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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Dedication (Early)

To those that know me and are beginning to learn a little about me here on this blog,  I am a Veteran of the United States Military.  1988-2002 I served in the United States Navy, 1994-1996  I served in the United States Army. 

We are not going to go into the why of that combination now. 
This is not for that.  I served, did my job.  Somethings I did my best and others I know I could have done much differently and Much Better.  I am still proud of my service. 

Now this is not about me, it is about the Veterans of the United States Military that I have known and know in the Service of this Country, for those whose names I have forgotten, and all Veterans Past and Present.  I will list a few but this is truly for all:

Neal Winfield (deceased)
Danny Winfield (Sr)
Frank Mains
Bobby Munoz
Donald Winfield
Ron Guziec
Don Landes (deceased)

Jeff Newman
Nathan Munoz
Moses Munoz
Harold Lipka
Gardner Pemberton
Teri Zehnacker
Chris Myers
Bernie Munoz (deceased)
Pete Martinez (deceased)
Randy Smith

And ALL other Veterans of the United States Military. 

For All of them I Proudly Post this most beautiful Standard!!!!

Thank You ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Please View Comments for more Names as people submit.  I will update frequently thru the weekend.


  1. Darlene Clark GabbertMay 29, 2010 at 1:08:00 PM MDT

    A few more names...

    Carl Striegel, Sr. (deceased)
    Carl Striegel, Jr.
    Thomas Striegel
    Terrence Clark (deceased)
    Veronica Tarquinio
    Ronald Bales
    Daniel Clark (deceased)
    Marion Bales
    Brian Gabbert
    Antonio Rachatellelle
    Ronald Cooley (deceased)
    John Gabbert (deceased)
    Laura Rachatellelle
    Steve Farnen (deceased)

  2. James Parson Burnette (deceased)
    James Richard Burnette
    Alfred Stange (deceased)
    David Stange
    Sullivan Widener (deceased)
    Mike Ouellette
    Jasper O. Widener (deceased)
    Yvonne Ouellette
    William Bohn (deceased)

  3. Thank you to all the women and men who served and are still serving our country. With all of you United States of America would not be such a strong nation. I am proud to be an American, and proud that our strength comes from all of you that give your life for our freedom. Thanks...

  4. Gunnery Sergeant John S. Fredette, USMC. The only person I served with that lost his life while serving his country. It happened just prior to the Gulf War. We were in the Philippines and he lost his life at the hands of thieves. It was a terrible waste. He was a good warrior. Thanks for the opportunity to mention one of our fallen.

  5. Roy Gene Crisp Sr.
    Troy Crisp
    Billy Crisp
    Bryant Woodrow Crisp
    WT Longabaugh

  6. Dorsey Clay Lewter (deceased)
    Roger Power (deceased)
    Bob Caudle (deceased)
    Dee Henderson (deceased)

  7. Sean Roberts (active)served in Iraq & Afghanistan
    Kalynn Gordon (retired) served in Iraq

  8. To each member of my family who have served and to all of the generations before us ... THANK YOU ... to ALL of the Servicemen, their families and ALL of those who support them! THANK YOU for our FREEDOM.

  9. Bill Goodwin - US Marines ... VietNam era (living)

  10. C M Lewis Army Engineer
    D Sandyman Army Engineers
    D Gordon Army

  11. All Sailors that I served with onboard the USS Sierra (AD 18), USS Shenandoah (AD 44), USS Essex (LHD 2), USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3), USS Philippine Sea (CG 58).
    To the Sailors, Marines and civilians with whom I served with at NSSF New London, Commander Navy Region Northeast and Marine Corps Security Force Battalion Kings Bay.
    All of you are True American Heros.

  12. Floyd Winfield - WWII ... US Navy
    Bobby Winfield - VietNam era ... US Army
    Irey Dalton Cobb - VietNam era
    added by Danny N. Winfield, Sr.


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