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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Semi-Boxing Day, Videos and Kindles, Huhhhhhh?

Anything at Anytime hope all of you had a Merry Christmas or a Great Whatever you celebrate at this time of year.

I didn't make any posts yesterday; however, I did do some fiddling around.
I played around a bit on here with a few things and cleaned up and improved a touch.
I guess you could say I did a bit of the traditional English Boxing Day thing Christmas afternoon and evening.

If you will notice - in the page bar above there are a couple of changes - I combined the "Blogs I Like" and "Blog Directories" tabs to create "Blogs I Like and Directories", also made some Clickable thumb pictures of the Blogs I Like.  It took a little playing with the the Windows "Paint" program but got it and think it came out pretty good for all.

Also above in the page bar you will notice a "Videos" Page.

Now, If you go into the New Video Page I have up my first effort and I hope it is not that lame.  Improvements will come.  I promise.

I got the program called "Video Spin" as a free download and after a couple of hours of total screw ups on my behalf, as I have never worked with programs like this, I finally got it and it worked out pretty good for a first "Production".  :)

If you are interested and want to get the program for yourself to try click the link above and then click the blue tab on the middle right of the page.  Quick download doesn't take long and you will be up and running with it in a few minutes.

After that I started doing some basic surfing and got to Youtube and decide to register there and put my first attempt up there.  If you would like to follow there (made it easy for all to find) the link is - Anything at Anytime Videos.

Enough of what mucking around I did Yesterday.

Christmas was good and Our girls are the first in the family to get Kindles.

Those things are AWESOME and Amazon has availability to download THOUSANDS (yes, THOUSANDS) of FREE Downloadable books.

I got online and registered both units in a matter of maybe 5 minutes.  Found them several books:  "Dracula", "Alice in Wonderland", "The Odyssey", the "Illiad", "Gilligan's Travels", Edgar Allan Poe's Complete Poetical Works, and "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes".  ALL FREE!

That was just the tip of the Iceberg of what is available.

While I was registering the Kindles for the girls they were charging them up.  It did not take long to charge them up.  Once they were charged I collected them and drove down to McDonalds that has free Wi-Fi connected them both to the server and was back home about 10 minutes later.  Not even enough time to finish my coffee.

So, My daughters are the first to go, what I refer to them as, GREEN BOOKs.  No trees harmed in the making of good, what am I saying, Great Literature.

J and I are trying to figure it into our budget come Feb. or March to get us each one.  Then slowly replace our Library in the Kindles.

Oh, you don't know how much storage space they have, silly of me not to mention it.  You can store up to 1500 books in a Kindle.  That means a Ton of extra space around a house full of books.

Sorry for my Ravings.  We have known they were getting these for a little while.  Every since I registered Anything at Anytime for Kindle publishing I have wanted one and as DAD, I get to play around with theirs and see what it is about.

At this Point I would have to say it has an "A" for a score.
The ease of registration, finding and "Ordering" books/downloads, Quickness of charge, and how fast it downloads orders when connected to the Wi-Fi;  All get "A"s.

As time goes on, I will tell you more but so far AWESOME!

Any AWESOME gifts under your tree this year?


Friday, December 24, 2010

Double Whammy

Sorry the Elf that Took this one
always gets teary eyed
so it is out of focus

Making final Preps
before the Journey

Anything at Anytime is going to hit you with a Double Whammy of the "12 Blogs by Christmas" today.  

Next year I will start it a Day earlier so that #1 and #2 have their own Days.

It is sort of fitting today that They share a Day because both of them are Fantastic Blogs and This way I don't have to choose which is 1 and which is 2.

Before I get to them, I would ask that you listen to what is on the Play list today (at least the first one).
Being a Veteran, Born into a Family that has been a part of the Military for a very Long time, Family and Friends that are Serving Now and Living in a city surrounded with Army and Air Force facilities, the first one just felt "fitting" on this day before Christmas.

MusicPlaylistView Profile
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#1 and #2
(you pick)

by the Quiet Riot


by Mynx

Both of these sites have their own Unique "Charm"!

The Quiet Riot has created a combination of Visual Art (Pictures made by her) and Ever Awesome Poetry and Prose (of her own).  Something about the Simple presentation of both together just really is Nice.
When I see a New Post up on Dancing on the Other Side of the Rainbow I have to go there and SEE and READ what has been written.  Well WORTH Your Time!

Mynx has another of those sites that when I see something New, I have to go Running.  Dribble.... talks about everyday life - at work, play, with Family and Friends from a DownUnda perspective.  She is Lucky as she gets Christmas in Summer and Just Celebrated a Birthday Yesterday.
So a Birthday Shout out to Her for the Holiday would be nice.

Stop by and Visit both of these wonderful sites and look around.  Peek, Poke and Scurry through all the nooks and crannies and then Comment and let them know you were there.

#3   Red means Go
#4   Caffeine-A-Holic
#5   Plentiful Sufficiency and Benchmark 60
#6   The Blogger's Cafe
#7   Real Bloggers United
#8   Daydream Believer
#9   Tribal Writer
#10 10 Minutes 2 Breathe
#11 Fizzee Food
#12 Canadian Blogger Girl

I hope you have all Enjoyed the "12 Blogs by Christmas" and have stopped in and viewed them and commented on their blogs - maybe even "Followed" them if you thought they were interesting to you.

I hope you all have a Safe Evening and Wish YOU ALL find what your Looking for Under your Tree tomorrow Morning.

Tonight I will Raise a Toast of Eggnog to you all - and Yes, it will be a BIG GIANT Glass with a sprinkle of Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

Tomorrow, Anything at Anytime will not have a Post up as Tomorrow will be dedicated to the Friends and Family here, but I will have Something Up on Sunday.

Wishing ALL of You,


Thursday, December 23, 2010

10 Things I Think of and Enjoy During Christmas and # 3

Anything at Anytime, We, You and I have 2 days until Christmas.
So, Today's post will be simple.
A List.

A List of things I Enjoy or Think about at Christmas.

A little bit of Christmas Music

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But, Before we get there:

We are down to 3 blogs left for the "12 Blogs by Christmas".  Now it is getting very difficult deciding because I like all of the Blogs I read.  I wouldn't be following them if I didn't.  The choice is made a little easier as some have been, for lack of a better description, on Vacation.

That still leaves Several to choose from.  If for some reason your blog is not on the list, I still like your blogs and who knows they could end up on the "12 Blogs by Christmas" next year.
(See what I did there, committed myself to a long term project.  Can't go anywhere until I finish my Jobs list or my Honey Do List.)


Red means Go
by Annah aka (to me) Girlo

I follow a couple of B.O.N.s (Blogs of Note - by Google standards, if anyone knows what those are please let me KNOW).  Annah at Red means Go is the first and to this day the only B.O.N. that I was following BEFORE she got B.O.N.ed.
At the time, I was her 150th follower and THIS Crazy smiley was my Avatar -
Her site rapidly grew from the moment she became a member of the Famosity B.O.N.ed Club.
She makes her own cartoons for her site and has some fantastic "Ducky Lip" pictures.
She shares her life as it happens and no bars held.  She tells it as she sees it and sometimes the language is a tad rough, but again that is life.  I talk a Hell of a lot worse, just don't put it on the site. :)

She Loves animals, specifically Dogs and will pick up a stray in a heartbeat and do her best to find it a Loving Home.  (For that alone she gets in the "12 Blogs by Christmas"!!!!!)
Anybody that goes out of their way for Man's Best Friend deserves recognition.

Matter of Fact - as of this time while I write this her last Post is about one of her "Rescues".  Stop in and Pay her a visit.
And Maybe one day Anything at Anytime will Join her on the B.O.N.ed List.  (Crossing Fingers, hoping maybe someday.)

#4   Caffeine-A-Holic
#5   Plentiful Sufficiency and Benchmark 60
#6   The Blogger's Cafe
#7   Real Bloggers United
#8   Daydream Believer
#9   Tribal Writer
#10 10 Minutes 2 Breathe
#11 Fizzee Food
#12 Canadian Blogger Girl

10 Things I Think of
and Enjoy
During Christmas

A little peek into my soul.
A glimpse of what sits in me on the lighter side.

During Christmas I like to think of the "Was", "Is", and "Will be/Could be"s.
It is an contemplation of it all and should be something we all do Everyday!

So I will keep it simple a list of 10 Things I Think of and Enjoy During Christmas.
Starting at #10 and up to #1

#10 - Presents -  presents for me, is last on the list because it is definitely not a major concern but I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy a gift or two just for me.

(From here to #3 they are in no particular order)

#9  - The "BUM" on the street and how if it weren't for Friends and Family that could easily be me.

#8  - Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie with TONS of Cool Whip.
                        Better Yet, Let's just say ALL FRESH BAKED HOLIDAY TREATS!!!!!

#7  - The Christmases with Family (Thinking about and remembering Christmases Past)

#6  - Friends and Compatriots in the military that can not be home with their Family and Friends during the Holidays.

#5  - The Little Drummer Boy - as that is and has been my Favorite Christmas Song - a humble gift of pure talent and heart, nothing more, nothing less.

#4  - People I know and Love that are no longer with us during the Season.  (That includes things that have been passed on from them to me to be used for the Holidays.  Each and Every One are Used and they are remembered.)

#3  - Surprising someone, anyone, with an act of kindness with no forethought.  At Least Once during the Holidays.  (Another thing we should all do, All of the time.)

#2  - EGGNOG - Can't get enough during the Holidays.  A BIG GIANT Glass sprinkled with Cinnamon and Nutmeg, MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

#1  The Very Top of my List -
I Thank God that He gave me My Wife and Daughters.  Nothing in the World Compares to the Joy they bring to My Life EVERY SINGLE DAY!

What are some of the things you Think of and Enjoy During the Holidays?
(NO, BILLS and Stresses don't count, Something You ENJOY or brings you HAPPY THOUGHTS?)

Please Share?


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Anything at Anytime is interrupted at this time to bring you ******* BREAKING NEWS*******

BREAKING NEWS from our on the scene Reporter Jack Frost

*Jack Frost*

Apparently Christmas is in Jeopardy!!!
Reports are being kept Quiet on the issue but from an unnamed reliable source inside the El Paso County Jail, Santa has been Arrested!

Yes, Arrested!

According to our source Santa was forced to land by the Border Patrol helicopter because of erratic flying.  The Border Patrol in conjunction with the El Paso Police Dept. was keeping an eye out for potential Drunk Drivers when the Sleigh Santa was driving was seen to be moving about in a very disorderly fashion.  So the Border Patrol contacted the Local Police and informed them the location that they were forcing down the sleigh so that the Authorities could take him into custody.

The Charge - FWI - Flying While Intoxicated.

This is serious Jack.
But just a moment, we will come back to you for more but first a quick message from our Sponsor.

Anything at Anytime is Glad to bring you #4 of the "12 Blogs by Christmas":


by Caffeineaholic

Caffeineaholic has put out a blog that is about nothing but reviewing Caffeine/Energy products.  He has a wide, wide variety of products he has reviewed so that we the public can be informed when we go looking for those things we need to keep us going when we are the most run down.

From Candy to Mints, Mints to Drinks, You want it tried out and Reviewed he has done it and if he hasn't let him know what and he will get his hands on it and try it.

He also has Contest going on to give out various "Energy" packages and has One going on Right Now that ends Christmas Day at midnight.  Stop over and see if you might be interested in submitting to try and win the Prize and man it is a BIG List of Products.

#5   Plentiful Sufficiency and Benchmark 60
#6   The Blogger's Cafe
#7   Real Bloggers United
#8   Daydream Believer
#9   Tribal Writer
#10 10 Minutes 2 Breathe
#11 Fizzee Food
#12 Canadian Blogger Girl 

*******BREAKING NEWS*******


Jack,  Now that we are back from our Sponsors we, here at the Studio, were wondering if you had any other information?

Yes, Apparently when Santa was pulled over they gave him a Breathalyzer test and he FAILED Catastrophically! 
His BEC - Blood Eggnog Content - was 10 times, YES! 10 Times the legal limit.

We have obtained a copy of his Mug Shot - this is what He Looked like when they forced Him to Land.

From what I have been able to gather so far, is that once the Police realized they had the REAL Santa they immediately got him before a Judge (name withheld so that No threats are made).  

The Judge realized that if the matter were not solved quickly that Christmas may have to be put on hold or maybe even completely Canceled this year.  

What I have learned (and I understand the Judge has just been told) is that Santa is NOT at Fault.  Apparently the Elves were playing a Joke on Santa and instead of Hot Chocolate in his Thermoses they filled them with Eggnog.  

We all know how addictive Eggnog can be!
One Drink is to many and a Thousand Drinks not enough!

Just a moment Dan,.......... Someone is Approaching the Podium.......
Its the Police Chief, let's see what he has to say.

*Police Chief*
Gentleman of the Press,  
Since you are the first to pick up this story and the only one here reporting it, we are going to go through you to appeal to the people.  

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children,
Last night Santa was apprehended and Charged with FWI - Flying While Intoxicated.  We Realize that this was not, repeat Not His fault as he was the Victim of a poorly, Very Poorly, timed Prank by the Christmas Elves.  Regardless of that, Eggnogging and Flying are NOT TOLERATED!

That being Said....... We do not want to be the Cause of Christmas being Delayed or Canceled.  The Judge realizes the Severity of the issues.  His (the Judge's) Edict is that if enough interest can be Gathered and Proof Provided to him (the Judge) then he (the Judge) will release Santa to perform his (Santa's) regular duties.

*Jack Frost*
How are the People to show their interest and Provide that Proof the Judge?

*Police Chief*
They can Show the interest by Comments on your Stations Website.  They can Tweet, Stumbleupon, Forward, email and every form you all can think of.  Just Get the Word OUT!
The More Interest, Concern and Comments you can Gather Quickly will insure that Christmas goes on like it is Scheduled.

*Jack Frost*
There you have it...... Christmas is in Our Hands!
We All need to get active.  

If I may Dan, a personal appeal.......
People, you heard the Police Chief.  Please!?!?!?!? 
Tweet, Stumble, digg, use every available means to Pass this on and EVERYONE Comment so we will have a record to show the Judge that we Want SANTA FREE.

There you have it Folks....... Christmas is in Jeopardy and it is in OUR hands to Save it.
What will we Do?


Thanks to my Oldest D for this Post.  As we were outside yesterday putting up a few more Decorations, I asked her to step back and see how it "Looked".  Her Response is what Triggered this today.  "Dad, it looks as if Santa was FWI."  

My response, "FWI???????" 

Her answer,  "Flying While Intoxicated"

I couldn't Pass this UP.

Please, Pass it around lets see what kind of response this gets?


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It is in a Picture so it Must be TRUE!?! and #6

Anything at Anytime finds it hard to believe but It was caught on Camera last night - Mine at least.
You won't believe what happened last night.

I still find it hard to believe - just a wonder How I could have caught something like that on camera.

For those of you that don't know, I am a Space Buff and LOVE when special things happen.  It just so happens last night/today is a double Whammy when it comes to Celestial events.
A Lunar Eclipse and A Solstice all in less than 24 hours of one another.  The last time that happened was 372 years ago and maybe that is why I caught what I caught on Camera.

I will get into more into what I caught in just a bit.

First I must give you #5 of the "12 Blogs by Christmas":

is a 2'fer 

by #1Nana

Nana, has it going on over at her sites.  She is a Retired Teacher, (Retired) Administrator of a School District, Grand Parent (Full Time) and Wife that puts what she sees and feels out there for a fresh perspective on life after Work.  (Benchmark60)
She also comments about a wide variety of what is good in life in general and how she appreciates what happens in her life on Plentiful Sufficiency.

So stop by her sites and see what she has that might Enlighten you life with something you haven't thought of or maybe overlooked.

#6    The Blogger's Cafe
#7    Real Bloggers United
#8    Daydream Believer
#9    Tribal Writer 
#10  10 Minutes 2 Breathe
#11  Fizzee Food
#12  Canadian Blogger Girl 

It is in a Picture so it Must be TRUE!?!

As I mentioned at the Beginning of this Post, I am a Space Buff so I couldn't help myself with Last night's Eclipse and had J and the Girls stay up with me until almost 1AM so that they could see it (or at least Part of it).  

I even used my camera to try and catch a few pictures.  I wasn't completely satisfied with what I was getting off of my camera so I borrowed Girls' cheap camera and took one picture after everyone had gone to bed and the Eclipse was in Full Bloom!

This Morning I have been downloading the Pictures onto this here computer of mine and trying to come up with a nice collage of a few pictures to Wow you all but to No avail except a small string of Pictures that show just a tad of the Eclipse happening.  

6 pictures I took with my camera
left to right - Full Moon before the Eclipse (Love the Natural Sparkle, almost reminds me of the Nativity Star)
Far right is the Last picture that showed any of the moon.


The Picture I took of the Lunar Eclipse in Full Bloom with the Girls' Camera Now that one......

I am telling you Prepare yourselves!

He must have been doing a Test Run and Decided the Lunar Eclipse would provide "Cover".

It is in a Picture so it Must be TRUE!?!

When I saw this Picture after a closer look I was STUNNED to Say the Least.

Well, I have said Enough -- You be the Judge.

The only thing I can think is that He must have been testing some New kind of "Cloaking" device.  If it had not been for the catching it on Camera I never would have seen it - Nor would you for that matter as I didn't see it when I was Looking right at the moon with my small Telescope.

Oh, and a heads up only 3 Shopping Days left and 4 Days till THE DAY.

Hope you all are ready.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Wrong and #6

I know, I know!  Today's post is getting out late today.  It was for a very good reason, I Promise.
Anything at Anytime went Christmas Shopping today.


by Argentum Vulgaris

A site of Sites.  This is a Blog Surfer that is the definition of a Blog Surfer.  His site is loaded and I mean LOADED with "Libraries" of blogs and sites to visit and see.  At least once you must stop by and "Wander the Halls."

He takes the time to find good quality sites to put in his libraries and sorts them according to various categories.  If he hasn't gotten to you yet, don't fret.  When you see the Libraries you will understand.  Vast is an understatement.

#7  Real Bloggers United
#8  Daydream Believer
#9   Tribal Writer 
#10 10 Minutes 2 Breathe
#11 Fizzee Food
#12 Canadian Blogger Girl 

Just Wrong

Today J and I went shopping and I noticed a few things that were Just Wrong.

Just Wrong #1

Most people drive bad enough as is on a regular basis, the Christmas shopping season is Not a pass to Drive even Worse.  
Seriously,  Come on.  At Least LOOK where your going and wave with a malicious smile when you cut someone off from a parking spot or Pull out in front of them.

Get real out there People, Please be aware of your surroundings when you are driving and try to be courteous.

Just Wrong #2

Line jumping.  Now this one just Pisses me Off to Universal proportions.  A store full of people and half of those are in line(s) to get to the register and make their purchase and go home or more shopping AND some idiot feels he/she has the right, Nay, the authority to Cut lines because He/She is "in a Hurry" and act like they have done nothing wrong.

Sorry but LOOK Here "Jack"/"Janet" - Better back the "F" up and get your butt to the back of the line.

Just Wrong #3

The Guilt trip.
This one is a bit, I don't know but sort of Screwy in my book.  A person has something in their hands looking at it to decide if they want it and then put it down and move a bit down the aisle.  You of course step in and see the same item and (it is the last one on the shelf) start looking at it and the Person that just moved away steps back in and says something like "Ohhhhhh, I just put that down for a seconddddd.  It would be perfect for........."

Come On!  If you put it down and move away from it....... Damn, its Fair Game.  Don't go trying to guilt trip someone you don''t know.
(Besides it wasn't what I was looking for)

Just Wrong #4

A shop attendant that just stands or SITS growing roots in place.  A kiosk in the middle of the mall had some really interesting Leather Jewelry - necklaces, bracelets and a wide variety of stuff.  Some was really cool stuff.  J and I spent about 5 minutes talking about and looking at various bits of this stuff and there was a really cool Leather bracelet with a metal Cross stamp out on it.  Something I would have liked for me and J was cool with it so.........  Had the lady that was attending the Kiosk even once asked if we were interested I would have had a cool bracelet on Right Now.  As it was,  Good God she could have been a Gargoyle stuck on the top of Notre Dame Cathedral.  

Get Real Folks if a potential customer spends more than 2 minutes at a Kiosk (of all places) odds on they are interested in something.  You are there to Sell so Get off you Lazy Dead Backside and "ASK".
(Needless to say - I don't have a Really Cool Leather Cross Bracelet on right now!)

It is the Holidays Folks we all should be on our Best Behavior.  Do me and You a big Favor, when you are out shopping please do Your Best to set a Good Example for those that need it out there.  
You never know, it might catch on and by next year things could be better.


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