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Friday, July 29, 2011

Went to Far, Did to Much

Two days with nothing!

Bet you all thought I was off the radar again?

Nope, just had some interesting nights lately and with the weather like it has been my service provider for the internet has been "Spacey" at best.
So, I figured I would wait until I knew it was going to stay up and running while writing.

Since I haven't had any luck figuring out what exactly I was going to write today, I pulled out "Ole Reliable".  Well, not so Old as it was my Fathers Day gift from last year from the girls -- my Enya's Greatest hits.  Figured I could listen to it a bit and see what it might get started.  

So, I will sit here for just a few listening and see what happens here on this page.

Amazing how Music - in any form that you like can help you think things through and come up with ideas that just "Pop up" out of nowhere.

Well, Shes going to "KILL" me!!!!!!

While waiting to see what the music might inspire, I decided to do just a "little" cleaning and moving things that we had talked about.......

NOT a good Idea!

Got about a Quarter of the bedroom cleaned and moved ---- took me the better part of two hrs but got it done....  NOW, I AM DONE!!!!

I kept taking breaks to help a bit but OH BOY!

I has a Funny Feeling I am going to be "Sleeping" by the time she gets home so I don't hear it......

This was not the post you all should have gotten today but......
I will get you a better one, a Good one up soon.

OH, and for the Readers of the Dime Store Detective stories -- I know I named him "Dan" in one but I was thinking I would ask you all for suggestions for a Proper name for the man in the Jacket and Hat.......  Pass the word around and have people stop in and read it and  we can give it a month...... then choose from what names were suggested.
Sound like something good for all and maybe get a few more to stop in and see whats here?

Hope You All are having a Great Week!?


  1. I know how you feel. I moved the furniture around in the living room a couple of days ago and my back still hurts.

  2. What I hate about moving furniture is when we pile up the bed with stuff while we move stuff and then before I can relax for the evening I have to clean off the bed. Yes hubby would just throw it all on the floor and worry about it in the morning but not me I cannot go to bed until it is all looking nice again.

  3. once i get it my head that something doesn't look good where it is ...theres no stopping me!
    Hmmmmm a name how about Eddie?
    Blessings, Joanne


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