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Monday, March 28, 2011

MUSIC Mondaze

Since I am getting everything back on track, Anything at Anytime has got its MUSIC Mondaze bit for you.

In Yesterday's Post I asked at the end of the Post if Anyone had any suggestions -
Joanne over at 10minutes2breathe made a Great suggestion!

I don't care who you are, THIS Guy has a SMOOOOOOTH Voice.

So, my suggestion is - for Guys and Gals alike - Break out a Bottle of a Soft Sweet Red Wine, Pour a Glass for You and Yours, Move the chair away from the computer so no tripping, take a sip of wine then Push Play.  Pull Your Love next to you and Just Sway with the SMOOOOOTH tones and Great Music of:

Barry White
You are The First, My Last, My Everything

As for Me, Well......, this is Dedicated to my Wife J and my Girls D & E
Thanks for the Great Suggestion Joanne!
Hope YOU ALL have a GREAT Week!


P.S. Anytime you have Suggestions or Request for MUSIC Mondaze -- Let me know I will do my best to get them in.


  1. That's my favorite Barry White song.

  2. Hey thanks Dan! So glad you liked the suggestion. Unfortunately for me and my crappy computer...it's so slow right now that I was not able to hear the song. I will definitely come back later to hear it! So glad you're back! Blessings, Joanne

  3. good tune..did not play for me...


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