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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lost and Found.... Maybe

Some readers have wondered what has been going on for the last year and a half.  Wondered why I have rarely written anything and what has been happening in my life.  It is hard to get into the telling, part of it is depression, some of it is due to the fact my medications have robbed me of my creativity, and another part is I lost interest.

I have talked about depression before in the distant past.  I have even written a bit about my medications taking away that which made some of my writings varied and interesting (at least to me).  The lost interest is due to a combination of both the depression and the missing creativity.  How do you maintain an interest in something when you feel down and out, and can't think of a thing to write?  That is why I haven't written, I was and at times am LOST.  

I want to get the old me back.  The me that had two mini-series going, Letters from Thomas and Dime Store Detective.  Both series were/are some of my best writing.  The thing that made them happen was just sitting at the computer and typing.  They were spur of the moment things, nothing that was written down before hand. Not being able to do that because of being in a dark place in my life and not being able to create or have a coherent thought made it near impossible to keep an interest in doing the thing that I was loving. 

I know as I sit here and put this all into a form of writing, it sounds disjointed and rambling but I have to try.  It is the only way I know to help me get back to the old me and open the door for more interesting things.  

So I ask you, my readers (what few of you there are now), to just stick it out with me as I find myself, the creativity, and the interest I lost.  I will endeavor to write on a regular basis, even if it is just to get out a short bit of what is going on in the Winfield household.  Believe me when I say even that could get interesting, I just have to find the words.  

Any suggestions or ideas that you would be interested in reading about, please feel free to ask.  It might help get the juices flowing so to speak.

I hope you all have a good day and that your week is going well.

1 comment:

  1. I am just happy you are back. You will find that mojo, I have no doubt about that.


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