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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can't Sleep and Can't Write... Maybe... LOST?

I Hate these nights!

I Hate these periods where I run completely dry and can't put two and two together to get four when it comes to writing.

I have some fantastic ideas, just can't put them together.
Can't for the life of me get past the general idea.

Can't blame meds, being sick, or hurt this time.

No can do there.

This one is all in my head somewhere?
(and For those of you that decide to get Smart and say something referencing "sick in the head"..... WELL, :P )

Where am I going with this?

            Your guess is as good as mine!

Remember the name of this site is......... Anything at Anytime.

Well, I have No clue what I will write.  Guess this is Free Writing mode.    ANYTHING

and it is also 12:46 AM my time.  So, I guess that makes this....... ANYTIME


That's how it feels.
I was doing pretty good in my book.  Had some good things going on here.  I thought and think, and from some of the comments from others they thought so as well.

All the way to January.
Then life somehow got in the way and turned me this way and that way, up there and down there, and side to side.  Before I knew it or even had a clue it was Happening, things got so twisted and bent, I couldn't/can't tell my Head from my Ass when it has come to writing something for this here blog.

I have left myself plenty of "Crumbs" to follow and the birds have not picked them up.
None the less, I am still lost.
But I see that kindly little Ole Lady and I am beginning to wander if I am about to get Cooked somehow.
(Let's see who the first is to tell me what that is in reference too?)



Lost in an Empty Pit of nothing to write.
Lost to a Mountain of thoughts I can't corral into a viable writing topic for myself.

Lost actually to Both.
                Funny as hell but true.

I have had this happen before but not to this extent or length of time.

One thing I have learned over the years ---

Shit Does NOT always treat you nice!
Life is NOT always Fair!
with a little patience and time.....
things change, sometimes for the better and sometimes not but they do change.

Deal with the current situation the best that you can.
and when you least realize it things have changed and in Most cases for the better.
Again, Not Always, but........

Can you make hide or hair of what I wrote?
Not sure I can.

Maybe the Raving Intelligent Lunatic got hold of the Keyboard and my Passwords again?
No, Couldn't have been him.
He actually writes better than this.

Well, I tried my hand at Free Writing tonight/this morning and where did it get me?

Damned if I know!


P.S.  If you know where this got me PLEASE let me know?


  1. Hansel and Gretal and it got you back on my reading list.
    I actually like this sort of post. Done plenty of them myself. When the random stuff in your head just comes out.

    Nice to see you again Danny, and I am sure you will get past the block.

  2. Ok I was commenting on your post about advice for your Daughters and then boom I'm here at this post...now I am lost! ;o)

    It happens Dan, sometimes what you think you want to write about...isn't where your writer's soul wants to go...thats where the conflict starts...for me anyway. This post is a great one. I have been trying to write a story for that last upteen years and something ALWAYS gets in the way. finally I realized that I had wasted some much time trying to shove my brain into that story when there were other stories I could write. I then started writing and writing and haven't stopped since. One day I will go back to it or maybe not. choices are infinite. Good luck Dan...you are a great writer with alot to offer! Blessings, Joanne


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