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Friday, July 2, 2010

Dragons, Really?

As the Title of this blog implies, I write about Anything at Anytime.

When I first started blogging a little over a month ago now I posted a comment about Dragons in one of the forums that I forage in for chats and an occasional inspiration.

The Dragons post was to find other sites and blogs about (of course) Dragons. Only a few others in the forum got into the discussion with me and it did not lead to what I was wanting; however, it did lead to some serious discussion about how or what and if Dragons could really exist.

Now, we all know that there has never been found the fossil of a Dragon. No true definitive that says, Dragons really existed. There are many things that Science says existed or expects may have existed but have no real proof that they did: example the killer sperm whale was a suspected species, (which recently they have found a skull and have since named the species Leviathan Melvillei (after the author of Moby Dick Herman Melville)).

I therefore am proposing a simple hypothesis of Dragons: The bones are thin and hollow, like birds (in order for the weight to be low enough to allow possible short term "flight"), covered with strong muscle to protect the bones. That Dragons processed the gases we breath differently in such a way as to allow storage and heating of specific gases that would allow for Lighter than air flight. A few examples I would use here would be to look at all whales in general and the way they store oxygen for long dives and Lung Fish that can breath outside of water or bury themselves in mud as the water sources dry up in order to await the next rainy season.

Going back and reading stories on Dragons you find that the larger they got the less often they took flight.  That would tend to hold true with life in general, simple look at us (people) as a prime example: the larger we get we tend to be more "slothful",  muscles have to work harder to support the weight, joints stress more supporting the weight, and in the process we don't do as much which in and of itself tends to cause our muscles to not perform as they would under normal circumstances.  Breathing becomes harder and therefore does not provide the right mix of gases our body needs to do things consistently or that we use to do.

What if Dragons were a member of the Raptor family?  Science has show that the Raptor family is related to birds of today.  What is to say that there may not have been an evolutionary mutation that caused certain breeds (kinds) of Raptors to grow wings as their food sources shrank and required them to range further and further to find good food sources?

Follow the link to more pictures and renderings of various members of the Raptors.

Now don't these pictures look like they could be Dragons?  Those are actual Scientific renderings of various members of the Raptor family.  Compared to pictures of Dragons there is a rather striking similarity don't you think? 

For more go to the Dragons Page.

What is to say that there were not further adaptions to the physical nature of some Raptors that could create a True Dragon?

Just a Hypothesis from a self proclaimed Dragon Nut!

Oh, and if you see these guys around your computer today send them Home!  Please?


  1. Dragons were definitely real!

    I like your thoughts, never thought about dragons and raptors

  2. Something to think about. Really, Really interesting hypothesis.

  3. So many wonderful thoughs! Love this post!


  4. That's a new twist on an old lemon, have to think about that. I wonder if you can cook 'em?

    I am following yours too, and will put it on my Blogger's Cafe in Library 1 - Personal Blogs 2:

    Damn, tried to follow, but the thingy wouldn't work. Will try again later, could be my pc, slower than a wet week.


  5. I was trying on the networked blog thingy, don't have FB... then I found the Google thingy and followed. I made No. 50, cool. At least you have a Brazilian flag now.


  6. Very imaginative writing. Quite enchanting.

  7. I enjoyed this post very much. I'm a dragon lover too and know quite a bit about dragon symbology. I have had a whole series of dragon dreams which I have recorded and published in my personal blog. In those dreams the dragon symbolizes my struggles with fibromylgia and cancer.

  8. Love the dragons Dan, would love them to be real. Somewhere out there I believe they are. Have you read Anne McCaffery's Perm novels. Very dragoney.

  9. Have you seen or read "Flight of Dragons". One of my best memories of movies from when I was a child.


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