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Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Exercise before "Quasar" the Winner

Ok, so you can understand how "Quasar" became a word to type with Read the "Topic Word" label items.

One of the comments/votes also posed another challenge and I figured I could give that one a GO before getting into the real challenge of writing on Quasar.

Starts With One  is a follower and a friend in the google forums "Coffee Shop" and voted for "Quasar" but threw down another gauntlet by commenting about seeing all 6 words in a viable sentence or paragraph.  Well, Starts , here I go with this one and hope you Like: 

(Disclaimer for my Friends Across the Pond -- This is no Insult to your Monarch)

     I was having a quaint visit with friends in merry ole England and visiting sites and places unseen for years when one afternoon I (lowly, little ole me) received a Royal Invitation from the Queen to attend her at lunch to have a conversation over matters unknown to me.  Well, the appointed hour arrived for my visit with the Queen, I walked before Her with much trepidation not knowing what to expect nor how to act properly in the company of Royalty.  The Queen immediately put me at ease by asking me to sit and join her in a cup of tea  (the Smart Ass I am at times thought "but we can't both fit in a cup of tea", the wise man clamped my lips).  Once seated and enjoying a mellow Orange Peel tea (I imagine She likes a bit of flavor), a queer moment presented itself as the Queen reached down and brought forth a pad of paper and a quill and bottle of ink.  Not sure I was seeing right I asked her if that was a quill and was informed that it was indeed a quill.  It was the "Quill of Quality" passed down to the Ruling Monarch no matter the line of succession so that all Monarchs of the Empire would write Just Laws and also a reminder of times when things were not quite so "simple".  As We (I use the Empirical We as I was in company with Royalty) talked about many things the Queen made queer little marks and notes with the "Quill of Quality" and the conversation stayed quaint until the subject turned to Quasars in space and what my opinion was, for which I had no true answer.  A little later I thanked the Queen for a Quality visit that not many Americans would ever be able to enjoy and I left Her Royal Person and returned to my friends to regale a quaint visit with their Queen.

Starts, Thanks again for a unique challenge and I hope that fits the bill?  I know it was a LONG paragraph but we writers can take a few liberties from time to time.

Now the Topic Word "Quasar" will be a bit later as I need to consult my astronomy books to make sure I get a few things right.  I wouldn't want to pull your legs now would I?


  1. Great use of all the Q words. Love your imagination. Wish I could write that well on any topic at any time.

  2. Nice job , Dan. Glad to see you were up to the challenge. A++

  3. Yeah, you knocked that one right out of the park there Danny Boy! Good job!

  4. So far for a Challenge this one has to be the best one and I really enjoyed it.

    Not to toot my own horn because you three already did that, but I also believe I did a bang up job on it.

    Thanks and I think this may become a regular with the "Topic Word".


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