for the world to see.  Thank you and keep coming by for a visit and pass it (the web address) on to family and friends.

A few Stats for the month:

585 visits (as of this morning ) for the month and we are 4 days short of an actual month. 
                I actually got this blog up and running on the 24th of May.

1622 pages have been read or perused

4 minutes and 42 seconds average time on site

138 cities from

22 countries by

222 actual Visitors

For the First Month that is Freaking Fantastic!!!!!!

Now look at the Map and see how it is:

Thank you ALL for the Visits!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Retrospective Reflection

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I normally try to spend a little time looking back retrospectively trying to figure out where I could be a better Father.

It just so happens that this year I have this here blog thingy I have been working on and what better way to positively get my thoughts out there and maybe make other Fathers think about what kind of Dads we all are!

Last Year at this time I had just recently been diagnosed with my Emphysema and Honestly it put me in a funk for a good part of this last year.  Looking back I would have to say that definitely the first half I "STUNK" as a Dad/Father. 

I was so self absorbed and depressed it was not funny.  I barked when there was no need to bark!  I bit when there was no need to bite.  I separated myself from my family by staying on "My" side of the house.  They could do nothing right and I could do nothing right for them. 

They never came out and told me they just let it happen and were there for me even then. 

As we started the new year and the second half of school, I started coming back.  I started taking active participation with my family and trying to enjoy what I could do with them and for them.  I spend a little time at anytime just to go out of my way to bug and tease, poke and prod, tickle and laugh with my family.  Something I should have done all year!

If you ask them they will tell you I have been a Great Dad, as a Father that has strived to be better than my Father (and he was a good Dad), I know better. 

So this Father's Day I ask that you Fathers that read this look back and see where you could do better. 

For those of you not Fathers reading this Please remember we are Human no matter how Super Human we Dads can sometimes appear with the things we do.  We do have our moments but we are still Human and suceptible to minor meltdowns. 

To my Daughters and Wife, who will definitely read this sometime Today or Tomorrow, I Vow to be a Better Father this year!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Enjoy a View of Orion

Figured I would post another NASA space picture as "Eye Candy" and for you all to think about.

But before we get to the "Eye Candy" and what I wrote today Please do not forget to vote on "Topic Word" - there is still time until Noon on the 20th to vote for one of the 6 letter "Q" words. 

This one is a picture taken by the Hubble Telescope of the Orion Nebula.

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere and wonder where Orion is:   Roughly it appears in the Eastern Sky in Spring and moves across From East to West until late Fall.  Simple Description is that it looks like an Hourglass tilted over on like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

The picture is of the Nebula which is located at the belt of Orion which is a set of Three stars (visible to the naked eye) across the middle of the "Hour Glass". 

I find it amazing all of the various colors and designs that can be found in space and can understand where and how pictures like this inspire imagination and perspectives.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Biscuits-N-Gravy and LOVE

This Post today came about by a discussion in one of the thread chats in a google forum for bloggers to chill and relax and bandy about ideas.  The topic was about the great anti-depressant Chocolate and a Friend of mine, Caffine-A-Holic, made a comment about one of his favorite foods being Biscuits and Gravy. 

My Grandma Wins, God Bless her Soul, had a monstrous brood of 13 grandchildren and was always fixing things for all of us kids.  It didn't matter if it were just a few of us or all of us all together she was fixing everyone their favorite meal of hers every couple of days. 

I was LUCKY, my favorite was a meal I got to have every single morning.

Biscuits and Gravy!        

Now, everyone in my family can tell you I was never the big and brawny type, not small, but always skinny.  Everyone always telling me I needed to put on weight.  My Aunts Mary and Peggy will attest to that and they both still do to this day, tell me I need to put on weight. 

Grandma's Biscuits and Gravy varied from time to time.  Sometimes she would make the Biscuits from scratch and sometimes she would use the cheap ShurFine brand, both were good.  The Gravy was were it just seemed "GOLD".  She would fry up sausage or bacon or both and after all was cooked she used the same pan for the Gravy.  I can not remember everything she put in there but Man oh Man was it some fantastic stuff.  I never could get enough of it!

Sometimes we would all get together and stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house and those were some real stories (for another day); however, it was on one of these get togethers that everyone saw my Love for Grandma's Biscuits and Gravy! 

You have to envision in your mind 10 adults and 13 kids all in a three bedroom house and all trying to get a place at the big table on the first go or wait until a space freed up.  Well, Knowing that the good Gravy normally came towards the end three of us waited until everyone else got their breakfast and then we (Jeff, Brandy, and myself) all sat to the table to get our fill of Grandma's Biscuits and Gravy! 

I don't remember when or how it happened, but it did.  Sometime while the three of us sat at the table it became a competition of who could eat more of Grandma's Biscuits and Gravy!  It started out slow enough and there was quite a bit of Biscuits and a HUGE bowl of Gravy on the table.  We all were well into our third plate of Biscuits and Gravy and Grandma had to start making more because she was not sure when it would end.  Jeff, who was the mid sized guy between my skinny backside and Brandy's health defensive tackle build, bowed out first after 4 plates.  So you know and understand these were not small plates of food, we all HEAPED the stuff on our plates.  So 4 plates was no small task!

Brandy and I continued at it for what seemed forever and everyone wondered where I was putting it all.  There was even a question or two, if I remember correctly, if I was hiding it under the table.  Eventually, we called it a Draw but considering size and desire I think that is the day everyone in the family Knew that Danny was the Biscuits and Gravy Guy.

Grandma knew who was her Biscuits and Gravy guy.  She never failed to have plenty of fixings available to get that "magical meal" to the table.  She Loved cooking and she LOVED cooking for people who LOVED her COOKING. 

Grandma always fixed everyone their special meal when she could or if she, in here Grandma ways, knew you needed it.

Grandma is gone now and has been for awhile but I have no doubt in my mind or heart that all of us remember Grandma and her LOVING cooking just for Us.  Those are the Memories of her I will always hold near and dear because she was in her pride and glory when cooking for her rowdy brood of grand kids.

Was there a secret ingredient in Grandma's Biscuits and Gravy for me?  Probably not.  I DO Know there was a TON of LOVE!

Caff.  Thanks for reminding me of Something Special.

Oh, and if my cousins provide input/reactions, Do Not believe them!  This is my Memory.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I know, today's post is a tad late in the day!

No excuses available so I wont use any.  Just suffice it to say here it is.

I think,

I write,

I tend to delay,

Eventually I do,
          what needs to be done!

You go,

You think,

You read,

You run,
          Then your done!

and Tomorrow

Tomorrow We all do it again.

by me today.

A little different.  Would appreciate suggestions for a Title.
Oh, don't forget to vote on "Topic Word" - the Letter is Q and the words are in the previous post.

Poll for "Topic Word" - First Letter Winner is "Q"

Well, for some reason the Poll gadget is not working properly today and will not let me post a new poll.

So, I shall post it in this manner to allow everyone to comment on the word they would like to see as the "Topic Word". 

It was a very tight race but Q pulled out a victory at the end and so the 6 words to pick from are:

1.  Queen

2.  Quality

3.  Queer

4.  Quaint

5.  Quill

6.  Quasar

As you can see, I have hopefully made up a diverse list out of the 6 words.  All you need to do is post in the comments and you can tell me the word or the number and when the Poll gadget starts working again I will post it in a Poll and place your answers there.  Remember 4 days and Poll Closes at 12:00 PM (Noon for those of you who get confused over am and pm when it pertains to 12:00 o'clock).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something to make you "See and Think"!

I am a self proclaimed Space Nut! I say it now so all of you know and understand that from time to time you will see things like this posted on the site because I find it "interesting" or just plain awesome.

I was looking around in my picture albums to see if there would be anything interesting to attach to any of my previous post that would make them more "Eye Catching".  Well, I ran into this one and figured this would be a good picture to get people to comment about because of what it looks like. 

I got this picture from one of  the NASA public galleries because it is just a fantastic picture.  Now look at it and enjoy and then tell me what you think it looks like.  I know what I think it looks like but I will not spoil it for you. 

*clue -- if you have not seen anything Look closely at the pink circles inside.

Hope to hear from you and see what we can talk about with this one.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A New semi- Interactive Idea or Chosen Letters and Chosen Words

I am trying something new to see what it is like for me and those of you that are following me regularly.  I came across the idea when I read an article on Yahoo news about how one of the most Prestigious Universities at Oxford was doing away with a long time entrance admissions test.

The Idea is elegant in its simplicity.  People that had been seeking admissions basically had to do one thing and one thing only discuss/write about One (1) word only.  They had no notice of exactly what that One word was until they got into the room and turned over the paper that was on the desk.  The stopwatch starts there. 

So, I took it and modified it for myself and you the readers and will try to do this twice a month.  It will be done with two Polls that will run 4 days each.  The first of these Polls will be just like the one you see to your right consisting of 6 random letters chosen by my daughters and the winning letter will decide where I am to look for 6 random words in the Dictionary.  Then those 6 words will be posted in a Poll within 24 hours of the finish of the last Poll and will have 4 days to garner votes on which word is to be Used for the next blog topic.

I hope this is something that can make the site semi-interactive in allowing you the reader(s) help decide a topic.  As always, suggestions in your comments are always welcome and will do my best to see if I can write upon what topic(s) you are interested in. 

So take an active roll here and vote, just to the right at the top of the column, and let us all see what we come up with.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Anything at Anytimes 1st Award

Thanks to Jen at Life with the Lebedas for this Award! 

I said I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this but since it is The 1st Award,  I have to post it.

Blog Philosophy: Good Reading, that Encourages Thought!

The Rules:

•Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.

•Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words.

•Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.
My philosophy is above the Award
This list is in no particular order:
I reserve the Last one for a Future Find who or what it will be...... I Don't Know.

Infinate Wisdom or TOTAL STUPIDITY?

Today I am going to tell you a short but true story.  A few of you that know me may have heard me tell this tale, however; bare with me as others have not and may enjoy this little ditty.  Again, this is a true story and my neighbors can verify if you need proof, but hopefully you will take me at my word.

Now this happened about mid-summer almost 2 years ago.

I hadn't been able to sleep for a few nights, you know that damn insomnia bug that bites us all once in awhile.  Well I am thinking to myself "1:00 am and wife and kids have been asleep for a few hours now and not much on the tube (TV for those of you to young to know they used to be called tubes as well)",  so I decided to go lay down in the bed and just fall asleep watching whatever caught my fancy for a bit. 

     Just a bit of background here first: we have this fantastic mutt named Snuggles (don't blame me talk to the girls!) that has to be one of the best dogs I have ever had and I would trust to jump between a raging lion and my girls any day.  Her biggest drawback - she SNORES like a Freight Train rolling right behind the house at 90 mph. 

Back to the story.

I am just starting to drift off to sleep and Damn if snoring doesn't start!  I am one of those that once I am asleep I am out like a light but if something like snoring starts before I get to sleep I can't sleep. Well, I raise my voice a bit and say "Snuggles, move and stop snoring!" and the snoring stops for just a bit and I am right there on drifting off to La La land again and it starts again. 

"God _-_- !!!!! Snuggles stop SNORING!!!!!!!"  and it stops again and once again just as I am on the verge of sleep it starts again!  Now I am just Pissed, haven't been able to sleep for a few nights and just as I am finally going to get there the MUTT/FUR BALL won't let me.  So out of bed I go putting on my shorts and get up looking for her.

She isn't in the room and my wife was sleeping with the youngest because she wasn't feeling good and I know I wasn't snoring, so I go looking for her, Snuggles, thinking she was just outside of the bedroom.  Nope, not there either.  Now I am really beginning to wonder where she is and how the girls could sleep through her snoring so loud that I could hear her on the other side of the house. 

Finally, I find her sleeping in the hallway between the girls rooms and not a peep coming out of her. 
I am confused to say the least.  Well, my coming near her woke her up and she followed me back to the bedroom and as I pass the computer desk in the room I hear the Snoring again.  I turn and Snuggles is right there behind me just looking at me.  Not Her. 

But man, I hear that Snoring.  Now our Master Bedroom has one wall adjacent to the carport with two windows, one right behind the computer desk the other behind the bed.  I move down the wall towards the bed and I can hear the snoring again.  Now I know it isn't Snuggles it is outside!! 

I go wake up my wife and tell her I need her assistance for a minute so that I don't frighten the youngest if she heard Dad wake Mom.  I tell my Wife what is going on and she comes into the room with me to see if she can hear it also and she does and we definitely know it is coming from outside now. 

So, I slip on my flip-flops and go into my oldest bedroom and grab her baton and head for the front door.  I tell my Wife that if she hears anything that doesn't sound good to call the cops and prepare to go out to the carport and see what is out there expecting Snuggles to be right there with me. 

Well, it is dark out, no moon to speak of and under the carport with a car in it, DARK is an understatement.  My eyes are pretty good and adjust quickly enough for me to make out a dark figure next to the car on the ground.  Now Remember, I've got that baton in my hand and ready to strike on an instant and I think Snuggles is there as a back up.  The Snoring starts again.  I look back for her and see her at the door looking at me. 

     Again I Trust my dog to protect my children when I am not around. Trust her to cover my back when a drunk is snoring his ass off in the carport in the middle of the night, Not a freaking chance (she stayed in the house- with that look on her face that said it all “Your on Your OWN!!!! You NUT!!!”.)

This is all just part of this story.  Out on my own with a baton in my hand, wearing nothing but flip-flops and shorts I YELL at the top of my Lungs "What the F*** are you doing in my Yard SNORING YOU A**!!!!" I have never seen a sleeping drunk move so fast.  Lights on both of my neighbors houses and one across the street went on in a flash and before anyone could look out their windows he was over the fence and hauling ass down the street!

Now, here is were it gets a tad more interesting.  I (in my infinite wisdom (total stupidity)) go chasing this bum down to the corner of the block and back into a huge drainage ditch back between two different streets.  I start walking back because I realized my wisdom was not wisdom. 

Remember now, I am in flip-flops, shorts, no shirt and carrying a baton in my hands.  I am walking back down the street and just as I am rounding the corner to go back to the house (three more houses down) and there is a Cop (Bobby for my English readers) right there and turns her spotlight on me.  Just imagine that sight first (I do and chuckle at my own image). 

Well, she gets out and walks over to me and ask if she can help and then I explain what happened and she simple smiled then asked what he looked like.  (I figure she realized a drunk could not come up with something THAT ridiculous that quickly so it had to be true.)

I could leave it at that and everyone gets a grand good ole laugh at Dan on that one............ But the ending is........

Come to find out later they caught the guy somewhere down in that drainage ditch and arrested him, not for trespassing but because he had been drunk and driving and totalled his car and another car that had been parked on the side of the road and had made it three blocks from the accident to crash in my carport.  Luckily No One was Injured.

I took part in that! 3rd Week

Well, We are slowly moving along here with Anything at Anytime.  One step at a time and constantly moving forward.

This week I kept my visits to the site down to 10 visits and we are seeing a bit more traffic form all around. 
I Believe that next week will be the last Weekly post of I took part in that and from next week forward We will be doing "I took part in that!" on a monthly basis.

So here it is:

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