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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Anything at Anytime takes a turn on Sounds.

Oh, the sounds to soon emanate from this house.

No, not the sounds of a newborn child.

No, not the beautiful voices of my daughters singing (and yes they REALLY can sing).

Nope, not the sounds of Pink Floyd or Enya coming from the radio.

We shall soon be hearing the sounds of a beginner Violinist and a beginner Clarinetist.

The Shrieks, Screeches, hoots and toots all trying to find the right notes.

I am so Proud my Daughters Love to try and learn new things!

ANYBODY got some EARPLUGS I can Borrow?


  1. I got earplugs! Just bought a new box yesterday and I am a very happy camper. lol. I cannot sleep without my lovely earplugs. Learning how to play an instrument is beautiful, good for them!

  2. Good luck to your daughters, when the noise gets too much just be thankful that they haven't taken up the bagpipes!

  3. How wonderful for them. I wish my boys were more musical. The only sounds I seem to hear are the sounds of Aliens being zapped on the Xbox. That and the squabbling over the dishes

  4. In a few years, the beautiful sounds emanating from their instruments will fill your heart with joy and pride.

  5. Nice to see the Header change! And I'm always so impressed with your outspoken love for your wife and daughters! They've got quite a guy in you!


  6. Good luck. Maybe you should take something up as an act of revenge?

  7. I left you an award on my blog www.lebedafamily.blogspot.com


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