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Monday, September 20, 2010

10 Things I Hate!

Anything at Anytime has covered a wide variety of things but I haven't gone here yet.


10 Things I Hate or Really, Really Dislike.

1.  People who can't live their lives when they are Miserable and Just Have to make everyone around them Miserable in order for them to feel GOOD about themselves.

2.  People that don't learn their lesson after at least the third time.  (Got to give them a couple of chances as everyone makes mistakes now and then. Just don't keep repeating the same ones.)

3.  Gas Prices being as high as they are when the Companies that make it are making such a killing on Profit.  They could care less as We all need it they just need to keep pumping up the Prices because We will all pay them.

4.  Clothes that fit you one day and not the Next.

5.  A Government that Doesn't Listen to the PEOPLE!

6.  That we can't all travel in space.

7.  People that Abuse animals/pets.  (No, I am not an animal rights activist.)

8.  Not being able to Help Friends when They NEED Help.

9.  That I don't know what kind of Legacy I am leaving my children.

10. Standing at the curb and looking the other direction and somebody hits the puddle right in front of you.

My list.  Do you have any you would like to share?


  1. I really really dislike spoiled pompus people.

    I also really really dislike spray on tan.

  2. I hate people who bully those in Customer Service. Make that I hate bullies.

    I also hate people who try to convert you to thier way (religion/lifestyle/politics)

  3. # 7
    AND I really dislike people telling me what to do

  4. I love a good hate list. I have one on my blog somewhere in May or June.

    Now you need to do the Things I love list....wait, I think you already did one of those - right?

    Crap, I am still a little loopy from cold meds, so forgive me Danny Boy.

    Good to see you again.


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