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Monday, January 31, 2011

MUSIC Mondaze

I am back my Peeps.

Anything at Anytime is going to resume where it left off and since it is a Monday of course MUSIC Mondaze is the call of the day.

Because I know some of you might ask what happened.  Well........, I was adjusting to my new meds and got a cold in the process.  Had it been 2 or even 3 years ago it would not have been bad but with the Emphysema a cold is no joke and I was pretty much out of doing anything but meds, sleeping and trying to breath.

I am back now and all is well except a bit of a runny nose.
Oh, by the way if you see an Nose running by grab it........ it is probably mine.

Anyway back to today's post.

MUSIC Mondaze  
brings you

Manic Monday
by the

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Hope you all have a Great Week!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Meds - WOoozzzzzzZZZZZZZ

Anything at Anytime has missed a couple of days due to adjusting to new meds.

Sorry to the regular followers as I have been pretty much out of it and trying to get my brain around these things as well.

Monday I FINALLY Got done with a nightmare trying to get my meds.  Believe it or not it was not the insurance company but the ineptitude of the Dr.'s Assistant to do her job.  I am not a cruel man but if she worked for me and I found out how she had done something idiotic or constantly forgetting the "SAME" person everyday, she would be Gone.

It took me telling her that she had 2 hours to get it fixed and if it wasn't fixed I would be up at her office in 2hrs and 20 mins and she would not like the results.


Started them Monday evening:

1. Man, do they make me tired - I mean I can sleep all day! and Yawning -- NONSTOP!
2. They Muddle my mind.  Just enough that writing takes and extreme effort.  Normally I come sit at the computer, Log in and go with a general topic and take it from there letting my fingers and mind find an even medium.  Now with the meds. I will have to go back to the old Notebook and start writing it all out the night before then copy it to here.

So, Again, Please bare with me as I adjust to these new meds.

Hope you all are having a Great Week
Preparing for a Greater Weekend.


Monday, January 17, 2011

MUSIC Mondaze

Anything at Anytime's MUSIC Mondaze brings you What I feel are some Great Classics today.

Four Songs by Simon & Garfunkel and one is a Special treat -- someone took the time to record straight from a 45 and video it and put it up for view.  Great Sound from that one and brings back memories of actually using and playing some old 45s of my own.
(if you have no clue skip to "The Boxer" in the Play list - 45 refers to the number of revolutions per minute in order to get the sound right, any slower and it sounds like S-o -m--e ---o----n-----e talking really slow, faster and it sounds as if you are listening to "Alvin and the Chipmunks".  

MUSIC Mondaze 
brings you

Simon & Garfunkel


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Hope your Week is Great!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Simple and Easy today

Well, Anything at Anytime has received another award and needs to pass out some Blog Lovin.

Oh, and before I forget:  I posted a new Video on Youtube yesterday and put it on the Video page here last night - Fantasy Planets - check it out if you have time - it is 3 mins and 07 secs.

Anything at Anytime was Awarded by Mynx over at Dribble..... (oh, and Congrats to her as she reached 100+ Followers the other day - maybe someday I will get there.... LOL)

Now this one is really flexible I am to shout out to the giver:  HEY MYNX, THANKS and DRIBBLE..... is AWESOME!!


I am to divulge something about me for each time I pass it out.
The cool thing about this one - at least to me is that by doing it that way it allows you the freedom to pass it out over time, one or two at at time.

So, today I am going to give this out to just one and others at a later time.

My Divulgence for today:
     Hmmmmm, I have told you all a bunch in the past so I want to give you something NEW - tough!
     Oh, I know!

     Game Bullies:  Those people that Love to pick on others and insult them in the Game chats while Picking on them in the games, I LOVE belittling them and taking them down and watching them loose their cool and using all of those (&((&^(%%$$ words in the chat thinking they are going to get me.  I Bait them and Bait them and Belittle them Nonstop (without their words) and get everyone else laughing at 'em and before you know it they make a stupid move and *Puff* they are Gone.  Cursing all the way out the Door.  I JUST LOVE Beating them at the game they started.

So, the Stylish Blogger Award goes to:

Jenn over at Life With the Lebedas.  It is a Mommy Blog but has constant Giveaways going on at ALL Times!  Has guest bloggers on a fairly regular basis, keeps people entertained ALWAYS and was one of the first ones that helped me figure some of the things out for this Blog.

Stop in and check her site out.  It's worth a bit of your time.


I still have to give out the "Life is Good", but I will save that to go with tomorrow's "MUSIC Mondaze".

Oh, I will ask you all to do me a Favor:  Put the Word out about "MUSIC Mondaze", tweet it FB it whatever it but let others know.  I have been wanting something "Regular" on the site and I think "MUSIC Mondaze" is it, I just need help getting word out about it.  Also, Any suggestions you all have for Music you would like to see or hear on "MUSIC Mondaze", Please let me know?

Hope Your Week is Good


Saturday, January 15, 2011

I is a Holy Man or is it "Holey" Man?

Well, Anything at Anytime is going for a Change of Tone.

So, in order to do that I must find something fun or funny to write about.

What better way to do that than to find something about myself to make myself chuckle and maybe all of you laugh? - even if just a little.

If you couldn't tell - Yesterday was a Rough day - I'm not going to get into the whole thing but I had to break my Driver's side window in the car yesterday and that just started the Lovely thing.

Anyway, We found a replacement for it yesterday and I delivered the car there this morning so they could work on it.  Hopefully will have the car back with the window fixed this morning.

God, was it cold driving over there with the window down, oooppppsss, with the Window GONE.
It was so cold I could have sworn I felt a draft but then again at 45mph and cold out who wouldn't feel one, Right?

I got the car dropped off and my Father-in-Law gave me a ride home.  I then waited for about an hour and J and I started getting the laundry washed and on the line.

The Cold Drive to drop off the car must have really gotten to me because I still felt that damn Draft and had chills going up my spine and freezing my butt.

A little bit later - still dressed as I was when I went and dropped off the car to the repair shop, one of the girls  asked me if I was a Holy Man today?
My response: "After yesterday, I don't think HE will think of me that way for a very, Very Long time."

Just as I said it I heard the phone click *cushhhsoit* (or whatever the sound is when a picture is taken).  I started to turn around and heard it again *cushhhsoit*.

"What are you doing?"

Response: "You'll see."

A little later - just a little while ago (just before starting this post) I was wondering what I would Post today after Yesterday.  I was thinking about passing out some Blog Lovin Awards, BBBBUUUUUTTTTT I checked my email first.

This is what I found:

The first *cushhhsoit*

The second *cushhhsoit* as I was turning

Can you believe that is what I was wearing when I Dropped off the Car this morning.  No wonder my Butt was Freezing -  I can only wonder what the guys at the repair shop thought?!?!?!?!?!?!  LOL

Stop in tomorrow for a bit of Blog Lovin Awards will be passing out two of them to a few folks out there in Bloggy World.


Friday, January 14, 2011

God give me Patience - I'm about to Pop You in the Nose!

Anything at Anytime wades in another one of "THEM" Days.

Man, am I tired of those.  Tired of Writing about "Them" as well!

I need to write something Worthy of Your time rather than (what seems as of late) Constantly gripping about my Crappy Luck.

It is hard sometimes but even when the Luck is Bad I try and look at it like: "If I don't get it Someone is going to and I know I can "Handle" it - to a degree."  It still wears on you - like a bearing without grease, eventually its going to lock up and "Freeze".

Enough of that -- I go there I am going to ------------------ (Use one of Bruce's wonderful words there.)

(Oh, you don't know Bruce -- his site is "Stupid Stuff I see and hear" ***WARNING*** Very Verbal Creative with Certain Words - if you take exception to profanity stay away.  If you have No issues with profanity - It is an AWESOME site of just plain Stupid CRAP that is going on.  So when I mention "Use a Bruce Word" or some such mention, you will get the idea.)

Between Car Windows, Dr.'s Assistants, lack of (insert a Bruce Word) money, and My (another Bruce Word) Luck; I feel like a ..... well, I just want to take it out on Something, Someone!

Hell, if "THE BIG GUY" were down here in front of me right now -- I would take a Monster Poke at his Nose (if THE BIG GUY has one), I would Lash out with all I have.  Not that it would get me anywhere but getting it out of my system and letting HIM know my Patience has Snapped!

Yesterday, my friend Mynx from the Great Land DownUnda - seems she had one of them days as well.
Woman, You are not alone.
She had an UGLY day at work and..... Well, go read it - it is called "Panda Eyes".

We all have 'em.  Those days where Nothing goes right and Everything goes Wrong.

I am FED UP with 'em.
Take this Crap and FEED it to some bottom feeding (Use a Bruce descriptive here) thief that steals from the poor, he deserves it!

It is one thing to "Turn the Other Cheek" - I do that often enough.  It is a totally different thing to let yourself or your Loved Ones be "ABUSED" - I don't care who you are: THE BIG GUY on Down - I will stand toe to toe and Tell you so and try to shove it right back up your (USE Several Bruce Words here).

I Want to get back to writing something GOOD or at least descent.
I don't want to be locked into a Blue Mood Crappy Post because Depression is trying to get a foothold.
I Want my Wife to be able to Breath and Relax!

I don't want to say this but in all fairness to this Post I must:
I am Glad my daughters are seeing this.  (I know sort of strange.)
Here is why:
With my daughters seeing this all happen, they get to see What Mom and Dad do Right during times like this, and they see the Wrong.  Where that is a benefit, is that if they EVER find themselves in a similar situation they will have an idea of "How to" and "Not How to" handle it.  (My opinion - A Good thing to see and learn).

Well, I am going to finish here as I need to cool down just a bit before I call the Dr.'s office and see if the Assistant got off her Butt and has done her Job.  Been two hours and she still hasn't called to say she got it FIXED and I am on NUKE Mode.

So, Before I make a Totally idiot out of myself I need to get a cup of coffee and CHILLAX before making that call.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Have You ever Noticed.....

Hey All,

Anything at Anytime is slowly approaching 100 Followers.  1 - 50 was quick but 50 - 89 has been..... well, Christmas got here First.  LOL

I still have that Freaking Headache but Life must go on.

First things first.  Becca over at "My Life" has Awarded Anything at Anytime with the Life is Good Award.

Tomorrow I will Follow the requirements and get it up and pass it to a few deserving Blogs.

No, I am not going to give any hints to who is getting it.

Have You ever Noticed.....

Have You ever Noticed..... - that a full take of gas last DAYS LONGER than 2  Half tanks?
     (in City Driving.  Distance Driving - well if you are traveling any long Distance, your not getting to far on a half a tank and you might not find a gas station by the time it runs down.)

          - We all bust our butts to learn everything to drive and almost as soon as we get our licence everyone FORGETS - Turn signals, Courtesy and SAFETY?
     (We all do it at one point or the other sometime in our life - but should we use that as an excuse?)

          - As SOON as you buy a brand New Computer or Phone - it is already OUT DATED?
     (It is as if something is watching over your shoulder and won't let you have the TOP of the Line for more than (what seems) 5 seconds.)

          - When you get to the Dr.s Office for an appointment On Time - you wait for 20 - 30 minutes at least to see the Dr.; however, if you are 5 - 10 minutes late they can't fit you in and you have to reschedule.
     (Not just the Dr.s but Everything you have to schedule seems that way.)

          - Foods advertising that they are a MEAL for Four and turns out to be nothing more than a SAMPLE!
     (That is just WRONG!)

          - That to watch a TV show you have to turn the Volume up High to hear it (as if your Deaf) but when the Commercials come on THEY MAKE you Deaf!
     (Supposedly there has been legislation to control that here in the U.S.A. but to date I have No Idea when it is to go into effect.)
Looks Good Doesn't it?
I haven't Tasted it but I still would
put Money on my Dad's!
He makes a Killer Pecan Pie.

          - That something sits out - a pie, cake, cookies, Soda, etc..... - and Not a person has touched it and by the time you want some - ITS ALL GONE!
     (THAT happens all the time around this house.) :) LOL

Just a few things for you to NOTICE.
As I Notice more I will bring them to your attention.

Hope you are all having a Great Day!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not "TOP" Notch today but I bring you......

Anything at Anytime is suffering from one of "THEM" days.

My Head feels like a grapefruit ready to burst at the seams and have not been able to really get anything going to put here on the Blog today.


I am not without something up my Sleeve.

I will make your visit something to ponder and contemplate.

A CLASSIC by all terms of the Word:

One of my Favorites and Someday I will have to break it out again and then Explain why.
Gets a bit interesting.


For today, just sit back, relax and Listen........ let your mind drift to the music and just BE!

"Nights in White Satin"  
The Moody Blues
(Long Version with the Poem at the end)

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Hope you have a Great Day Tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a Small World (Brisbane) and a Return to Space

Anything at Anytime, I, has/have a realization and a touch of worry with it.

With several years in the service(s) and having spent most of my Life around the various military branches, I have learned this World of Ours is SMALL.

I have run into people on many occasions, that I knew as a child or from when I served, that I thought I would Never see again.  It is just weird how that works out.

Today, as everyday, right after J woke me up, I pulled up the Yahoo News to see what immediate News happened overnight.

I do this everyday before I take J and the Girls to school and before I start my daily Post for Anything at Anytime here.

What do I see?  Flash Floods in Brisbane Australia.
Now honestly, what do I care about Flash Floods in Brisbane Australia?
It is halfway around the Globe from El Paso, TX.  Nothing that happens there is going to effect my getting food, water, electricity or any other necessity of life.
Well, if you notice, Anything at Anytime does not have a TON of Followers (I wish and hope); however, Two of those Followers Live in Brisbane Australia.

They haven't commented on the site in awhile but from time to time I catch them peeking in to see what is going on here.  Thanks Google Analytics.
I imagine, depending upon the damage and how long it last (the flooding), it will be awhile before they do much of anything down there while trying to recover.
I ask that you all just keep them in your hopes and prayers.

It just makes you think how Small the World has become with the various Military representatives traveling the globe and the Internet bringing you into my home and me into your home (so to speak).

Prior to seeing the bit in Yahoo! News, I was planning on some new Space Pictures that are currently running about on the Internet.

The Green bit is called Hanny's Voorwerp
and it produces/births stars out in the No Mans Land
between Galaxies

I remember when at sea, the night sky looking full like this.
Not with the same brightness of some of the standouts,
but full of lights very similar

Can you Imagine what it would be like to be Traveling in Space
and Seeing something like this?

Just amazing the Things that are found out in Space!
Things we Never would see if we didn't LOOK around!

Again, my Love for Space just required I had to put some new Space pictures up.

Closing today off I ask you for two things:

1.  Please keep those in Brisbane Australia in your Hopes and Prayers.
2.  Always keep an eye on the sky -- You never know what you might see - even with the naked eye.

Hope all is well and you and your Loved ones are Safe.


Monday, January 10, 2011

MUSIC Mondaze - P. B.

Last week Anything at Anytime introduced "MUSIC Mondaze".

So, some more good Music from the 80's.

I had my mind set this morning on one group; however, on my way back from dropping J and the girls off at school I heard on the radio that it was another's birthday and so;
the Second installment is in Recognition of a Great female vocalist
Celebrating her Birthday today.

So, Without further ado, or wasting your time, Happy Birthday to Pat Benatar!

4 songs for you to choose from and all with their own message.


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Hope you all have a Great Week!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is This Happening to YOU?

Anything at Anytime.


Today brings you another bit of it.

Something that Everyone that writes and Post on the Internet and WWW need to be very aware of it.

From time to time I go into my Webmaster Tools and check and look around at some of the various links that lead back to Anything at Anytime and most times I see the page and go "Cool", "Neat", "Will You Look at That" or some such thing.

As I write this - this is Not the case.

I saw this in my Webmaster Tools:

This is what the link connected to:

excuse the writing in blue as am writing with the mouse

This is What I had/HAVE a Problem with:

This Is What I Commented:

This is the Ranking of Local Spur on Alexa (El Paso Local Spur is a Sub of their Pages):


Considering the way Google and Various Advertisers are Paying for advertising and theses are just Farms to Pull OUR Traffic and get the $$$$$ for OUR Work?

Figured this was Something Everyone that Puts stuff on the Net should see and maybe look around and find out where some of Their links are coming from (and I am talking about those links that you only see 1 visit from).

I'm just glad Google has given Us the TOOLS to keep an eye out for stuff like this.

Not what I wanted to Post for Today BUT................


Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Dragon

Something simple on Anything at Anytime today.

I started Playing a cheesy free game on Facebook called "Dragons of Atlantis".

Hey, by now if you haven't figured out I LOVE Dragons, I don't know what to say.

It is a time consuming game but since I get to "Grow UP" my Own Dragon, well, I couldn't pass it up.

I figured I would post the Pictures I have taken of him so far as he Grows.

So, without further ado:  Strike Fang

I started with nothing
When I could afford it I got Strike Fang's Egg
Cute little fella after he hatched
only problem was he liked to chase the Squirrels around

With all the Feedings and care
he rapidly grew into a Teen 

Now he has Grown into a "GREAT Dragon"
He still has a bit of Growing to do
and I need to Train him to wear his Battle Armor
but that will all come with time.

I hope He enjoys all the other Dragons that will be around him here and all of those that I will continue to bring in?
He does have a little bit of Attitude and He still likes chasing after Squirrels, just more of a Problem now as He is so much bigger and his tail tends to take out parts of buildings when he is running after them.

His Pictures will soon be going up on the Dragon and Books page
Hope your Weekend is Good!


Friday, January 7, 2011

A Change of Plans

Well, It doesn't Look like you all left Anything at Anytime after yesterday's Tirade.

Thanks for the responses I got from you all.
(and that is all I am going to say about that or I will get on another Rip Roaring Tear (don't want that))

I did have Plans for Today's Post; however, they got side tracked by Mynx over at Dribble..... .

I got back from Dropping the Girls off at School and checked my email, messages and comments and was told I needed to make a mad Dash over to Dribble.... so that I could get my "Goodies" before they went bad.

Lo and Behold:
Anything at Anytime has been Honored to Receive the PAV!!!!  aka: The Irresistibly Sweet Award

An Award she Created Back in November and has been Sparsely given out.
(see her guidelines here:  Mynx's Awards)

Now having Received this award it is to be Portioned out in Moderation -- Not just Freely Thrown about like the latest Cosmopolitan or ESPN magazine you just got in the mail.

I am to find 3 Blogs that I Find "Irresistible" that I can't help myself but go Running to when I see them up.  That is already harder to do because Mynx's Dribble.... is one of those sites and I am not going to give it back to her and treat the Award like a Tennis ball in a Tennis Match...... That Just wouldn't BE RIGHT!

So those will come Later as I contemplate which Blogs shall receive this AWESOME Award!

Next:  I am to divulge 5 Guilty Pleasures ---- Hmmmmm ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(Besides Mynx thinks I am "Cheeky" - My Wife KNOWS I AM)

1.  Strawberries and Raspberries -- Love 'em, if I see them on a Dessert I have to have some. mmmmmmmm

2.  Legs in Stockings, Garter and Heels (nice heels, not the kind that make a woman look uncomfortable wearing them), They just make a Woman LOOK SEXY - and No, I am NOT being SEXIST

3.  Teasing My Wife in that way - You know - that way that says "I always WANT YOU!" (a pinch, tickle or Tease {got that from my GranPa W.}) without being obscene.

4.  Bums.  YES, BUMS  - have you ever noticed how a Nice Shaped Bum on a Woman looks like an upside down Heart?  You haven't?  Well, take a peek sometime - they really do!

BEST for LAST  -  I am one of those that If I KNOW I REALLY Enjoy something, I save it for LAST so I can Remember it Longer (sort of Savor it).

5.  I could suffer HELL a thousand times over just to See my Girls (J,D, and E) HAPPY.  When they are HAPPY, NOTHING can go wrong.  Their Happiness is MY BEST GUILTY PLEASURE!

So, My GUILTY PLEASURES  -  Open to the World.

If you stop by Mynx's Site to see what she had to say about my blog......
In my Own Defense,
I don't look that bad in a Pink Dress (LOL)
(Yes, there is a Picture on this site of me in a Pink Dress But I will not tell - You must find it on Your OWN!).

Hope you all have a Great Weekend!


Thursday, January 6, 2011


Have you ever gotten TIRED of Something?

I mean just Worn out doing something over and Over as if you are butting your head against a stone wall 20 feet thick?

I'm not talking about work and the dull routine some of us get (or in my case "got") locked into on a regular basis,  I'm referring to Life feeling like it is constantly beating down on your shoulders like a drummer keeping a steady beat in a never ending piece of music or like a Jack hammer that just won't shut off.

I am talking about that feeling where as soon as Something goes your way and there is a glimmer of hope or light just around the bend and just as you get there Something, Anything, jumps up and Bites you in the ASS!

I'm TIRED of it!!!!

I've Bitched at my Wife about My Luck.
I've Bitched at my Parents and In-Laws about My Luck.
I've even Bitched at God about My Luck!

Wife can't do anything about it she is locked into it with me.
Parents and In-Laws can only commiserate with me about it,

God, Well, Sometimes I wonder....... They say he only test you as far as you can go and then is there to help and handle it.  Why allow a broken record to keep repeating itself?  What Lesson are you trying to Teach?  If I haven't figured it out by now Damn it!  Give me a Freaking Hint already!

I've Lived with my Crappy Assed Luck my whole life but I sure as Hell Don't want it rubbing off on my Family!

If you can't tell, today is a Monster Rant, Bitch session, tantrum, whatever you want to call it.  I'm Freaking PISSED!!!!!!

No person caused this.

......... Yeah, One Person caused this........ Me!  I Did!!!!

My Luck has shown its Ugly face again and as always its not Good.
Should have known it.  Should have Expected it!
When something Good comes my way it is almost (Never Fails) Always Followed with a Slap in the ASS and No, it is not the good kind of Slap in the Ass.

Christmas was Good, Unexpectedly Good, as something came our way that made it much better than we had hoped for.  Things Looking Good and, well, not Great but GOOD enough that there was breathing room.  Deep Down I was Expecting it (My Luck).  Deep Down I was Hoping, Praying it would Pass me (Us) bye this time.


J and I went to my Dr. Yesterday.
Health wise, all is as good as can be expected.  My O2 Sat. (Oxygen Saturation {Oxygen in blood}) is/was 85%, not bad but the Number should be about 95% or above.  Expected that,  Part of my Life now.

The Office visit went Well enough and had a good conversation with the Dr.  Got my New Prescriptions and scheduled my next appointment (He, Dr., wants once a month but financially I got him to understand once Every 3 Months).

Went to go drop off the prescriptions,
That is when the Breathing Room I mentioned became a Plastic Bag over Our Heads!

300.00 Freaking F#$%ing Dollars.
New Year, New Insurance, New Damn Freaking Deductible!!!!!!!

What's Weird is that I am not really Pissed about the Money.

The Timing!

Three months from now it would make us Tight, but Now!?!?!?!?  Feels like a Ship with 20 holes in it and you only have 15 Plugs to fill them with!

TIRED of this kind of Luck happening to me and mine Every single time.
TIRED of Hearing my Wife say she "Isn't doing enough." when I see her killing herself to keep the Ship afloat.
TIRED of Hoping a Miracle can Happen again and Again.  (You can only dip in that well so many times before it goes dry!)

You know who is to Blame?


I am the one that Smoked for 20+ years.  I'm the one that did it.
Nobody but Me!
Me and my Damn LUCK!

Depression - it is a Gorilla and I have the feeling I am looking at a 1400lb Silver Back right in the Eyes.
Boy is he UGLY.


One thing I know, There are Others out there Worse off than I am.  It's a Given.  I have No Doubt about that.
Therefore, I am not Allowing That S.O.B. to jump on my Back.
"Been there, Done That!", It ain't happening again.

Somehow, Someway, we will get past this.  I don't know how, but we Will.  Just TIRED of being HERE so Damn often.

Give Her a Break.  The Look in her eyes says it all (she won't say it, but I See IT) and I need help Helping her.  I already breath bad enough, she doesn't need to suffocate with me.

Sorry for the RANT today.

One thing you have to remember here is that this is Anything at Anytime and from time to time Rants may just be a part of what you get.

We all have 'em.
Just I will write about mine from time to time.

For those of you that might be worried, Don't.
This is part of why I do this Blog.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Inspired by Another's Post

Anything at Anytime has been doing some "Catching Up" on reading Blogs that I missed during my Hiatus with the girls for a week.

I came across a Post that was put up Yesterday from Tribal Writer (Justine Musk) "ego vs soul", talk about making one think!

If you are "ANYONE" doing "ANYTHING" in Life this is a MUST READ!

Go over and check it out.

It is not a long Tirade that beats you up.
Simple statement of Facts.
It is REAL!

If you didn't check out Tribal Writer from the "12 Blogs by Christmas" (last link goes to Last 12BbC so you may see the full list if you missed them) now is the time to visit.
Look around, she has some good input on Blogging, Writing and Life in General.
What she writes can be applied to a multitude of different things.

It Really got me to Thinking!
(yeah, I know, That burning rubber smell smelt around the world last night was my brain.)

Where am I?
am I more Ego?
More Soul?

I would like to think that I lean more on the Soul side of that equation.
It is hard because natural Ego says - MUST have more Followers -- Must get People to See ME.
But not at the Expense of what I am writing, Saying, THINKING.

Justine Musk has put in this one post of hers a conundrum (for me at least).

That is a Good Thing!

It makes me think about:
Who am I?
What am I doing?
Where am I going?
When and How long am I going to do it?
Why am I doing it?

The Conundrum is this: It takes BOTH, Ego and Soul to really get something Going - The Trick is "How much of Each?"

To Much Ego and you loose your audience to poor writing and whimsical "Crappy" posts.
Great Writing without a touch of Ego to promote it, is about as useful as some of my old Poetry that still sits in odd notes here and there (some of which may Never be found again, LOL).

Yesterday's post "ego vs soul" by Justine Musk is a must Read!  I can't say that enough.  It applies to more than just Blogging.  It applies to Everyday Life!

Give it a read, and...... When you are done..... Let me know if I lead you astray.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Haunted Car??? and I Don't Know about You...... But???

Anything at Anytime has a real life laugher and a "You got to be Kidding!" that happened Yesterday.

Yesterday was J's first day back to school and it was an in-service day without the kids.
She gave me a call about 3 O'clock to tell me that I should be up there around 3:30PM to pick her up and we could run the errands we had to once I got her.

Not a Problem.

As I was walking out the door my cell phone started to buzz and I checked it out, and Damned if I forgot to charge the phone and it was shutting down.

Again, Not a Problem.  I grabbed E's phone since I was leaving the Girls at home and jumped in the car and headed out.

Picked J up about 10 minutes later and we headed off to Walmart.

As we headed to Walmart I made a left turn and J ask "What's that noise?"

*Ugh OH*
clack, clack pause clack clack pause clack clack pause (imagine two pieces of Plastic tapping together, that sound)
over a 2 minute period.

I have no idea, not my blinker, no vibration in my steering column just that repeated sound.

Then it just Stopped.
NO Clue what it was.

A couple minutes later I make another Left turn and there goes that sound again!

clack, clack pause clack clack pause clack clack
again for 2 minutes then it just Stopped.

By Now I am beginning to wonder what the *#LL is going on with my car.
I like to say I am a "Jack of all Trades" but I have never heard a sound like that coming from a car.  It just befuddled the mind to try and think of what could make that sound.

I was beginning to wonder if somehow, someway my Car became HAUNTED?!?!?

We got to Walmart with No further instances and we get out and go in to start grabbing the stuff we needed.

I reached up to a shelf to grab something and.........

*wait for it*
Clack Clack pause Clack Clack pause Clack Clack pause

Holy Rat Hairs!!!!

It's happening in the store!!!!!!

What the ........????

I practically jumped back from the shelf and J's like what happened and I say "Listen"....... Her Eyes got that questioning look then reached into my jacket and pulled out E's Cell Phone.

E had her alarm set on her cell and with the weirdest Alarm sound I have Ever Heard.


Now still at Walmart after the "Haunted" Phone incident....

J had to go.  You know it never fails.  When you get somewhere and you are in a touch of a hurry (just wanting to get in and immediately out of the store), you gots to GO.

Anyway, we found our way to the Restrooms and I am waiting out there for her and I see this display right outside the Bathrooms:

Can't make out what it is?  That's fine: Here is a Closer look

Now I don't know about you..... but I come out of a Bathroom -- The Last thing I am thinking about is MELTED CHOCOLATE for Fondue.

In all my years in Sales and Marketing - That has to be the WORST Placement of a Display!
Get Real Walmart!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Introducing "MUSIC Mondaze" QuarterFlash

Anything at Anytime is up and running again - yesterday's post will tell you the why I was off for a few days (a week to be exact) but it was worth it.

I am going to start something New here on Anything at Anytime - MUSIC Mondaze

I will still put music from time to time in my regular Posts but will Definitely have a Song or two on Mondays from now on - thus the Title:  MUSIC Mondaze

Some of what I put on may be something you have heard before, and some you might not have heard but I will do my best to give you something that will make you think........

Maybe a recollection of a First Kiss,
That song you heard when you First Drove your OWN car,
just Maybe,
That Song that you and that Special Someone in your life call "Your Song!"

Today, I am going back in My Past and pulling out a group that Many of you may not have heard of:  QuarterFlash

A mid 80s group that put together a few albums that were Good but didn't get the recognition of other groups.  In Part because the 80s was so full of Groups that it got difficult to weed through them all and find the GOOD ones.

I recall this group and the first album of theirs I got - Take Another Picture -
(Good Title and Good Song - I just haven't come across a good recording online yet to use.)
Honestly, I had never heard of them Until one Christmas I had asked my parents for some music tapes, Yes, I said tapes.  (For those of the younger crowd that read this blog, they used to put albums on Vinyl and on tapes (not a Disk/CD).


My Parents, being my Parents, did not agree with the music that my generation got into.  A few of those groups:  KISS, Twisted Sister, Guns-N-Roses, well you get the idea.

Christmas was approaching and they were doing their shopping and came across the Discount Rack at one of the stores and saw some tapes and the title "Take Another Picture" seemed innocent enough and the Cover picture was full of Dressed Mannequins so it couldn't be that bad right?  Turns out it was Music that they could listen too as well, might not like but different and easier on the ears than the other groups I mentioned.

Turns out - I liked it as well.

That little tape they got me turned out to be a Really Good Stocking Stuffer.
Good Enough that I remember Today and that was, well..... Let's just say, over 20 years ago.

So with No further Ado -- QuarterFlash with "Take Me to Heart" and Their Biggest Chart Hit - "Harden My Heart"

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If any of you readers have a song you would like to see on MUSIC Mondaze please feel free to comment and leave me the title and group and I will do my best to find a Good Sounding version of it for all of us to enjoy.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Old and New - What and Where do We Go?

For those that Have been following me for awhile here at Anything at Anytime,  I know, I know - "What Happened?"

I Took a Break - stayed off of here for a bit to refresh my mind, body, and soul; by spending time with my Wife and Girls.  

In the Process, Life has proceeded on, a Year has Come to an End and a New Year has Begun, fresh and clear. 

An Idea has crept into this mind of mine and I am going to give it a ride and see how far and fast this thing can go.  (I am gambler, what do you expect?)
This Idea is running around in my mind and I have NO Clue where it will take me or Anything at Anytime but it should be a Fun Ride.  

Enjoy a tad bit of Good Classic Music and I don't know - Maybe hear a Clue or Two.  
You never Know.

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The Old Has come to an End.  
Time to Contemplate the Past and view in your minds eye that which has happened in your Life: Weigh IT, Judge IT and Be Done with IT.
That was the Past -- 
Keep the Good,
Learn from the Bad,
Move On!

Now the New Year has come.  
Hope and Dream!

Treat the New Year as a Blank Canvass yet to be touched by an Artist (You)!
Give your Canvass Definition and Life by filling it in with what You See and Want because it is New, Blank and Open to your interpretation and desires.

Over the next few days, Anything at Anytime will remember the Past (Not Ancient History, well, maybe it is for a Blog) here and begin to form an outline of what is to come.  

A Breath of Fresh Air has arrived and Time to Grow and Explore and see what is there, is here.

Let Us see what we can fill our New Year with.

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