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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Big Secret

Anything at Anytime - Yeap, I think I have done a good job at that so far.

You ready for it again?

By now all of you that read Anything at Anytime regularly already know I have Later Stage Emphysema and have been on Oxygen 24/7 (most of the time) for about a year and a half now.

Several of you have commented about my Upbeat approach to things and told me here, in comments, or in the Coffee Shop about it.
Glad you all see it because sometimes it is a Real "Royal Pain in the A*$!"
Some days more than others are a B#tc& to breath and it is difficult to keep it up, the attitude, but I do.
I have to, no choice in the matter.  No choice because there basically is only two choices - Keep going or Quit.  I have Quit a few times in my life and I can tell you I don't like the taste.  It is "Sour and leaves a bad aftertaste" is an understatement.  So I truly only have one choice.

At this point you are probably asking yourself, "Where is he going today?  Has he finally gone off the High Dive in the Shallow End of the Pool?"

No, I haven't.

Something I learned a while back, a good bit back, keeps me going.  It should keep all of us going but not many have seen or been in a position to learn the secret.  Yes, it is a secret, but it shouldn't be.  We all know it but nobody pays attention to it.  Actually it is a combination of two things.  Well, for me it is a combination of two things.  Maybe that is why I look at things the way I do sometimes now.

You see, Death and I have a unique relationship.  He has knocked at my door a few times and each time I have said "SCREW OFF!" (I just used another word to start that statement, but basically the same thing only 4 letters not 5.)  There in is where and what my secret does for me.

Still confused?

Yeah, I know - I'm a "Shit" keeping you wondering what my point is.  Just keeping you on your toes.

See, Today I am Celebrating.


Yes, Celebrating!

Today I put another year on my Gravestone.
I know, I can feel the looks on your Faces.

Today is my Birthday.  Another year older - hence, "another year on my Gravestone."

No, I am not being morbid.  This also is part of the secret.

Come here....... Come on....... Closer.......Closer......
Eventually we all die.  Really!?!  One of the few things that Everyone Shares.  We all Die someday.
No, not on the same day but on any day.  You or I or someone we know could die later today or tomorrow or next week or next month etc.... Get the idea?
Here is the first part of the secret -
If I can die at anytime, Why Worry?  Enjoy EVERYTHING!  Even the BAD!  Enjoy B#tc&ing about it and complaining about the bad.  Enjoy the GOOD!  Absorb the GOOD.  Soak it in to your Core and the BAD won't be quite that bad.
Faith helps (doesn't matter what Faith).  Faith gives you something to grip onto and see what has been placed before you.

*grabbing your collar and pulling you back*

That is not all!
The second part of the secret-
This one is easy, I have said it before.  I Don't have time for BULLSHIT!  Keep it to yourself, don't waste MY TIME with BULLSHIT!

So, here is my secret in an easier form:  I do not accept Bullshit or have time for it because I want to ENJOY Every Moment I have left to me.  I could Die tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or anytime between now and the next 30 years; and I want to Experience EVERYTHING I can and ENJOY it ALL!

When you are put in a position that You Must look at your mortality it makes you think of things in a totally different light.

*back to normal now*

I don't like how Death dealt me the cards (my Love for Poker had to come in here somewhere) this time around; however, I am grateful that My eyes have been opened and I can View things from a different perspective and Enjoy most Everything now.

Now, I get to tell you -- Open your eyes and look at things from the stand point of "Tomorrow could be your last day" MAKE the best of what you have got.  Just Don't let BULLSHIT get in your way.  You don't have time for it.

Therefore - I Celebrate another year on my Gravestone and Letting Death know I still get to Enjoy Life another day.
My Eyes are open and I SEE.
Happy Birthday to Me!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Prize Dragon

Anything at Anytime would like to introduce you to My Prize Dragon - Heartfelt.

Heartfelt has been with me now since just before I left for Bosnia.

J and I had recently gotten engaged and she knew of my "Love" for Dragons.  My Birthday, Christmas, and departure to Bosnia were fast approaching and she wanted to get me something before we (my unit) left for Bosnia.

She could Not have found a better Dragon to get me!

His Coloring is Brilliant and Fantastic to behold.  Purples and Blues that just grab your attention when you notice him.

Like any Dragon, with age comes bumps and bruises.  His just tend to happen as things happen to me.  Odd That! but it is true.

Heartfelt, when he came to me did not have a name.  It took all of two minutes seeing him to Know his name.  If you look at his chest you will notice a row of three light blue colored scales down the center of his chest.  All three have the shape of Hearts.

Taking this Scale shape and the fact that the Woman I was to marry found him and acquired him for my collection...... Well, 1+1 =2 right?  Heartfelt was the only name he could have.

Heartfelt has a unique quality.  No matter where you are in a room his eyes follow you.  He is constantly watching over everything and everyone in the home.  He resides over my entire collection of Dragons.  His size in comparison to some of my other Dragons is small; however, his Stature and Poise is much Greater.

I have come to learn that the 3 hearts in his chest represent my 3 girls (J,D and E).  He wears them as Armor because of the purity of heart they represent.  With them he can and will continue on, no matter the situation and circumstances.

Anyway,  I just wanted to Introduce you all to Heartfelt as I have not done so and as My Birthday and Christmas approach again, I felt it only fitting that a Gift such as he be acknowledged brought forth to Shine.

P.S. Please forgive the Pictures as Heartfelt and Snuggles are in a Conspiracy against Pictures.  They hate cameras and it is hard to get them to stay still for good shots.  At least I was able to get these without TO MUCH Trouble.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Big 12 Officiating - Leftovers turned into a Full course

Anything at Anytime hopes you all had a good Thanksgiving.

Everyone here is moving around slowly with full tummies and a lethargic lurching.
Almost like they have all become Turkey Zombies.

So, for today's post I figured I would make if a "Leftovers" day.

I haven't Blasted the Blog with what has happened here on it this week but This Week has been the Best week of the blog since I started it.  All due to some Really Poor Big 12 Officiating in last weekends Nebraska -vs- aTm.
My best day on the blog before was 99 visits, Sunday 185 and the traffic during the week has been steady to the site.  The best week prior to this week was 252 visits and from Sunday to today Anything at Anytime is up to 456 and still have the remainder of today and tomorrow to be tallied on as well.

I never thought One post could pull that much traffic.  Amazing and great feeling knowing that I wrote something that received that much attention that quickly.

I watched the aTm -vs- Texas game last night and the Officiating could have been worse, could have been better also but compared to the Nebraska game the crew that covered last nights game wasn't that bad.  A few questionable calls against aTm but at worst they were questionable.
There was one Atrocious call of Pass Interference near the end of the game that went in the Favor of Texas and That call was clearly "BLOWN"!  The aTm Defender clearly had position and was Interfered with by the Texas Offensive player, But since Commissioner Dan Beebe's "Darling Child" Longhorns weren't bowl eligible yet you knew they were going to receive a few calls didn't you?  I did and Told my Daughter (that is a Longhorns fan) that if aTm did not close it out before the fourth quarter that Texas would catch some "beneficial" calls.

The bad thing about that - Texas turns around and turns the ball over to aTm before they could benefit from the call and aTm was able to secure the victory after that.

Commissioner Dan Beebe's "Darling Child" Longhorns - that he has "built" or is "building" the new conference around and giving so much Conference funds to - went from One of the Best teams in College Football last year to one of the Worst.  5-7 record, worst in their half of the division since 1956 and the first team since Arizona State in the mid 70's to be in the top ranks at the beginning of the season to fall so mightily so quickly.

Since Texas doesn't make a bowl game this year I wonder how big their slice of the "Pie" will be once the conference receives all of its bowl monies.  Going to be interesting to see how Commissioner Dan Beebe handles that one.
Next is the Big 12 Officiating Crews - Is Commissioner Dan Beebe going to Clean up the Conference Officials?  The Officiating has gotten so bad it is making the Conference smell "fishy".  The Officials are on the verge of loosing all form of control, they "appear" to have predetermined "favorites" and are not making calls on Obvious penalties and then turn around and make mysterious "where did that come from calls".

This has happened all season long throughout the conference.  Players are going to suffer major injuries, Fans are missing out on good games, and Commissioner Dan Beebe sits back just not saying a word or correcting the wrongs he has created in the Big 12 Conference.  If it Continues I think it would be a wise thing to petition Dr. Pepper and have them pull their Sponsorship from the Big 12 and the Big 12 Championship game.

Commissioner Dan Beebe won't listen to Fans complaining about the Officials maybe the Fans can influence a major Sponsor and the Sponsor can put the squeeze.

I am a College Football Fan - Commissioner Dan Beebe, don't screw the game (and Conference) up anymore than you already have.  Fix it or Resign your Position to someone that Can!

I don't want good games screwed up or Players Injured due to the Ineptness you and your Officiating crews portray.  

I was going to make this a "Leftovers" comments, post day and it turned into a full course sit down.

I will get back on track.

I Hope Everyone had a Good Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and Last of my Thankfuls

Anything at Anytime would like to say to you ALL:

As for the Last of my Thankfuls, well, as the saying goes:  "Save the Best for Last!"

I know -  Many of you Readers already knew where I was going to go with this.

I Thank God everyday for everything I have written so far in my Thanksgiving Thankfuls.

I Thank God with every Beat of MY HEART for my Wife!!

A Woman that changed my life for the Better by a thousand fold and then some.  No, she didn't change me, She completed me!  What more can a Husband say of a Wife?

She has given me to Beautiful Daughters, an exceptionally Large Extended Family, Her Heart and so much more.
She is a Teacher that takes pride in her students and gets the best she can from them, Even if she has to pull them along by their noses.  :)
She Cares almost to a fault - but really, if you Care to much can it be considered a Fault?  Probably not.

Fourteen + years later and my Heart still feels like it did the first day I met Her.
Don't get me wrong We have had our moments.  What couple doesn't?  No matter the issues in Fourteen years there has not been a night end without me telling Her "I Love You" nor Her telling me the same.

She is the type of person that when She does something or gets involved in something - She gives it her All.  It does not matter what it is She does, She does the Best she can.  What a great example for our Daughters.  If I were to have a choice to have our Daughters turn out like me or Her -- Most Definitely HER!

She hates reading my posts about her sometimes.  She says I give her to much credit.  Just like her.
I don't think I give Her enough!  So, since it is My Blog - Who do you think wins there?

You Bet your Ass --

This is My Pulpit, My Mountain Top to shout at the World -  To tell the World that God Has Blessed me!
God put Her in my Path and allowed me the Pleasure of Heaven on Earth.

If you didn't get that, here I will make it easier to read:

I Love Her and Thank God She is my Wife and a Part of My Life!

Thus ends my Thanksgiving Thankfuls this year.  Hope to see you next year.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving - More Thanks

Anything at Anytime Thanksgiving Thankfuls started Sunday, continued yesterday and will today and tomorrow.

Yesterday, talking about J's family, I missed one.  One Very important lady. Momma's Sister and J's Aunt Nemi.  Nemi never married but became the Woman in everyones' life.  Not a Mother, not an Aunt, not a friend but something So much More!
A bit of this one, a little of this one and a sprinkle of that all mixed together with a touch of Cinnamon baked over a low heat for a time and what do you have?  Nemi!

Nemi is an older woman now but is a very active lady that does her very best to be there for everyone.  She bakes a homemade birthday cake for Everyone.  Has a Christmas party every year in her little humble abode (On a Good day you can get 5 people in that house comfortably, more and it is crowded).  At Christmas I have No idea what she does, but around 30-40 people and room for more.  Always something for Everyone.

At times I feel she, Nemi (who did you think I was talking about?), has adopted us as her kids.  She falls into the  "You need something, here it is family!"  She needs something done around the house - Any or all of us guys are there to work on it.  Somebody is in the Hospital, Nemi is there to give a shoulder, buy lunch, just keep your mind off of what you don't want to think.

I am Thankful that she has been a part of my life, of course my wife's and the lives of my Children.  Matter of fact as I write this she has one of my daughters over at her house teaching her how to make Homemade Pumpkin Pie that she learned from her mother.

For those of you reading today just imagine I had some unique eloquent dialogue to shift from one thing to the next here.  Just make sure you think it was really Awesome.

My Parents..........
Thankful?!?!  Most definitely.  The hows and whys are a bit tricky but most certainly there.
I am, without a doubt, not the easiest child to deal with.  I am vocal, most of the time; opinionated, always; confrontational, certainly; hard headed, obviously (But, I inherited that from my Dad :) as I took notes!); and those are just a few of my faults as a child.  I am Thankful They put up with it.

There have been times they hurt me and Many More that I have hurt them; and yet, They are still there and Love me.  Now, with the cards I have been dealt in life, More than ever I am Grateful that they are still here for me and my Girls (J, D, and E).

We have undeniably had issues.  They didn't "Shut the Door" as I was their son, and I didn't "Shut the Door" (almost but didn't) because I wanted my Daughters to know their Grandparents and my Parents to know their Grand-daughters.

Thank God They didn't give up on me and miss out on my wife and children!

I am just Thankful that We are all trying and not letting ourselves get in the way.

Here, Now, I get to the TWO of the Really Good parts of what I am Thankful for:

My Daughters

Older picture but One I really like!
What man would not be Grateful to have a Blond on one arm and a Brunette on the other?  :)

There are times as a Dad, that I can not allow them to see everything and exactly how I feel about things they have done.  Then there are the times I can't help myself and This is going to be one of them so Please understand this is from a very, Very Proud Parent.

I am so Thankful to God for Blessing me with Two Beautiful and Intelligent Daughters!

Yes, my Daughters, have their "Moments" as children do, but even then, when they do - They can be Whoppers!
I have always told them:  "If you are going to do it - DO IT!  Just be prepared to suffer the consequences."
Those don't happen that frequently.  Thank God.

I am a smart man, most of the time, and pride myself in knowing many things.  I can see it, saw it when they were younger but Really starting to see it Now, My Daughters are going to make Dad look "Stupid" when they get older and more "Edgeumacated!" and I am Glad.  I am Thankful that I have Daughters that will be smarter than I when they get older.

Another bit to go with that that I am Thankful for is they are Smart without loosing their Common Sense!  It always amazes me about "Smart People" and a major lack of Common Sense.  From the looks of it so far No need to worry.  Thank You.

Doing the Right Thing - No Matter the Consequences to yourself because it is the Right Thing, is something that they both have already started to do.  Those moments where you know something Must be said and knowing that in the saying you are making yourself vulnerable, but doing it anyway....... That, in my opinion; No Matter Your Age, Is GUTS.  A Parent (I) should be (am) Proud!  I am Thankful that they both have shown and done things that fit that bill.

Talent abounds in my Daughters - A Singer, A Writer, An Athlete, An Artist, Musicians Both, and "Lurnin" they is sponges!

One plays a Violin and the other the Clarinet, I didn't need ear plugs to long, they picked 'em up, and No not Naturals, but it didn't take them long.  I am Thankful my Eardrums were spared.  LOL

Both can sing; However, D when she lets her voice go is Good.  I have no doubt in my mind that if she ever finds the Right Song she will make My Heart Weep in Pleasure, as well as yours.  She is just shy to show it or sing for small groups.

E, well she is the Writer and Artist.  The art, as in all Artist, is taking its time but you can see it.
Funny how Writing and Art tend to go hand in hand.
Her writing is something all together different.
Put some years and experience behind the pen and paper and with her imagination she will rival my Favorite Author - Robert Jordan.

Yes, I am a Proud Parent and bragging about our Children is an entitlement that all Parents are allowed.  It is written in the manual section 7 sub section H addendum 37.  :)

I am also Highly Critical, not so much as to take a whip to them and say they can do better so do it, but to have them strive to do their best.  J and I both will ask them something along the line "Is this the best you are capable of?,  Have you done all you can?" etc....  If they answer that "Yes, that is." then we leave it at that.  If not then we tell them "If you are going to do something, you do your Best at all times in everything you do."
So, when I say there is talent, part of it is Pride and the other is that there is actually "Something" there.  Someday (I Hope) you may hear one Sing and read what one Writes.

I could go ON and ON!
I just find it difficult to write this about My Daughters as I don't want it all to seem as pure bragging.

Daddies "Little Girls" ( not so "Little" anymore :( !)  -- Absolutely!
Daddies Pride and Joys - Most Assuredly!!
Apples of my Eye - No ifs ands or buts about it!!!
Stole my Heart - Yes they did!

I am Thankful that they are My Daughters.

I am Thankful that God has Blessed Me, and My Family with Two Beautiful, Intelligent, Caring Girls.

I am just Thankful that they are a Part of My Life.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving - Extended Family and In-Laws

The other day Anything at Anytime posted "A Prelude to Thanksgiving", today I will fill in my list with one of the things that deserves a post of its Own.

A little over 15 years ago I met a Woman that captured my heart in the matter of two blinks of an eye.  I have always been (in my opinion) a "Romantic", but I never believed that someone could find "The One" that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with in such a manner and Know it right then and there.

*Nasty Crooked Curve ball coming!*

This post is not about that Woman.
*See, You all thought I was going to Post about her today.  Not!*

This is about that Woman's Family: Parents, Brother, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and extended Family.

Of course this will be laced heavily towards her Parents and Brother as they are the most influential in my life on a day to day basis.

14 years and 4 months ago I was introduced to her Family - ALL of the FAMILY!  As mentioned above, I got to meet all of the Aunts (had to pass all of the "Is he right for her?" questioning and grilling (they didn't toast me to bad!)).  Next, was all of the Uncles and Cousins - One Uncle (I respect and enjoy his friendship today) went so far as to tell me "I like you so will give you fair warning, You hurt her -I WILL HURT YOU!"
If you Really Love someone, you don't take that as a threat you take that as a message of how much others Love her as well, at least that is how I look at it.

The Entire Family accepted me and just opened the "Door" to me so to speak.  I was folded under the wing of the Family and from that point on have been a Part of that Family.
I Thank God all the time for them and their acceptance!

My In-Laws, well, they are a story all of their own.  I met them a few days after meeting her.  Unbeknownst to me, She had (having the same instant Feeling I did) already informed her Mom that I was "The One".  So from moment one of our meeting I was under the Mother and Father Microscope!
I Thank God my parents brought me up to respect women and respect my elders!  I believe that That is what got me to the "I Like him stage!"

Over the next several days, I spent many hours with her Family (Momma, Frank and Mike).  Most of which was me out on the back porch with Frank and Mike and Beer in hand.  I had No clue that all of the talking between the three of us was to see how I would "Fit" with His Daughter and His Sister.  Looking Back, That is exactly what that was.

We do not fit into the "In-Law" mold that is portrayed most often.
My Mother-in-Law is not my "Mother-in-Law" - She is Momma!  and I am her "Son".
My Father-in-Law is not my "Father-in-Law" - He is Frank, a fellow veteran, and a very Dear Friend!
Mike, My Brother-in-Law, is a Brother in all forms of the word and adores his Sister like No other, and is an Awesome Uncle to my Daughters.
When any of them need help, we are there.  When We need help - They are there!  No questions, No nothing other than "Here, Take this."  No ifs, ands or buts - just There!

I have traveled a great part of this world in my life and never found a place or Family I was so readily accepted and made to feel a part of.  They have been "Happy" with me and "Sad" with me, as I with them.  I was not made to feel as if I had to "Prove" or "Earn" my place in this Family,  I was there immediately.

I am so Thankful that I have been given the Honor to be an accepted, active part of this Family from the first day I became a member of it.

I Wish and Hope that you all have similar acceptance and Love from your extended Families.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Letter to Santa

Anything at Anytime Update: I have since posted another "Letter" titled:

Anything at Anytime is going to get into the Christmas Wish List thing Today.

Christmas Wish List?  This Early!?


You see my birthday is coming up soon and I always seem to get the short end of the stick.  Well, Not just myself but everyone that has a birthday at or just after the holidays does.  Seems everyone thinks "Oh, I can combine the Birthday Gift with their Christmas and only have to worry about them once that way."

So, Those of us that have birthdays on this end of the Calendar, we tend to get the short end of the stick.

I Figure with all of the Techie Junk out here in the world that Santa has some of his Elves surfing the Net and looking around the Blogs to see what People are interested in and want for Christmas.  You have to figure that Santa has most if not all of his Production lines automated by now and the Elves need something to do.  
Come on - Really - what do you think this World would come to if we had a bunch of Elves with nothing to do running about?

On to the Christmas Wish List -  

Dear Santa,

I know you are a busy man and have many request coming your way at all times but I was hoping to get this one out there to you before the Rush in about 2 weeks.  
I have been wondering what I would want for my Birthday or Christmas.  I came up with some of the usual things such as:

- New Lungs - so that I can breather better and get back to work.;

- A Time Machine so that I can go back in the Past and Kick my Ass before I ever Picked up that first Pack of cigarettes.
(I know those two aren't going to happen Anytime Soon so ........)

Getting to possibilities:  Well, there are a few things I would want for myself but those are just time occupying items that are truly in a weird way superficial (not that I wouldn't want them, but don't really need them).

My real desires for Christmas:

- Improve my writing skills and imagination to a point that I could write a "Block Buster" that would set my family up with funds even when I am long gone.

- A Home for the Family - Found one that we like and it would take fixing up from me a little at a time as my health permitted, but I could fix it up as J and the girls like.  Would provide me with peace of mind that they don't have to worry about that if anything should happen to me.  Then again that is Money and Money doesn't grow on trees and I know you don't print that up there.

- Peace of Mind for my Wife so that she doesn't worry about everything all of the time - I know she doesn't tell me all as she doesn't want to Stress me - but if you could give her that, that would be a boon and a Godsend all in one.

(Again a tad out of your reach I know but it never hurts to ask, the worst you can say is "No" - everything else is adverbs and adjectives.) 

More realistic yet still out there:  LOL

- A telescope (a Good Telescope) with capabilities to be connected to my computer.  

- A PS3 with NCAA 2011 College Football game (gots to have my college football even in the off season)

- the ability/means to take my Wife and Girls on a real vacation

- A new Wardrobe for my Wife as she continues to accomplish her goals.  (Some of you may recall an earlier Post and if you Elves have the time look around in my old post and I think you will find what I am referencing)

- For my Girls because I know they have been thinking about them but not wanting to ask- A Whole Everything included Make-Up sets (God, they are growing up,  I would prefer a means to Freeze them where they are!) and Nintendo DSIs (what is it with kids and Pocket games these days?)

Last and Most Important of All:

- Let Us have a Christmas that we all can enjoy Each other, No matter the circumstances!

Thanks for your Time Santa
I know you are getting ready to get Really Busy!

Danny N. Winfield Jr.

And for all of you out there that Doubt that he Exist -  Well, He does!  I met him once a long time ago.  One Cool, and Awesome Dude.  
Get your letters out now as I have no Doubt he will be flooded this year.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Prelude to Thanksgiving

To Anything at Anytime's regular followers,

I apologize for the last post and Rant on Sports Officiating.  I hope this post will make amends for that.  I have been reading comments all day about the game and I figured I better shift gears quickly and get back to some GOOD writing before I lost myself in the Stupidity of Ineptness or Ineptness of Stupidity (either one actually works).

Thanksgiving is Thursday.

I (with all the things that Have gone South in my life) Have Many, Many things to be Thankful for.

Where does one start with such a list?
A list that Tells everyone what is important in our lives and gives acknowledgement to things that keep us going, day in and day out.
A list that may include things that mean nothing to some and Everything to Others.

Some of the things that belong on the following list I will save for Posts during the week so that I may give them their proper due.

What follows is in no particular order:

I am Thankful for:

- New friends from around the globe - Everyone of them has a different take on things and brings laughter and in some cases sadness to the table for all to share.  What good are friends if you can't share the Good and the Bad?

- Anything at Anytime as it gives me an outlet for random writings and rants.  Hell of a form of Self-Counseling/Therapy (what you all haven't figured out I'm Mental?)

- Coffee -- The true Go-Go juice of Bloggers

- Good Music -- as Good Music gives thought and voice to those things we sometimes have no other means to communicate to others.

- Technology - without it I would not be typing this and you wouldn't be reading it.

- The ability to know that not all things are Perfect and we have to just do our best.

- Pumpkin Pie with Heaps and Heaps of Cool Whip!!!

- My Father-in-Law's Stuffing --  I can make a meal of this three times a day and a fourth on Sundays and not want for anything else.

- Good Reading -- Far to much junk out their claiming to be a book - But when you find a Good Book you really know it and find yourself becoming a part of it.

- Good Shoes -- You know, those shoes that don't make your feet hurt when you are in them all day.  Those shoes that feel like a glove and don't rub anywhere.  Good Shoes

- Oh, Did I mention Pumpkin Pie with Heaps and Heaps of Cool Whip!!!!!!!

Just an Appetizer before Turkey day.
Anything on your list you don't want to forget and throw out here.  Jump on in and make a comment.  What are some of the "other" things you are Thankful for?

Consider this a Warm-up for Thursday and for Christmas, it is just around the corner.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Anything at Anytime is normally a whatever comes to my mind site and I try to keep the Sports to a minimum here as I know several of you are not interested about them.

However, when things happen that are Really Good or Great in Sports I will put them on because they deserve notice and acknowledgement.  The Same goes for REALLY BAD OFFICIATING.  I wrote "Big 12 Officiating - Where has it Gone?" 19 days ago.  I went so far as to let the People at the official Big 12 website (a note to the Commissioner Dan Beebe) know that I was posting it and that I would post ANY rebuttals they may have.  No Comment from them; however I do know that I had several visits the day it was Posted from Austin, Texas which is where Commissioner Dan Beebe resides with his Beloved Longhorns.
I also informed the ESPN Big 12 Blogger David Ubben that that post was going up but did not receive anything from him on the Post either.

It is fine that they did not comment as it was a lone voice complaining about Poor Officiating.

My One Voice is not the only one Complaining about the Officiating.  Voices of multiple Fans in the Big 12 are Complaining and getting LOUDER about it.
Who is in charge of these Officials everyone is complaining about?  Why, Commissioner Dan Beebe of course!  What does the Big 12 do for Commissioner Dan Beebe - Oh, they extend his contract for another three years.  He (Commissioner Dan Beebe) destroys the conference for greed and favoritism and they award him with 3 more years.  Way to go Folks.  Smart Move!

I thought some of the Officiating during the season was Bad in the Big 12; HOWEVER, Tonight takes the cake and wins the Million Dollar Prize of LOP-SIDED FAVORITISM!

I know, you are wondering what caused this Post Tonight and so out of my ordinary posts?  I just finished watching the Nebraska Cornhuskers -vs- Texas A&M.  I was really looking forward to a GOOD game.  Hoping my Huskers would win BIG but honestly expecting a Good tight game - Something like Neb. 24 - A&M 17.

Texas A&M won 9 -6.

Had it been a Fair game as the Big 12 Conference Sportsmanship Statement states:

Big 12 Conference Sportsmanship Statement   

I would have been glad to witness a Great Defensive game, Sad to see My Huskers Loose, but glad to see a good game.  I and every College Football Fan that attended that Game and Watched that game on TV were Robbed by another Case of BIG 12 PISS POOR OFFICIATING!

It is one thing to miss a few calls and one team have a few calls more go against them than the other team.  It is a complete and other thing all together when 16 calls go against one team and only 2 calls go against the other.  16 calls totaling 140 yards of penalties against 2 calls totaling 10 yards of penalties.  Just looking at the numbers alone says the Officials were looking at one team and one team only to find anything and everything that could even LOOK like a penalty.  Some of the Penalties were "deserved" - meaning the guys did something wrong and Yes, a penalty should be levied.

That LOP SIDED -- Hard to see it and give the benefit of Human error to the Officials.  I will readily step up and say "Hey, They are Human, mistakes are made."  The Officiating was SO POOR I don't feel comfortable saying that as it had the appearance of "Giving" the game to A&M.

Bad for My Huskers Loosing, and feel bad for A&M because that takes away from a hard fought game.  People will be talking about how the Officials gave A&M the game - Not that A&M beat Nebraska.
The Officials Robbed both teams!

UPDATE - Insert @1225PM MT
This was posted in the Comments to David Ubben's Post "What we learned in the Big 12: Week 12"
This is a College Football Fan!  
Commissioner Dan Beebe - Does this fan deserve to have their teams victory tainted by POOR, BAD OFFICIATING?  Look what You and Your Officiating crews are doing, not just to the teams receiving bad calls, but to the Fans of Good Teams as well!

The Officials are out there to maintain FAIR Play and safety.  In my opinion - They BLEW IT!
If Commissioner Dan Beebe can not get his Officiating crews to call Games FAIRLY, he should do Two things:  1.  Ask the NCAA to step in and gain control of the Conferences Officiating Crews, and 2.  Step Down as Commissioner of the BIG 12 as he can not perform the Duties required of him as Commissioner and in accordance to the Big 12 Conference Sportsmanship Statement


Not sure here but Looks like Nebraskas 81 got it from A&M's 83 and a knee in the crotch from the Official
and guess who gets the Penalty:

Again, I will leave it with the Statement that if the BIG12 Commissioner Dan Beebe or his representative from the BIG 12 desires to leave a rebuttal comment I will post it directly as is.  If David Ubben of ESPN desires to leave a comment or defend the Officiating of the BIG 12, I will do the same for him.
Anyone else leaving comments - Please Keep it PG-13 and Civil.

Something I am Toying with -

Anything at Anytime (I) is/am going to post bits of some of my other writings here on the site from time to time and it just so happens that is what I will do today.

I would appreciate Any Constructive Criticism that you all have.  Never hurts to hear other opinions.  We never know, the opinions may be laced with that "something" that just makes the whole thing "click" for us.

Today's Post has No Title at this time as it is something that I have recently been working on and still mucking around in my mind with it.  I have No Doubt that there is Much, much more work needed on it.

As you all may have already figured out, my mind runs a mile a minute and then some and doesn't every seem to want to slow down.  It gets hard to "Stop and Smell the Roses" when my mind gets in that endless looping mode, I just have to "Step on the Brakes hard" when that happens.

Getting away from the intended Post - So, will stop there and Proceed with the intentions.

NO Title as of Yet

It had been a long day.  The Sun was still bright in the sky and looked to have another four hours before it got dimmer.

Where Dan (pronounced "Dawn" by the locals) was from the days were not as bright nor as long.  Dan lived on the Equator where he was from and night came much, much earlier there than it is here on this New World.  Hew was still getting used to that difference.  Three weeks here and it still was unsettling.

Had it only been three weeks? he thought.
Damn, that meant he still had at least 22 weeks to go.

The first week was all Paperwork (Governments and Paperwork, Doesn't change, they always have to have a ton of Paperwork) and familiarization with the site and the "Locals".  The "Locals" were DachWar, well that is how his people pronounced the name back home.  Here the Real pronunciation was DargWar (DarG Waur). Dan still did not know what that meant Exactly (they didn't cover that in the "Exchange" school) and he had only been here three weeks.

The DargWar were a tall people.  "Tall" was an understatement, thought Dan.  Dan had never seen any children or Young, so he had no idea how tall they were at younger ages.  The Youngest he had met was Fawad who was near his age, only 2 cycles younger.

Fawad was short for his age as Dan understood it.  Dan chuckled at the thought, as at 23 cycles, Fawad stood an easy 7' tall, a clear foot over Dan's head.  From what Dan had seen so far most of the DargWar stood around 8' tall and he had seen some that were nearer 9' if not 9' tall.
A Tall, thin people, Dan had noted; but, Strong.
They reminded him of some of the plants back home.

Dan's People the BulDouns were not exactly the opposites but definitely not the same.  The BulDouns averaged about 6' tall (maybe once in awhile someone would "sprout" (they called it) to somewhere around 7').  Sturdy builds that when compared to the DargWar made the BulDouns appear short and stumpy.

Dan and Fawad were part of a BulDoun/DargWar exchange expedition with about 1500 others of each of the Races.  Bringing about a Community of around 3000 people.  A similar Community was being formed on Dan's Home World.

The two Peoples had many differences but nothing so drastic that it could lead to any Major Problems.

Their Peoples had run into each other 25 cycles ago, the Cycle of Dan's Birth.  Dan's birth took place a 1/4 cycle after that Historic meeting and his parents immediately enrolled him in the Expedition Birth Pool.

The BulDoun and the DargWar had met in the Stroids.  Neither aware of the other until the BulDouns cracked a Stroid for Ore.  The DargWars sent a ship to investigate and all of this is a result of that Day.

Both the BulDouns and the DargWars saw similarities in the other.  Recognizing that, physical appearance not withstanding, the two Peoples had much to Offer each other in many ways.

This was not the First Exchange, but the result of the First.  The two Races, in the initial meetings, sent Educators, One to the other and Vice Versa, in order to teach about their Races.  Those Educators took 1000 elders from 10 - 20 cycles old and 2000 new births, 0-1 cycle old, and taught them all the ways of Both Worlds.  Half of each to go to the Others World and the other half to stay and work with the New "Exchanges" and assist them in their adjustments to the new environment when they arrived.

25 weeks of initialization to their "New World" and then they were to Become a Part of It!

Dan was looking forward to that day.

He just needed to get used to these Damn, Long, Sun filled Days.


That is where I am right now and trying to figure what kind of Direction I should take this and maybe attack this from both sides - One "Exchange"'s point of view on both Worlds?

Well, Honest Opinions please --- is it worth the time and effort or does my previous writing suggest I keep what talent I have in other avenues?  LOL

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mars Colony? Is it Possible?

Anything at Anytime (I) has/have been Thinking.

Yeah, that is probably why most of you have been smelling wood or rubber burning.  Haha (I beat you all to the Punch! :P )

I am a Sci-Fi fan, Space Enthusiast (Dreamer), that believes the future of Man/Woman is Out Beyond where we are today.  It is in our nature to go look from the top of the next hill and see what is past our field of view.  We (as a People) move faster and further at a frenetic pace, constantly expanding our horizons in order to satisfy our innate curiosity.

Towards the End of President Bush's Term and at the beginning of President Obama's term, We as Americans and We as a People (World Wide) were informed of the End of a Bright Spot (my opinion) of Space Exploration and Scientific awakening.  We were informed of the End of the Space Shuttle Program for a newer Further Reaching Program called the Constellation Program.
(A bit about the Transition Process from NASA)

Great and Fantastic!  If we DO it???????

They - NASA will be stopping all Shuttle Flights in the near future and then Scrapping the Shuttle Program all together.  Sending the Shuttles we have to various Museums.

By now you are wondering where I am going so......

Last week doing my usual perusal of various Web news places I ran into a few articles about a few Scientist expressing their opinions about manned missions to Mars.  They had (again in my opinion a unique and realistic) idea about how we should go about it.  Their suggestion is talking about sending People to Mars with the knowledge that they would STAY on Mars.  (Here is a link to One of the better, well written articles about the proposal.)

I have been thinking about it a bit since I ran into the articles.  The type of thinker I am, I tend to think about how I would do it........ the hows, the whats, all of that stuff.  Again I am a Sci-Fi Nut and a Space Enthusiast but that does not mean in something like this (which is well within Our Capabilities NOW!) that I am not a Realist,  I am a Realist!

Before I go Further I would say this -- The Shuttle Program should not be Scrapped but Down Sized!  It (they, the shuttles) will be needed in this.  Shuttles would not play a major role in the beginning of a Mars Colonization Program but would be of use later.

What would we do with the Shuttles in the mean time?  That's the easy part.

First,  Perform a complete refit of all Shuttles - make sure all wiring, tiles, computers, tubing, Everything was in Perfect working order.

Second,  Launch them to the International Space Station (ISS from here on) and Turn them into Maintenance Vehicles and "Life Boats".

A few things that that accomplishes - Having the Shuttles as permanent "Life Boats" on the ISS allows a means for the crew of the ISS to secure themselves in another Safe sealed Environment if something should happen that makes the ISS incapable of providing Life Support.  If, if it can not be fixed then it provides the Crew the means to Return to Earth quickly without Delay.

Not using them as a "Life Boat" they could still be used as additional Crew Space.  More Scientist in Space to research and find whatever Great Minds find when Placed in Unique Environments for prolonged periods of time.

The Shuttles from the ISS could easily act as Maintenance Ships (like the USS Sierra AD-18 I served on in the Navy) to repair Satellites quickly with minimal delay and scheduling.  (How much Money would that save by itself?)  NASA could even Charge Civilian Companies that are in need of the Satellite Maintenance Services at a cheaper cost than it would be for those same Companies to have to replace those satellites.
Savings for the Companies means (or should mean) cheaper costs for Us.  Charging those Companies for the Services also means Additional funds for NASA.
I think you get where I am going with that.

One of the biggest questions that I see here - Fuel for the Shuttles, where would it be stored?
Well, I thought about that as well.  Fuel could be stored in a Balloon Storage that was "Tethered" to the ISS.  As I do not have all of the Technical Data, I can not be certain but I imagine that a unit like that could be "Tethered" at a safe distance and still be "Functional".

This keeps the Shuttles in Service and available for any other "Things" that could be seen as "Needing" those capabilities.  There is so much more that the Shuttles are Capable of that a capsule is not.

Back to the Mars Colonization:

I do not know how far the Scientist that suggested this went with the thought; however, I have been thinking about if a good bit.  In the above link to one of the articles, the article talks about sending supplies prior and building a stockpile.  That is definitely a must.  There is No way that the supplies needed would be able to be taken in "One Shot".

They Mention two missions of two people in order to get started - NOT ENOUGH!!!!!
The odds of finding a total of 4 people with the skills required is NUTS to say the least (and that is being kind).  Four people are not going to be able to do all that is required to insure success of the task.

To start with (Basics just to give you a Good Chance):

- Medical Personnel - 2 Doctors (knowledgeable in All aspects of Medicine) and 2 Nurses - in case any surgeries are required and One of the Doctors is the one sick or even Died.

- Engineers 2 or 3 insuring that the best plan of construction is taken and multiple projects worked on at one time.

- Horticulture 2 people well knowledgeable in, in order to provide fresh vegetables and food.

- Electricians 2 - with the amount of things that require electricity - this is a No Brainer

- General Laborers (preferably "Jacks-of-All-Trades") - Minimum of 6 - and all of the above not performing the assigned duties to double up and work as laborers to get projects accomplished in a timely fashion.

That totals 17 initial "Pioneers" so round that figure up to 20 needed in an initial Base Colony.
All Volunteers, KNOWING that there would be NO return Home.
Trying to think of the Ideal Beginning Colonist group - "Sea Bees" and Marines are the First ones that come to mind that would be able accept the hardships and overcome the obstacles that could and would arise in an endeavor such as this.

Facilities such as a Horticulture station, living quarters, water recycling facility and Solar Electrical station would all have to be the First things accomplished.
The next thing -- well maybe not the next thing but one I would suggest as a Minor Priority - a Runway and Launch rail.

Runway and Launch Rail?  Yes, as with a Runway flights from Shuttles could come in and land and bring additional supplies and materials to move on to the next step.  Additional People!
In the time it takes for the Colonist to get these facilities up and running the Shuttles could be retrofitted with a magnetic rail attachment that would interact with a Launch rail (Similar to the Magnetic rails working around the world today) so that once the shuttles have landed they could take off again coming back to Earth.

FYI -- the Shuttles can glide in our atmosphere but can not take off as they are bulky odd things; however, in an atmosphere that is much much thinner than ours and the escape velocity of Mars is so much weaker than here on earth  (Earth Escape Velocity = @ 11km/s, Mars Escape Velocity = 5km/s ) it would be an easy task to relaunch from the surface.

I have more.  Much, Much more on this topic and could make a living with this if I had only Finished my Degrees.

OH, and if you would like to know - If my daughters were in their 20s, I would be The First to Volunteer for a mission like this.

Imagine the Legacy that would leave!?!

Just a few thoughts on the matter.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Couldn't Sleep? Neither Could I!

Anything at Anytime almost got this written last night.  Almost.

I couldn't sleep and it was UGLY.  I would close my eyes for about 5 minutes and something, anything would happen or make a sound and I was WIDE awake again....another 30 - 45 minutes wasted to get back to that point.  UGhhhhhhh!

So, since I couldn't sleep, I started surfing the TV and ran across one of those Time Life Infomercials for one of their music CD sets.

Normally you wouldn't find me within 10 channels of one of those things.  This one grabbed my attention - what there was of it in a sleep deprived mind - because it was loaded with Old rock.

Since I couldn't afford to buy the set I figured I would surf around and go to my friends over at MixPod and see what kind of Musical bits I could present you today.


Maybe one or two will have a something from me written before them.  Well, we will see about that as the moment strikes me.

Enjoy these:    This will run about 25 - 30 minutes of straight play time.

Since this is my Blog I figured the First song should be :  Danny's Song

If you don't have time for this list right now - go to the bottom of the page and play that one at least, then when you get home and have time for a relaxing cup of coffee or tea put your feet up and listen to this set.

Music Playlist at MixPod.com
There is more.  Read on and Listen if you like?

This Bit could make a post of its own but being that it was inspired doing this search, I am going to place it all here together.

Growing up we all Look at our parents and for a time try and emulate them.
How we walk, talk, react; just a few ways that we follow in their steps.

Once I got past the initial stage of emulating my father, somewhere, somehow, I began to distance myself.  Looking back............ I have No idea exactly when it started but it did.  We both have gotten Older, much Older.  Over that time distance grew and grew and at some point I think we have ended up Back to Back.  The only thing we had in common was our LOVE for College Football.

Thank God for that!

Back to Back, now who is emulating who?

I think, to this day, that my parents are still trying to figure out who and what I am.  In my 40's now and getting ready to add another year and they still haven't figured that out.

I can't find any fault in that because......... Hell, I'm still trying to figure out who and what I am!

I DO know that with everything that has happened in my Life over the last few years, I have changed.  I LOOK at things.  I mean LOOK, deep down as far as I can.  Not just for myself but for MY family.
I don't have time for BULL SHIT (got that from him but learned that lesson way to late).  Don't waste my time as I don't know how much I have left.

I'm not dieing today or tomorrow (knock on wood) but having Later Stage Emphysema and on Oxygen 24/7, I know that that S.O.B. is just around the corner keeping an eye on me if I am not careful and take care of myself.

Little late, but I have learned to LOOK at the person, the whos, the whys, and the wherefores that have caused things to happen.  Looking back - I can say:  I Was Wrong.  Not with all of it but with a big bunch of it.  (This actually applies to both of them - My Mother and Father.)

Where is this going?

I don't know.  I am writing this as I listen to the clip you will find below.

Over the years I have not been the only one to change.
Remember - Back to Back, who is emulating who?

The Family (parents, brothers, sister-in-laws, kids) has been put in a Wringer and twisted and scrunched and squeezed till there ain't much left but stubbornness to stand and say "Is that all you got?"
In a 3 month period from March 09 - my youngest brother passed away at 33 with a heart attack (he had health issues, not size, but was unexpected), two weeks apart I was diagnosed with Later Stage Emphysema and my other brother's wife was diagnosed with an unknown Cancer (she passed away in Dec 09 (after Christmas, for her boys) less than 9 months later).

Don't Give me or the Family Condolences, as this was not written for that but to show you, tell you, that things happen to change perception and understanding.

I see more of myself in my father and more of him in me than I ever have in the past.  I am not just like him.  I like to think I took the good bits and kept them and took the bad and fixed em (or made them as good as I could).  Oh, and if anyone tells you they don't have "ANY" bad things -- Call "BULL SHIT" and tell them you don't have time for it.

We all have things to fix.  I've been fixing a bunch and I know I still have things to work on.

I could run on this topic all day........ especially since it is the Only Running I can do now.  LOL

Listen to the Song and Enjoy:  I dedicate this to my Dad - Danny Neal Winfield Sr.

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Give me a Call -- let's talk about "Nothing"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WOW! Almost 6 Months - Really?

Anything at Anytime (I) wasn't paying attention.

Today's post will be #153 - that means I passed 150 a few days ago.

How did I miss that?!?

Well, I did.

I Guess we all missed out on the Fireworks show for that one.  Bummer.

Looking at the Calendar, I started this Blog - Anything at Anytime - back on May 23rd 2010.  The 6 month moment is fast approaching.

Couple of quick screen shots here:

Anything at Anytime's First week up.
Reached 181 visits that first week as I visited a ton to make sure things were looking good and I begged, and Posted everywhere - and begging some more for people to stop in and see what they thought and how the site looked.

I Think Anything at Anytime's look changed 4 or 5 times that first week.

I should have taken screen shots of the changes but as I was REALLY NEW to the whole thing I didn't.
Shame that, as I think everyone would have noticed HUGE Differences.  Those that are still with me from the beginning can attest to that, if they can remember?!?!?!?

That was the Then.

This is the Then to Now:

Most of the Visits from Then - Now. Look how near 3500 visits are
Is 5000 to much to cross fingers for at years end?  Maybe?
There are a few single visits from a few Countries in Africa, Central America and South America that are not showing up but for those of you - Well, you are all still a part of this slowly, steadily growing Blog.

I have slowed up on the "Running" out there and Begging and as some call it "Blog Whoring".
Don't get me wrong.  I still do it but not as much as I was.  I think I have built up a solid base and with time, good writing, word of mouth (that means you my steadfast followers - letting others KNOW and telling them to stop here or Else!!!!!), a Blog Whoring here, a Begging there; the flood of "Followers" and comments will come.

I have several Followers (public Followers) that are already on the way to, as Annah puts it, "Famosity".
A few of my Followers are some of those Lucky Few that Google has seen fit to put on the B.O.N.s

B.O.N.s you ask?  BLOGS of NOTE.  A way Google points out some very interesting Blogs.  Still trying to figure out how they Judge that, as some of what they pick are just DUHHHHHHH?????.  Then again, Some are Awesome Blogs.

I still think they are a tad rattled over at the Picking department as Anything at Anytime hasn't been chosen yet, but that will come with time.  I won't offer to sacrifice nor harm any Pictures of Chickens.  I won't!
I draw the line at Sacrificing Chicken Pictures.  *Wink*

I have made "Friends" from many Places.  They have their own blogs that I think are good, great blogs that keep people interested, educated, and just gives people the overall feeling that there are others out there dealing with the same Bull**it!

Annah - Red Means Go (don't take this wrong Girlo) a young woman that makes me think of what my own girls will be like in a few years (Scary and Fun all rolled into One) - in Florida.

LAvery - When a Southern Woman Rambles and The Magnolia Blossom Review (which she just did a re-review of Anything at Anytime and we have "Improved" from 3.7 Blossoms to a FULL 4 Blossoms), and she is the Overseer of RBU (Real Bloggers United, which has featured a couple of my posts) - in South Carolina.

Mynx - has a couple,  one called Dribble..... and another called Secret Pleasures.. (a very, very Adult story site.  She has asked me to write something for there but I still need to work up the Juevos (see Man, Moment, ????? for the definition) in order to match the Steam that site creates.
In the Great Down Unda - Australia for those that aren't in the know.

Jamie (I'm always getting the "M" and the "I" flip-flopped) - at Daydream Believer and (unless I have just misread everything) a Teacher like J - in The Rocky Mountain State.

Mrs. Midnite - a Love in Edinburgh, Scotland (and NO Love is not what you are thinking it is - English reference "Love" is totally different in context - like I tell the girls go LOOK it UP!) that has a site called Mrs. Midnite's Mutterings.

There are many, Many others:
Madame D., Jenn (my cousins daughter - aka my little cousin), Nana, Amber, the list goes on and on.

If I didn't get you in here today - Don't Fret!  I will have another post like this sometime and will try and get everyone included.

If it weren't for this Blog I never would have run into these people and the interesting things they all have to write and entertain us all with.

I Wonder??????

What will the next Six Months bring?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Captcha Humor V

Anything at Anytime presents another Episode of:

Captcha Humor 
Episode V

What does a guy do when "They" have been in a Thong to long?
Well, of course he REST EM.

What do people do when they are going to "Moon" you?
Easy - They go BUMS UP.

When you are remembering someone special or listening to something 
very good or interesting, what do you tell people that are bugging/disturbing you?

You tell them to SUSSH!

What do we call those that regularly read our Blogs and Comment Frequently?

Now, when I save these I save them under the file name: Captcha Humors ## to find them.
This one Just happened that when I saved it, it was/is Captcha Humor 69.

If you are a Priest/Preacher, a Nun or a Monk you should be?

Hope you all got a laugh or two from these.  If you run across any good ones I would Love to see them and hear about them.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just can't Think

Don't know what to Write?
Same Here.

Sitting here at my Desk,

Pondering what to write.

My Desk,

What a Royal turbulence it is.

Nothing in Order again,

But Ordered it is.

Tid bits here and tid bits there,

Just the way I operate, I Think

Maybe I should run

Not physically, I can't.

Another Clean up Post,

Possible, but then again Probably not.

Maybe some Coffee that might jar my head,

A bit of Sugar, a touch of Milk, that just should work.

Not sure but today is just a brain dead day.  I hope these dead cells brought something worth a quick read.
What would you suggest for some topics you would like me to think about when my brain ain't dead.

Hope you all have a Great Week

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Anything at Anytime's - "Eyessentials"

Anything at Anytime - this actually happened so I hope you get a laugh out of it.

Have you ever found yourself in a chat or a chat room where it seems that a few of the people you meet, in that chat/chat room, and yourself just "Click"?

Yesterday, Anything at Anytime (I) had that happen and Today's Post is dedicated to what transpired.  I am sad to report that I did not copy the conversation.  What follows is the gist of what happened and I think you will all get a kick out of it - I at least I hope you get a smile - I know I was having a Blast when it was going on and still smiling about it now as I am remembering it and preparing to write about it.

This whole post is based on a PUN.

Setting the stage:

I have a Liking to playing Free poker online at Poker stars and yesterday was no different.

When "sat" at a table it depends on the tournament on how many people are "sitting".

In yesterdays case it was a full table with 9 of us "sitting" and preparing to take our opponents money.

From this point on this is not the Exact way things happened but as near as I can recall.

Being sat at the table for the tournament I found a Gentleman to my right that the beginning of his Poker Name was, of all things, "Ace".  Two seats to my left there was another Gentleman whom I will identify as "Mall".
These are the People (which I do not know and did not talk to prior) that I joined in cahoots with in this conversation(s).

Seated across from us all was :  

I, again, Hope you enjoy.

Anything at Anytime


As the first cards are being dealt out:

Mall says something such as:   "I can't help feeling like I am being watched"

Ace -  "We will need to keep an "eye" out"

Myself - "I can't fathom why someone would want to "watch" us?"

(Now there are pauses and dealing and hands all being played while we do this and I will not bother you with all of that.  Just remember that this is all happening with some delays as we are playing our cards as well.  Which gives us the added benefit of coming up with better and wittier comments.)

(I don't recall who did this first but I will lay claim to it and if either of the other two stop in and comment that they started it...... Well, that is fine and I will post it and give them that claim.)

Myself - "Eye just don't see it"

Mall - "Tiny, do you have to keep Looking at me like that?"

Myself - "Don't you think Eye could Leye down for a nap while she is watching things?

Ace - "Tiny, could you keep an eye on my chips while I go the the bathroom?"

Mall - "Eye find this confusing the think with an Eye over my shoulder."

Mall - "Maybe I should keep a Lid on it?"

Myself - "I need a Cornea beer please?"

Ace - "Teyeny, don't let us catch you Blinking."

(This went on and on for the better part of an hour with us coming up with many different Puns based on an Eye or the "I" sound)

Myself - "Teyeny, could you please stop Looking at me?"

Ace - "I think I will take my family to the Transeyeberian Orchestra for the Holiday musical."

Myself - "Teyeny is getting the brunt of everything.  Maybe we should buy her the Eyeful Tower?"

Ace - "Wheye would we do that when we could buy the Eyesores"

Mall - "Eye intend to Eyedentifeye all loosing hands."

Myself - "Now, this would make a Great Post on Meye Blog!

Myself - "Eye think Eye will call tomorrow's post - "Anything at Anytime's Eyessentials"."

Thus you have today's Post.

Eye would Love to See what keyend of Eye/"I" puns you all can come up with?!?!?!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Call to Action and Input

Anything at Anytime would like to make a few changes here on the site.

Nothing drastic mind you, just maybe a touch cosmetic (upon legitimate suggestions) and to one of my additional Pages.

So, with that in mind, Anything at Anytime asks YOU; the reader, follower or just individual that stumbled upon this site, to peruse (look around) the site and find what Anything and Everything you Like and Don't Like.  Posts that you think are good and deserve a place that others can find it quickly and easily.

If you take a glance at the Favorites page, you will see that I put My Favorites on it, but I state that it is to be my favorites and Your Favorites.

Find those posts I have written that you really enjoy and comment here so that I can start building a list of what needs to be added to the Favorites page.  Let me/us (all that read my blog) know what you liked about the posts and why it should be a Favorite.  I would definitely like to know and others might find it interesting as well.

As for the Cosmetics -- Legitimate suggestions that will "flow" with everything will be considered and toyed with to get it just right.
Anything in the overall look that doesn't quiet fit or doesn't work like you think it should, those kinds of Things.

The Book Reading Dragon and Header STAYS..... LOL

Hope you all will provide some feedback.

Oh, and Keep an "EYE" out for tomorrows Post --- Teaser

Friday, November 12, 2010

An Award For Me (The Blog)?

Before Anything at Anytime gets into the bit about the Award we were passed, I would like to THANK all that Stopped in and Visited yesterday.  Many Comments and Names added to the list of Veterans out there to be remembered and the Visits to the site gave us out 3rd best total of visits on a single day.

Now, on to the Award -

The other Day I stopped in at Dribble....... a site Posted by Mynx (down in Australia).  She had just received this same award and passed on to me and a few others.

The Rules are really Simple:

1. List 10 things about myself - I can do that and have some fun with it at the same time.

2. Pass it on to what appears to be 5 others.

The Award

10 Things about Me

1.  Top of the List here -- I Love to be a bothersome Flirt with my Wife - Not completely an exhibitionist but enough so that if some one sees - well, let them think what they will

2.  My Wife and My Children come before ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

3.  I have Later Stage Emphysema - Supposed to be on Oxygen 24/7 but can't stand going out in Public with my Oxygen tank.

4.  Dragons, Dragons, Dragons......... I am a Dragon Nut and have a fair sized collection.  Not Huge but a nice collection over the years of Figures, Books and Pictures.

5.  I Served in the United States Military twice:  Once in the Navy and the Second in the Army.  

6.  There is a "Poor Me" - Financial
There is a "RICHEST IN THE WORLD" me - My Family and Friend Guarantee that!

7.  I Like writing for Anything at Anytime - just wish my skills at writing were a tenth of my Favorite Authors.

8.  I/We (as a family) Love Dogs -- Pound Pups in particular.
Something about getting a dog from the Rescue shelter or Pound
Both times we have gotten GREAT DOGS

9.  Personal Philosophy -- 
Life Passes bye quickly 
Every Now and Again
and Listen
You may be Surprised

10. I always try to do something for someone out of the blue 
A stranger or a Friend it doesn't matter - Just do something Nice for someone else.

Now the 5 Pass ons for this Award:
All Good in my Opinion 
No Specific Order

The first two go out to the Same person but for different Blogs:
LAvery with: 

Exactly what it says A Southern Woman putting life out there as she sees it -- some really interesting bits.

A review by LAvery of many blogs and she grades them with Magnolia Blossoms.
Best has 4 and down from there.  
The Reviews cover a wide variety of styles and taste.  
Odds on she has something you will be interested in.
She did not get this award because she Reviewed Anything at Anytime 
and gave us 3.7 Blossoms                     

Jill Hamilton with:

Definitely an Adult Oriented site but has some Hilarious articles about Adult Life and Sex.  If you have even half an open mind you have to look around her site.

Jaime Jensen with:

Covers a wild full field of topics that cover what has and is happening in her life.  Must Read.    

as always I will keep one in the Pocket for that Blog that just jumps out and grabs me.
When I find that one - It will be getting several awards.

Hope you all have had a Great Day and The Weekend Awaits Us.                

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day - Thank You ALL!

Awesome Picture!
A Then and Now of the Birth of
the US Army Air Corp
and the now US Air Force
As most of you know or have Guessed -  Anything at Anytime has a Thing for Veterans.  Since I am a Vet, my brother, my Father, my Father-in-Law, my Grandfather...... Well, I am sure you get the idea.  Serving Our Great Nation has been an Honor and priveledge for generations.

If you were to listen to what my Mother says after all of her genealogy research - we have had someone in the family in the militaries (some not American) back to the 1600s.

Hmmmm, Where did
He say this went?

Preparing for Today's Post - I did a little research and found a few things out.
Damn, "Learn something New Everyday" is a true statement.

I was and am going to get a little into the Colors of Our Nations Flag.  A little education first as this is where I learned something.

My research first to me to US Flag.org - that is where I learned that when the US Flag was first adopted in 1777 that the colors at the time had No meaning -  Not that those Colors did not Mean something to those designing the Flag, but the colors had No recognized meaning.

The recognized meaning of the Colors was assigned to the Great American Seal.

For more information on the Seal click here.

Today is not the day for a Class on American History and Symbology so I will not attempt to go into all of it.  Needless to say if you like history - it is interesting to read up on some of these things and how they came about.
If you read the small print 30,000 soldiers took part in this.
Taken at Fort Custar 1918

The Colors were assigned to the Shield the Eagle holds.

The Stars  - Represent the Original 13 Colonies
               They signify the Heavens and the Devine Goal Man Aspires to

The Red    - signifies Hardiness and Valor

The White  - signifies Purity and Innocence

The Blue     - signifies Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice

All things as We should aspire to - Not just as a Nation but as PEOPLE!

A few Pictures of Various Services then a bit more reading at the end.

USS Sierra AD-18
I served on board
An Avenger
What I was trained for and did
when in the Army.

My Brother does other things
for the Coast Guard now
However, He was a Rescue Pilot for awhile.

Part of a Fleet at Sea in Formation
Notice bottom center - Aircraft from the Carrier Flying before the Fleet.

Only one of the Most Famous Moments
in US Marine Corps History.
My Great Uncle Served on Her and trained
many New Hands to the Coast Guard Fleet

Check out her Friends Below

I'm not going to apologize for the Angels.  I just thought they fit, in so many ways.  I found them on a Church Website and Felt they were a Fantastic Statement and Contrast to an Idiot that Pickets Military Funerals.

From then to Now ----- My Thanks and Deepest Respect to all Veterans, Active Duty and Those just now Volunteering for the Services.

If you know of Any Veterans you would like to Mention and or Thank -  Please - Leave a comment with their name, Service and years in (if known) or ERA they served so others might be able to say "Thanks" as well.

My List is Long so I will keep it to just a few on this page.  If you would like to see more of my list (and I know I am missing a Ton of Names) please visit my earlier post for the Memorial Day Dedication.

The Short List -

My Father - Dan Winfield - US Army -1966 -197? Vietnam Era

My Grandfather - Neal Winfield (Deceased) - US Army - World War II / POW

My Father-in-Law - H. Franklin Mains - US Army - Korea

My Brother - Donald L. Winfield - US Coast Guard - 1992 - Present

Again, This is the "SHORT" list -- check out the Memorial Day Dedication and if your name is not here or there - I may not Remember the Names but You ALL are Not Forgotten on this Day of THANKS!

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