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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Something to THINK About!

Most of you that read me know that from time to time I have extra time on my hands to watch TV and Movies.

Well, watching "Legion" a couple of weeks ago and a quote was made in it I found to be a very interesting QUOTE and Question.

Personally, I am still pondering my response/answer to it.

Here is the QUOTE from "Legend" and I will share what I have come up with for myself so far, after.

"If You don't wake up tomorrow and it turns out Today is Your Last day on Earth, Would You be Proud of what You have Done in this Life?"

Makes you think a bit doesn't it?
I literally have been thinking about it for Weeks.
Not the Easiest of things to answer.

I have done things in my past I am DEFINITELY NOT Proud of:

  1. Held a Grudge against my Parents for things they did, that they thought best at the time.  (Upon Reflection, as a Parent myself, I have to say I can understand - those choices are not EASY.)
  2. As the Eldest of 3 Brothers I have allowed separation between us all.  One I know why and was not able to correct it before he passed away, but he knew I was trying to get us past it.  The other..... Well, that one I am really and truly clueless as to what happened.  I have an Idea but not even sure that is the problem.
  3. I Love Pissing Off ASS Hats and making them look "Little" - basically putting them in their place, that they are NO Better than the rest of us.  (Been put there myself a few times - hard lesson to learn!
  4. Proving a Professor at College Wrong in front of the entire class..... and that Cost me a 4.0 GPA  (Still feel I was right in that matter as it was Literature Interpretation and his opinion was the ONLY opinion - Interpretation is just that in my book - I can say one thing and you take it another.  Wars have been started that way!)
  5. Drank like a Fish -- and could put men twice to three times my size under the table -- Quit 3 days after I got married, She was more important and I told her that -- in 15 years now I might have had a case + a 6 pack.
  6. and those are just a few -- If I sat here and thought about it all night I would come up with Hundreds of things that I am NOT PROUD OF, but that would then get down to the nit picky.

Things I have Done that I am PROUD OF:

  1. Married my Wife -- she is EVERYTHING to me and MORE....... (those that have read before can piece that together and WHY.)
  2. My Daughters, knowing that J and I have brought them up to be BETTER than US in ALL WAYS!
  3. Knowing that I have Learned from my Parents mistakes - isn't that how they are supposed to bring us up?  (NO, not all mistakes were avoided, but realizing I/We were in a similar situation and Not doing it/them the same way.  They did their job and taught me and I Learned from their experience.)
  4. Stopping and helping others when they need/ed help, not because I had to but because it is/was the right thing to do.
  5. Making Friends around the World and accepting the differences between themselves and myself, realizing that somewhere in there, there were similarities we could agree on and make something with it/them.
  6. Teaching my Daughters to Treat All People with respect, As I Try to Treat All People with respect.  (there are times you try and try and it doesn't work, then you resort to treating them the way they treat you and others and eventually they get the idea, HOPEFULLY)
  7. Having served my country not once but twice - once in the U.S. Navy on-board the USS Sierra AD-18 (during Desert Shield and Storm, two Hurricanes Hugo and Andrew), and in the U.S. Army in Bosnia.
  8. Most of my writing on this Blog (call it Rose Colored Glasses on my part) is GOOD.  (Some not so Great but all writers in any format have a bad day once in awhile.... LOL)
  9. and I will stop this one here as again I could go on and on.

These are Some of the responses to the QUOTE/QUESTION above.

Care to share any of yours even if it is just one or two?
and if not - At least Think about it...... Are you headed where you want to be, or....

Hope you all have a Great Day!

P.S.  If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @DanWins2007 -- and it will also give you updates on when I post something New here on the blog as well.  Hope to see you there and/or here.


  1. Danny Boy, I like this post. A lot. Makes me think I need to do one like this as well.

    Things I am not happy with? Well, I hold grudges. Like, for a long time. Also, I am a procrastinator and that has hurt me a lot in life.


    Things that I am happy with? Well, my husband for one. My family for second (even if we are totally disfunctional, I love each and every one of them). My career for three and my blog. I really REALLY love me blog. And all the wondeful people I have met on Blogger.

    Yeah, that about covers it.

    Oh! And my cat. I LOVE MY CAT!!


    Amber aka Scrappy

    PS: I have been having problems leaving comments on people's blogs for some reason, so I have to use the Name/URL thing to leave one. SUCKS!

  2. Hmmm very very interesting question. If today is my my last day ( which only God knows right it might be ..God forbid) would I be proud? well, There arethings I look back on that make me cringe, but I am not going to go back to my twenties yeesh! I think The big one that I am not very proud of is my failure to be very forgiving of certain people. I am working on that one. Its sound small but its a big one! I am working on it and part of that is being upfront and telling people how I feel and not let it harbor and fester. what I am most proud of? thats easy......My kids..they are great kids and I feel so lucky to be their mom. My faith and my relationship with God. and my relationship with my Husband.He is a great guy and in 16 years of marriage has never made me regret saying "I do". all the other stuff like and money worries or( the want of certain things) went out the window when I got sick and when Hubby was sent to Iraq.and out went too the need to please everyone . Saw people through new eyes (hence the failure to forgive) but that comes with refusing to be taken advantage of I guess. trying. So I guess when It boils down what I am not proud in my life are time when I was weak and what I am proud of are the times when I've been strong.
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. There have been three things I've done in my life of which I am very ashamed. Obviously, I'm not about to divulge my secrets on such a public forum, but these three mistakes haunt me from time to time. I think, however, that I am basically good and am proud of the person I am. Still, I have my flaws and wish I could get over them. Interesting point. Thanks for sharing.

  4. well now i'm pondering this question going to my corner to think onthis

  5. It is a good question and perhaps one we should ask ourselves often.
    Regrets, well I have a few, but I try not to dwell on them
    As far as things to be proud of, well, many, too many to list here.
    The main things are of course my family and the fact that I am growing as a person. Trying to extend myself a little more each day.

  6. I love it when movie quotes stick with you. That means the writer did his/her job and got you thinking!

    Talkative Taurus


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