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Monday, May 24, 2010

Here is the First one to get things Rolling

Something that I have noticed over the years with people.

We all act as if everyone else "Owes" us!!!!
They don’t and we do.
You might be asking what I mean by that.

Simple, They owe us nothing and we owe them everything. If we all went about trying to be there for friends, family, and the occasional stranger life would be so much easier. Not getting all religious here but “Treat others as you wish to be treated” or in the biblical sense “Do unto others as you would have them Do unto you”. No truer words can be spoken, written or read.

Now I am not talking about making everything "Free" for the freeloaders out there.  I talking about those acts of kindness etc.. Those actions that we don't have to do but that the other might need to get going. 


That stalled car in the middle lane that is blocking traffic and is irritating the daylights out of everyone because they cant go.  Hey, just be nice, pull off to the side of the road and help them push it out of the way.  Four or Five people should be able to get that done in maybe a minute and then everyone is moving and on their way.  And if there are already people helping move it, Don't be an Idiot and blare your horn at them for backing up traffic, be patient they will be out of your way before you know it. 


That person at the register in front of you is 9 cents short.  Don't grumble or moan under your breath because OMG they don't have the right change.  Just reach into your pocket and give them a dime and tell the clerk to keep the extra penny.  Moves everyone along faster and less stress on you and them. 
There are 4 local stores that every time I go in and go shopping I always leave the pennies "to help out anyone short".  A couple of times that has been me and most of the clerks recognize me and say "Don't worry about it! You've left enough pennies over the years."  One of the Managers has even built up a matching fund.  For every penny that people leave as change she matches it at the end of the day. 
And if you are 15 cents or less short you can dip into the jar for change.  I looked at the Jar the other day and it was 1/3 full.  This is one of those old Dill Pickle Jars so you know there is a bit of change in there. 

You all know what I am talking about --- how would you feel to be either of the people there.  The car stalled in the middle of traffic?  or, You're just a few cents short but you could swear you had the right change? 
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 
They owe us nothing and we owe them everything. 
Because we never know when someone will do something nice/helpful for us.

1 comment:

  1. this post was by trish so cut and pasted her because it belonged to this post -------------

    Trish said...
    When people are patient it comes back to them in some kind form. I notice it because I am patient too. There will be a day when someone returns the goodness in some act of kindness back to you. What goes around comes around so to speak.
    May 24, 2010 4:01:00 PM MDT


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