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Friday, July 22, 2011

Dime Store Detective: The Case of the Roses and Pictures

A New Case from our local Dime Store Detective.

From Case Files:  The Roses and Pictures

Date: Sometime in the Past -

Summer is HERE!
Hot is an understatement, more like an oven set at Broil.  Step outside for more than 5 mintes and your COOKED.

The Heat seems to keep the Smog settled down on the city like a heavy Brown blanket.  Take a Deep Breath and it is as if you are sucking on the end of a tailpipe directly.

These are the conditions Shirley and I are Currently working in.  Well, I am.  I bought a new larger window unit for Shirley last week.  Like stepping into an ICE BOX when I leave my office.

Besides, it works a couple of ways.  People stick around out front with it being cooler, when they get into my office and the heat hits them... Well, the ones that Really want or need my services stick it out. As for the others that would be a waste of my time are normally gone Quickly!

The office was full this day.  Shirley had already sent in about 15 people by 10 A.M.   some of them even cute Dames - Bad for them, they used cheap make-up - most of it started to run and smear withthe sweat from the heat.

A couple of lost pets, a Cheap Ring (sentimental value) that may have been lost or stolen by a cousin.  (My bet was lost behind the Night stand)
All of it was Mickey Mouse stuff that wouldn't really help pay the bills (I'm not that Desperate... Yet!)

Then at about 1 P.M. Shirley sends in this guy.  David Stringer, I remember the name because when he first cam in there was something about him I couldn't put my finger on, THAT got my Attention!
Not many of THOSE that walk in My Door.

Normally, I have someone pegged in just a few minutes.  This guy took at least a full hour plus.
Dressed in slacks, button up shirt, Tie, and Jacket,hardly a bit of sweat anywhere on him.

Little details, those are the tattle tell signs.  Not much on this guy.

His eyes at best were distant.  Later I would learn they were both Distant and Distraught.  He was a couple of years younger than myself by just a few years.

I got his whole life story - I swear some of those just do not help me in a case.  This is one of those that later would.

He was a married man, but had married later in life as he had been alone with his mother since he was 7. Dad had left for a Job to have something to give to his family.  He sent money home every month for two years, then it stopped.  (Better than most I have Discovered!)
That was Not his reason for stopping in and requesting my services.

His Mother had Passed away almost a year earlier and since it was on his way to work, he stopped at the cemetary on Friday Afternoons on his way home.  Just to keep her up to date with what was happening in his life and soon to be Family as his Wife was pregnant.

The Reason he wanted My help was that every Friday when he got there, there was a Fresh Rose and a  Picture of him and his mother taped to her Head Stone.  Never the same picture.  Always something different: sporting events, drama, swimming pools, etc..... Things from over the years.
It had been going on since his Mother Died.  Every Week.

I took the case.

More later

All of You have a Great Day


  1. I like your description of the heat, funny but true. It is nice what he does to remember his mother....also

  2. I know how you are feeling, coping with the heat. It has been so hot here in Illinois too and I am tired of it.

    Pls stop by and give me a visit. I would like 100 too. :-)

  3. OOOO I want to read more!
    Congrats Dan! You've made the big time triple digits! Stay cool!
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. Very clever to leave me in suspence! I came over because Joanne said you wanted to hit your 100 mark, but it's already been done! Gah! I'm always late for the party! Anyway, I'm your 105th...that's gotta be memorable in some way, right!

  5. Congrats on breaking the centenary mark. Great start to the story too. Looking forward to reading more

  6. For those of you that have helped me get to my first 100+ I Thank You all Very Much.
    It is a milestone that I have watched many I follow (and followed when they were just in the wee teens -2 of which have gone on to be blogs of the day by google and garner 1000+ and one is at 2000+) get to quickly but well leave it to me to be the difficult one..... LOL

    And Sandra -- think of it this way being 105 puts you in the position of my start towards 150 to 200 someday. Also if I didn't leave you in mild suspense you might not come back to see what is new. Suggestion go back and read the other "Dime Store Detectives" or even the "Letters from Tomas"..... I have multiple things on this site --- I think I have held to the title of the site very well so far. To all the New Reader Look around and explore a bit.

    And Again
    Thank You ALL for getting me over 100


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