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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Fitting Song

Yesterday, I put a Long post up here at Anything at Anytime and Many People read it and a few commented.
It is Something I have been working on in bits and pieces and hope to continue over time.

For those of you that commented --
Thank You for the Compliments about my abilities.
(I only wish it were true - but then again "We ARE our own Worst Critics")

There was something nagging me about part of the post.  Something was missing and I figured it out sometime between a breath here and a snooze there.  A song I heard that fit part of it to a "T"!
For those of you that read it I think you might recognize where it is that this goes, for those that haven't..... Well, I am not going to tell you exactly where (so you can go read it of course) but will tell you this goes with the True Ravings (HINT!) that discuss Mayans, Parents, Religion and Future.  AND NO I am NOT Preaching there. I Promise.

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Now, tell me that doesn't fit once you have read that part?

Want to know "Whats Really Weird????"

Well, I have been sick a good bit lately (that's not the weird part) and haven't been able to focus and create any good "Thoughts" to run with to write.
Here is the Weird Part:  After Posting Yesterday's post My mind can't stop running around and filling up with all kinds of ideas.  Bad part there, is that there are SOOOOO Many ideas right now I am finding it difficult Focusing on Any ONE to write about....... LOL

"Damned if you Do and Damned if you Don't!"
*shaking my head and laughing at myself*

I Will tell you this:
I don't know exactly When, How, or What it will be but something is in there here (my head, my heart, my soul) just scratching and clawing to get out.  Something Big!  Some has "Leaked" out in previous writings but whatever is coming feels like a landslide the size of MT Everest and all it needs is that one Pebble to much.

Have you ever had that "Feeling"?
You know the one Similar to "Knowing you are about to BLOW your Stack and the smallest thing will set it Off"?
In Sports it is that "Feeling" that you know THIS is the MAKE or Break "PLAY" that decides it ALL!
(I have had that "Feeling" a few times in My Life and...... It has NEVER let me down!  Not All as I would have liked (some Winners and some Losers in there), but the moment was just as Big as the "Feeling" indicated.)

Have you ever had that "Feeling"?
The one that says you have a sky full of Butterflies or a heard of Elephants in the pit of your Stomach?  That "Feeling" that you are Soaring into Space with nothing to hold you back (Not even Gravity) or falling in Free fall with No chute to slow you down?

Well, Stick around, because I don't know when it will get here but when it does....... It is going to be either an AWESOME Trip or a COLOSSAL Flop!
Should be interesting to witness one way or the other.

It is "Hump Day" - Hope you All are having a good Week!?!



  1. I have had that feeling a few times and it is AWESOME! Ride that wave and write it all down. Blessings, Joanne

  2. I like 30 Seconds To Mars.

    Hope all's well with you Danny Boy :)

  3. good song!

    hope the *feeling* is a good thing..

  4. the music is fabulous, and all i can say is trust your intuition and go with your feelings.

  5. LoL, I'm like that most of the time....manic mind mode. Grab what you can as it zooms by and write. There will come days, when hard as you try, there will be nothing there. *sigh* You have to grab the gold ring when you have the chance!~

  6. I missed yesterday's post so I'm heading backwards to read it now. Yep, I've had that feeling and I've learned to trust it.

  7. Hope all well with you. And hope to read a post soon.

  8. Hi Dan, I hope all is ok with you. Blessings, Joanne


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