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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Possibilities, from a writers imagination


You didn't think I would give you the rest of "The Case of the Roses and Pictures" already, Did You?

No, That will come another day, I Promise!

OH, and never forget this is ANYTHING at ANYTIME!  You and I Never know whats next!

I gather most of you that read this blog realize I like to read myself.  Personally, my preferences are Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but I will read anything that the writer has "Grabbed" my attention with.
Same Goes for my Movies.

Just as I am starting to get back to my blogging regularly, I got into a couple of old series of books I have read and re-read over and over again - and tonight of all nights one of My Favorite Movies "Contact" was on while I was writing this.

The movie and books have one thing in common - Aliens - or Intelligent Extra Terrestrial Life.

That is not here I am going with this today.
Actually, I'm not even going to really mention the movie that much if even at all.  I just thought it was Cool that one of my Favorites would be on this late tonight/this morning while writing.

Technology as we know it has advanced at a tremendous rate over the last - what 400 years - and even faster in the last 150 years - and even Faster int the last 50 Years and even Faster over the last 25 years.!
A ton of the advancements we have had in the last 50 years alone have come from our Space Explorations.  As of Yesterday, our Explorations have not halted but been Slowed, Hampered to a tremendous degree!
This all Still strays from my point/post and original intent.

A series of Books by Ian Douglas.  I should say two series but they are tied together completely from the beginning to the end.  There are 3 books to "The Heritage Trilogy" and 3 books in "The Legacy Trilogy"

Now I am a Navy man and an Army Man, but these two series revolve around Marines (I have always respected and admired those that were/are Marines!)

But what these books all have in common is a technological advance that we are seeing today - A.I. - Artificial Intelligence.
Most A.I. we see today is in Minuit scale compared to what is in these books.  Today we see them (A.I.) in our security programs to protect our computers from harm and hackers, gaming A.Is that try to "Learn" how we play games n order to make the games more challenging for us.

In the Books, in the beginning A.I.s are just a tad more advanced than they are today.  Thru out the series they get more and more powerful, almost to the point of self Awareness - not against humanity but as a pure assistance to humanity.

Don't think I am saying that everything is perfect in these books, because they aren't.  They bring to light many different conflict in and around the world just as we see ourselves today and some we could easily imagine.
The early series revolves around the Earth, Moon, Mars, and Europa. (Alone it makes for a good series.)

These Books open your eyes to Humanity, the Good and the Ugly.  They make you think of what could be and might be possible.

I know this is just a touch off of the topic of the books, but let me point out another Science Fiction Bit that has made changes We can see in use TODAY!

Star Trek
(and Yes, I am a mild Trekkie)
Star Trek had many things in it that we all though NUTS at the time.
Communicators so small to be held in one hand and allowed one to talk to someone thousands of miles away with no wires - Sound Familiar?  Like, maybe, a Cell Phone?
How about things "Bones" used to scan his patients?  We aren't completely there yet bu what about hand held sonograms used by some Dr.s today in more advanced hospitals?
or Ohurah (sp) and her ear piece at the communications station - Looks very similar to a Blue-tooth doesn't it?

The "Heritage" and "Legacy" trilogies by Ian Douglas could lead to similar advances, Changes that may not be exactly the same as in his books but provide us with changes that could help improve and further our exploration.  Help us Use more of our Humankind's Mental Capacities.  That alone could improve our Technologies to a level as yet UN-IMAGINED!


  1. Good Morning Dan, I am just getting acquainted with your posts. You have a very interesting way of putting words together which I enjoyed.

    As far as technology, I have lived through so many changes in my lifetime. I am so thankful that I have experienced so much.


  2. It is amzing really how far we've come. I just think of of the first time I tried a walkman. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world! My kids found my old typewriter at their Grandmas house and thought it was the neatest thing. they couldn't fathom having to bang on those keys and no spell check or delete button!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. I think 20 years from now we'll be astounded at how close we'll be to those SCI-FI shows we thought were only just that, fantasy.

    Glad to see you back.

  4. Hi Dan

    I have been reading but have major issues commenting, blogger just won't let me. Hope everything is Ok and thanks for the positive job thoughts. Fingers crossed I'll have something soon!

    Mrs M

  5. the books sound fascinating. I will have to find copies.

    I'm a firm believer that whatever we can imagine can actually come into being.


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