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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Real Life imitating TV or TV imitating Real Life?

Anything at Anytime has missed a couple of days because of a Computer with a very sour attitude.

I have since had to change that but will give you more about that later this coming week.


For today's Post --- Well, driving home with J, D, and E yesterday put me in a Quandary.

Trying to figure out if this is a situation of Life Imitating TV or Vice Versa.

What lead to this Quandary was having seen a TV show (Lopez Tonight) on TBS.
George Lopez has this bit in his Night Show Called "Tweets, Don't Fail Me Now!"

Honestly, I don't watch him all the time and Every single night.
I'm really not into the Guest Appearances he has, but He is an honest Everyday Joe (or Jose) Comedian dealing with life like Every Single Hard Working Person out there!
Again - the Appearances, Nah not that interested in Someone WITH Money, BUTTTTTTTT, Listening to his Comedy, All Day - He is like a Modern Version of Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy (without the early Language).

So when I saw this bit on "Tweets, Don't Fail Me Now!" with the "Jused Cars Salesman" I (Living in El Paso, TX) Laughed my ASS OFF.  It was so DEAD ON TARGET!

So Go see the Clip ---- HERE
If it has been moved search for the "Tweets, Don't Fail Me Now!" episode from 03/31/2011

Then Come back because I have an Real Life that fits it.
(If you are Living in El Paso, this Picture was taken on the Corner of Carolina and Alameda - the lot right across from 7-11.)

We were Driving Home from a visit to the Store and J made a comment - "Spoooor.....Spory????"
Luckily we had a Stop light or I never would have seen it and had the girls take the Pictures -- The First thing I thought of was the George Lopez bit from the night before.

(Had to put both of them up as didn't want the girls complaining about whose picture got "POSTED" on the Blog.)

Now, The Quandary is this -- Did George Lopez come down here and see this and ran his spiff off of it? or Did They see George Lopez's spiff and DO IT?
Is this Just ONE OF THOSE Coincidences that is JUST too Good to Pass UP!?!?

Hope Your Weekends go well!



  1. That clip is hilarious! The soccer part had me crying!!!LOL Thanks for the laugh! Blessings, Joanne


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