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Friday, April 8, 2011

What to do? What to DO?!?!?!?

Anything at Anytime is posting a tid-bit for Fun "Input" from all Readers today.

See......, the thing is that TONIGHT (Friday) night - J and I will be ALONE!
The Girls will NOT be in the house!

OMG - What are WE to "DO" with our Time?

It has been such a LONG TIME since we had a night with no kids in the house..... So Long in fact that the dilemma of SO MUCH to DO and Deciding what CAN be done in the Night Available?

So, Let's have a bit of FUN here -

Guys and Gals alike give your input.

     Girls/Ladies -  What would YOU like to have your Hubbies or Significant Others do in a Similar Situation?

     Guys -  What would YOU like to DO for your Wives or Significant Others?

I Already Plan on buying a Bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, so figure that into your plans/ideas.

Again, Let's have some FUN!?!?!?

Suggestions from the cheap seats start here.
The More the Merrier. :)

Hope ALL of You have had a Good Week!



  1. What a wonderful thing, the evening alone without the kids.
    First, TV & Computer off. Carpet picnic is always fun for dinner. Naughty things like cheeses and deli meats, dips, pate & crackers, fresh strawberries and fruit. Food to eat with your fingers and feed each other.
    Fave dessert, preferably somthing you only need one plate and 2 spoons.
    Fave music on the stereo.
    Something to get you talking and laughing, a boardgame, something silly like game of life.
    Penalty to be decided for the loser, (my personal fave, loser to give winner a foot rub)
    No dishes, they can wait. really, they can.
    Just fun, laughing and whatever comes later.
    Oh and turn the phone off if you know the girls are in safe hands, even just for an hour or two.

  2. What a nice night you'll have!!! I always enjoy when my significant other surprises me with having rented a movie he knows I'll enjoy.

  3. I say order something from a nice restaurant and buy a incredible dessert to have in a intimate dinner for two at home. One rule though...no talking about Kids, bills, or work. Take out your wedding album and pictures of when you were dating and look through it together...laugh. And don't forget the Barry White!

  4. wow a night without kids that is like being on vacation

  5. Dan, I'm late to the party, but I think a good romantic movie, her favorite food and drink, and that twinkle in your eye could be just the ticket to a great night. Doesn't always work for me, but it does enough to warrant the effort.

    Then again, I'm a guy, so what do I know? Enjoy!


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