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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Previous work of Mine

Now this is a clip of something I have been working off and on for a little while now but figured for those out there that stop by and read a little bit might find it interesting and hopefully worthy of a comment or two or more.  This is a basic on where things could be going with the "2012" hubbub out there.  Just remember that as you get towards the end and the speculation.

So Please, keep in mind that what follows is something that is part of a work in progress:

     I am no theologian and no scholar in religious beliefs. I am a well read and studied individual that has found acceptance in learning a bit about multiple things. Some of those things have been different types of religion and their perspectives on things.

What I am about to convey is that Mankind is as a child and life and religion are the Parents. Just follow my thought. You may agree and you may disagree, that is your right. At a later date I may attempt a deeper writing on this topic but for now I will keep it very basic and simple.

Try and think of things in basic history. We know that before Christianity that there were multiple various Pagan beliefs that revolved around the feminine or the “Mother” concept. The Mother that nurtures us as we grow from a bumbling, stumbling, crawling child. Encouraging us to stand and to walk and catch us in her arms when we fall. She kisses us on the cheek and pats away our tears when we scrape our knees and then tells us in that comforting voice “Its ok, go on try it again.”

Years later and Christianity arrives to supplement and surpass the “Mother” and place the Father in her place. The Father is there to Teach, to show us the path and Push us to our best. Letting us take our lumps and bumps and then asking us what we could have done differently and giving us advice for the next time. The Father is there to guide us down the path and prepare us to be on our own. Some forms of the Father are harsher than others and others more lenient. Each form the Father takes in today’s religions is all a basic form or preparation for Life. Then the Father Kicks us out of the house to face the world Alone. This is the HERE and the NOW.

What if those “seers” of our future were seeing our future but not comprehending what they were seeing? Not an End but turmoil before change. The Growing pains of a child, stepping beyond his/her Mother and Father, which are so aggravating and hurtful.

What if the things they were seeing were the times of the here and now with the difficulties we face not as a nation but as a world, not seeing beyond but only the now? I can only imagine how they would interpret the crowding, large cities, wars and war technology we have today. How would we interpret the future 500 yrs from now? Interesting and intriguing thought don’t you think?

Could it be that with all the devastation they saw they could not look further for fear of seeing worse? I believe that they stopped there because they found they could not look further because they could not “see” or comprehend the next step.

Not a Unification of the world but a communal understanding of all other people in the world. An Acceptance of all others no matter the differences. A Common Leap of the mind that all peoples share together. A New beginning. The Next step. A Leap into the unknown Together as Humankind.

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