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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am always saying Anything at Anytime, so My Computer decided to jump on the band wagon.

I was going to write up a short piece about a Follower and a Friend that has another blog.
His Name if you would like is "The Muller" or as those of us in the Forum know him Caymantime.
He has a site/blog of his own called The Isle of Mulling and has some interesting reads.  If you ever get a chance go pay him a visit and look around.  I wanted to give him more, a short story at least but Life, Computer Life interfered.

NO!!!!!  Not My COMPUTER, NOT HER!?!

I had planned a really interesting post for today.

See I keep it all in my head.

Sometimes I write it down,
but the really good ones start with an idea only in my head.

When I start to type,
then is when it goes and grows.

See my computer has been acting funny,
really weird and strange.

She would lock up on a screen,
She just stopped when she wanted, doing nothing at all.

No typing, No mousing, No nothing at all.

I knew what was coming,
She was Crashing,
something inside her,
Munching away.

Last Night was it,
She did it one last time.
I knew it was over when the Putergons (the little computer Dragons) appeared to say goodbye.
They patted her and spoke to her and helped her comeback just for a few.

Just Long enough -

I scrambled to save all I could think,
I know I forgot things, things I know I will need.

I saved Pictures, Lost videos;
I saved code and comments, Lost games and time;

She was on her last legs and I had only one thing,
Only one thing I too do!

I tried uninstalling multiple things, not a chance;
I had tried to boot back to earlier days but that didn't work.

So last night until three this morning I Did the one thing,
The One Thing I wanted the Least.

I put this here Friend of mine to sleep,
And Woke her up as the day she got home.

The dreaded "FACTORY MODE" !!

So today she is back.
She is the same and Not.
She knew every place and address I tended to go.
She would take me to places she knew I would like.

She will Never remember the games we played,
       the places we went.
She will Never recall the birth of this blog,
       the changes we've made.

Oh, The Tragedy

But, Hey, Who cares?
I got my Computer Back!!
I guess I will just have to play all those games all over again.


  1. My computer has been acting like an a**hole lately too. SORRY BABES.

  2. That is definitely NOT good. >.<"

    -French Bean

  3. So not a total loss. Think of it as cleaning house.

    And I got a mention. Now everybody will associate me with computer crashes.

  4. Yeah for Cayman!! I follow him already and do agree he has a damn good blog!

    I have missed the forums, need to get in there and shake it up some.

    Glad to see your computer is working though.

  5. She must have loved you a lot to hold on long enough to give you time to prepare. You will rebuild the relationship, and before you know it, it will be just like before :)

  6. I read Muller too!

    You need a storage box so that if your computer dies you don't lose anything. Keept the puter running fast too if you don't store anything on it.


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