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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Father's Day (FANTASTIC!!) and Some WOWs to boot

To all of you wondering if I was going to get to a Father's Day post, I am and boy I hope you get as much fun reading and looking as I will writing, remembering and experiencing again.  I will also give you a few places to visit on the web if you are interested.

My Father's Day began a couple of hours after posting "Retrospective Reflections",  I was sitting here playing my Pokerstars and getting clobbered with suck out plays (if you play poker online or watch it you will hear and understand that term), when my wife and kids got back from their day out "shopping".  I had told them earlier that I did not want or need anything but just to be with them. 

Well, kids being kids and my wife indulging them, they decided I did not know what I was talking about and bought me a few things that just blew my mind.  These things were not the most expensive, nor were they the shiniest, nor the biggest things they could get.  They did, somehow, someway, find what apparently was and is the Best things for me for this Father's Day. 

Thanks to the Infinite Wisdom of a Child (all be it my girls are bigger than that they are my Children), I received very inspirational gifts that have made a turn in my writing and explorative thoughts.  As individual gifts they were good, together the ARE GREAT! 

I received 3 albums and some flip flops (said that way I know, doesn't sound to inspirational).
The flip flops were from my Mother-in-Law (a woman who is definitely another Mother), and those allow my feet to feel free and clear of constraint (a lowly beginning to inspiration but everything is important when it comes to inspiration).

Now, the magic starts!

All of these albums alone are good.
The first album is The Very Best of Enya with some very good music.
The second album is Eagles - One Of These Nights, just the title song brings visions of my wife to my mind.
The third album and definitely not the least is Pink Floyd - The Division Bell, not the most popular album but some of the music is just..........

Now, looking at those three albums individually again they are good and from different Genres but the similarities when combined and interlaced with each other make a Monster Mix! 

Within 30 minutes I had all 3 albums burned into my Windows Media Player and started playing around.  The WOWs and Inspirations from these gifts just got started!

I decided to look into the Visualization button on the media player and there really wasn't much there that impressed me against the Visions I was seeing in my mind with the MUSIC.  So, I saw the tab at the bottom of the Visualization extended tab for more visualizations and decided to explore.  I found to free downloads that give you demos and they are fantastic for demos. 

The first I downloaded and only required to input email and very basic info was G-Force, this demo was only 3.4 MB so not to large for a demo. G-Force is located about a third of the way down on the page this link goes too:  Windows Media Player Visualizations 

Now, imagine the Music from the albums above and put these constantly moving images with it all:

All of the images you have seen so far came from snip-it screen shots from G-Force on Windows Media Player.

The next one I downloaded was called Morphyre (my pronunciation is: More Fire) and it had some equally amazing Visuals for the MUSIC as well needing 8.84 MB (the next set of Pics came from snip-its of Morphyre):

Personally both of them are just fantastic Visualization programs for Windows Media Player and they have the formats for other media players as well.  I have no favorite here and you can buy the full versions direct from both creating companies but I honestly feel the demos are great and you only have to put up with a few and I mean a few advertisements.  Nothing at all to take away from your viewing and listing pleasure.  Morphyre is located at the very top of the Windows Media Player Visualizations. 

Now, Looking at all those pictures and just taking a moment to imagine the MUSIC with those pieces of moving art moving in your eyes and mind, Can you see why I feel this has been a Fantastic Father's Day filled with Inspiration and WOWs?

I have been listening to the MUSIC and watching these with a huge Grin on my face all day (except while writing this, I only Listened). 

It has been an AWESOME FANTASTIC Father's Day! 

Thank You Girls,
Dad Wins


  1. Glad you had a good day! Cool pictures from the visualizations. I used to ave mine doing pics but it doesn't work anymore.

  2. thanx for saying our gifts were great. we r really glad u had a gr8t Farthers Day. U surely deserved it!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  3. Mrs. Midnite,

    If you liked them you can download those programs into you windows media player if you use it. Also Morphyre appears to be from somewhere in the UK. You might be able to get a better deal or buy a disk at some of your computer stores over there.
    As for the Pictures, I used the "snip it" tool from Windows 7 but there are other ways to take screen shots.

    Jackie, You and the Girls are the Best Thing a Man could ever have!


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