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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Dedication II and Music Mondaze

Anything at Anytime is combining two things today.

Memorial Day Dedication and Music Mondaze.

In the Late 80's and Early 90's I was in the U.S. Navy on board the U.S.S. Sierra AD-18 stationed in Charleston S.C. (Beautiful area if you ever get a chance to visit, Do.) and it was a common practice for those of us not from the area and without families near, to visit the Sports Bar on Base just to get away from the Ships and relax a bit.

I remember when this Song came out and the reaction that was had by all, ALL of us in the Bar every single time this was Played.  It didn't matter if this Song was played 10 times a night (and to my memory I never recall it being played THAT many times in a night) but every time it was played, EVERYTHING STOPPED!
Not a Sound in the Bar, Every Person (male, female, Civilian, Sailor, Soldier, Airmen, or Marine) all Stood and listened.
There were many occasions that there were tears in eyes and I am proud to say on a few of those occasions I was one.

So, Today's Music Mondaze is Dedicated to:

Those that Were,
Those that Are,
Those that Will Be,

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The Video is Different from what it was back then, but it doesn't change the song.

Please, if you know of one or many that Served, or are Serving, Leave their Name and Service (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and any I missed) So that We All may THANK THEM.

And Pass this Along so that others my stop in and leave Names of THOSE to be Remembered.

Hope you ALL have a GREAT week!


  1. OK, I will get the ball rolling.

    A Few I know and Thank:

    Dan Winfield - U.S. Army
    Neal Winfield - U.S. Army
    Donald Winfield - U.S. Coast Guard
    Frank Mains - U.S. Army
    Robert Munoz - U.S. Army
    Terri Zehnacker - U.S. Navy
    Chris Morgan - U.S. Navy
    Harold Lipka - U.S. Navy
    Mark Griffith - U.S. Navy
    Jeff Newman - U.S. Navy
    Nathan Munoz - U.S. Marines
    Moses Munoz - U.S. Marines
    Don Landes - U.S. Coast Guard
    Taylor Anderson - U.S. Navy
    and many, Many more that the list seems as if infinity itself could sit on this page.

  2. I have so many names that it would take up your whole page. My Husband being one of them. he served proudly and went to the Middle East three times. last time Iraq for a year. All of his uncles served in WW2 and so many of our friends have served.

    "For those who have fought for it Freedom has a taste the protected will never know" Hubby had this on a bumper sticker for years. Thank you all for serving proudly and I pray for those and their families that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you Dan for your Service. We love you all! Blessings, Joanne

  3. Hi! Sorry I've been away so long...I've been busily prepping the house to put on the market because we're moving back to Texas sometime in mid July. But I sure am glad I popped over here today because this was a great post. My family has strong ties to the military and it's so nice to come across people who take a few moments to acknowledge the lives lost in the pursuit of freedom.



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