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Friday, June 17, 2011

From - Not knowing what, to ....

Wondering where Anything at Anytime is going to take you today?

So am I!

I have no clue where yesterday's post came from but I like the idea.  That will continue from time to time.
I promise it won't be EVERY day but then again maybe there might be something in EVERY post that is worth something to the girls (and you).
You never know when you might see, read or do something that you learn from.


Keep your Eyes Open!

Sorry, Stepped away for a minute and was checking out my stats for the Blog today and for the month.

I saw something that surprised me and I thought was kind of cool.

So I am going to share with you and with them!

Now, what you are looking at is a screen shot of basic stats for the last month and they show the Top 10 referring Urls and Sites to Anything at Anytime.

The circle in Red I found to be AWESOME - these are referrals from other Bloggers and not a BIG BOY (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.....) in the bunch.
The second grouping is the Sites and 6 out of 10 are from other Bloggers
Most I have had like that in either category.

So, I had to do something Special for those people and their Blogs, I went and Created my own Award to give out to them.

The very first "Blogging Award" I have tried to make.

Some of you may recognize the little guy on the Award but for those of you that don't, He was the Very First Dragon I put on this site and for a good period of time he held the upper left hand corner of this website as his personal little resting place.



The Recipients are:

I Don't always comment on their sites but I view their sites often and they never fail to give you something good to read.

Please, Pay them a visit and see what they have to offer to you.
You never know,
You might read, see, or learn something New.

Rules for accepting this Reward:

1.  When you post the Award to your site Please tell us readers Something that Someone (can be a pet or Person) did to Make YOUR day?

2.  Only Pass this on to other Bloggers when you have been in one of THOSE days and you ran across their site and it perked you right up.

Simple, thats all there is to it.
Looking Forward to seeing what you all write when you accept and post your Awards.


P.S.  Reminder -- Father's Day is like NEAR...... at least make him coffee in the morning and wake him up with a kiss.  Dads never get tired of a kiss on the cheek.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

People - How do You Treat them?

Note: When I finished this I realized it came out in a form of Free Writing that landed in a place I wasn't expecting nor the direction I had Planned.

I'm going to do something....

Well, not different.... but call it a step to the side.

Provide a different but similar point of view aimed at Two People in this World - My Daughters!

You as my "Audience" get to view it, read it (them as I will be calling these my "Tid Bits for My Daughters") and comment before they will ever see them.

These will be from My perspective, the life I have lived and hope to continue to live.
Things I have seen, done, laughed at, cried at, and LIVED.

You can agree or disagree, Personally I don't care.  However, for the benefit of my Daughters, please share your Opinions Kindly, because someday They will be reading these and different opinions give them (you) multiple options on how they (you) Look at or React to circumstances.

"Tid Bit for My Daughters"

Today a Movie I really like was on.  I didn't get to see it all as I wasn't paying attention.  Flipping through the channels after one show had ended I saw it was on and coming to an end.
So, of course since I really liked it, I watched the ending.

Girls (and those reading), if you ever get the chance watch a movie called "With Honors" starring Joe Pesci and Brendan Fraser (in my opinion the Best Movie either of them have been in).  It has some very Profound information in it that I feel would be a benefit for you to learn Personally.

I can not Teach you those things.
I can show you and hope you follow my example.
Sometimes I have been Good with that and at others, well.... you have heard some colorful language over the years (mostly to Piss Poor Crappy Assed Idiot Drivers!!!!!!) and don't say you didn't see that coming.  :)

One thing I want YOU to KNOW -

People May have Authority Over you (and RESPECT that Authority - within bounds) But NO ONE, I REPEAT NO ONE is better than you.
The Reverse is also true - If You are in a Position of Authority Over OTHER PEOPLE, DO NOT Abuse that Authority!!!!!!!!!
And You are NO BETTER than another person.
Every Single Person you meet has VALUE!  
Treat them that way.

People are Different, Every Single country I have ever been too (or to, I always get those confused) the cultural differences are HUGE.  Yet when you boil it all down we all have the same basic needs and desires.  Learn from them and even though they don't know it, They are Learning from you.

We all "Rub Off" on each other!

A bad attitude around people you have never met gets you nowhere!
An Open Mind and willingness to learn from what they have to show you OPENS Wondrous DOORS of chance and Opportunity.

I have seen Castles from a view very few get too.
I have taken part in activities that opened my eyes to things I never would have even contemplated.
Acceptance to Acknowledgement,
Betting to Beaten,
climbing cliffs to Castles,
Diving to Dancing,
talking to people I never knew, realizing later were actually my friends even though it was the first time we met.
And much, much more.

Don't think that by what you are reading I got it right all of the time.
God No!
I have made some ROYAL Screw Ups over the years, some I have fixed and others seem to be my Mt. Kilimanjaro that I can never quite reach the top (that means fix).

Don't think it is all "Peaches and Cream".  It's NOT.  It takes work and effort, but that gets so much easier the more you do it.

You may be having "The WORST day of your Life" or one of the worst, but try your best not to take it out on others.
That has to be one of the HARDEST things to do.  You girls know it.  I hate to admit it but you have seen it so why hide it or deny it.  It CAN be done!  I am getting better at that everyday.
Even on YOUR WORST DAY -- Find ONE Person to be KIND to!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can't Sleep and Can't Write... Maybe... LOST?

I Hate these nights!

I Hate these periods where I run completely dry and can't put two and two together to get four when it comes to writing.

I have some fantastic ideas, just can't put them together.
Can't for the life of me get past the general idea.

Can't blame meds, being sick, or hurt this time.

No can do there.

This one is all in my head somewhere?
(and For those of you that decide to get Smart and say something referencing "sick in the head"..... WELL, :P )

Where am I going with this?

            Your guess is as good as mine!

Remember the name of this site is......... Anything at Anytime.

Well, I have No clue what I will write.  Guess this is Free Writing mode.    ANYTHING

and it is also 12:46 AM my time.  So, I guess that makes this....... ANYTIME


That's how it feels.
I was doing pretty good in my book.  Had some good things going on here.  I thought and think, and from some of the comments from others they thought so as well.

All the way to January.
Then life somehow got in the way and turned me this way and that way, up there and down there, and side to side.  Before I knew it or even had a clue it was Happening, things got so twisted and bent, I couldn't/can't tell my Head from my Ass when it has come to writing something for this here blog.

I have left myself plenty of "Crumbs" to follow and the birds have not picked them up.
None the less, I am still lost.
But I see that kindly little Ole Lady and I am beginning to wander if I am about to get Cooked somehow.
(Let's see who the first is to tell me what that is in reference too?)



Lost in an Empty Pit of nothing to write.
Lost to a Mountain of thoughts I can't corral into a viable writing topic for myself.

Lost actually to Both.
                Funny as hell but true.

I have had this happen before but not to this extent or length of time.

One thing I have learned over the years ---

Shit Does NOT always treat you nice!
Life is NOT always Fair!
with a little patience and time.....
things change, sometimes for the better and sometimes not but they do change.

Deal with the current situation the best that you can.
and when you least realize it things have changed and in Most cases for the better.
Again, Not Always, but........

Can you make hide or hair of what I wrote?
Not sure I can.

Maybe the Raving Intelligent Lunatic got hold of the Keyboard and my Passwords again?
No, Couldn't have been him.
He actually writes better than this.

Well, I tried my hand at Free Writing tonight/this morning and where did it get me?

Damned if I know!


P.S.  If you know where this got me PLEASE let me know?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Dragon Pics from DoA

Anything at Anytime hasn't added any Dragon Pictures in awhile.

Today I am posting a few Screen shots of the Dragons of Atlantis Dragons in my City and Outposts.

The Great Dragon
Protecting his City!
The Water Dragon
in his Pool
Protecting his Outpost!

A closer look at The Water Dragon
in Full Armor

A Baby Stone Dragon

A Teen Stone Dragon
(actually looks as "gangely" as some Teens)

He is the Newest Dragon addition to Dragons of Atlantis

New additions will be added to the Dragons N Books page for future viewing.

Oh, and for those of you keeping up with the Letters from Tomas - I received another letter and will have it up in the next day or two so you all can see what he has had happening.

Hope you ALL are having a Great Week!

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