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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anything at Anytime's First Review!!!

Today shall be a quick post today but I have been reviewed by one site and received my first review score.  Anything at Anytime also received another award but I will get to that on Monday as I have to see whosit whatsits I shall pass them to for the future.

The Magnolia Blossom Review (click and go to her site), reviewed Anything at Anytime (click and go to review) and she said some really nice things and made a few suggestions that as soon as I read them realized she was right and made those changes quickly.

She is a southern woman and has a thing about magnolias so she awards sites based on multiple factors and depending upon how you score per factor you get a Magnolia Blossom up to a total of 4.  Our first Review netted Anything at Anytime 3.7 Magnolia Blossoms.

Thank You for your Kind Review and the Magnolias.  Folks, she has several reviews of sites and gives good straight forward comments about what she sees and thinks on the sites.  Pay her a visit and check out The Magnolia Blossom Review it will be well worth your time.

This is not her only site she has another personal site, helps run (if not the driving force behind) the RBU (button link is on the right hand column), and runs the RBU group in Blog Catalog as well as on FaceBook.

She is a busy woman and helps keep some of us Organized and gathering interesting reads from Members of RBU for you all to Read.

So From me a Thank You L.Avery!

To the rest of you, check out all that she has, you just might find you enjoy the way she presents everything.


  1. that's pretty cool. it's nice to have someone give an honest review of your blog.

  2. Well done Dan you deserve every inch of those 3.7 Magnolias.


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