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Saturday, September 4, 2010

How we "See" our future

Have you ever had your own expectations of how things should be or how you want things to turn out?

You know what I mean, that picture in your mind of how you want events to go for your future: where you are, what you do, how Your Life should turn out.

Jackie and I have been discussing that a bit lately as I have tried to do more around the house between sleep sessions.  After the year she had last year at school I figured I better pick up my end of the slack as much as possible as I don't want to see her wear herself to a frazzle.  The last few days I have tried to tackle a room a day so that she can come home and Not feel like she has to get up and do more here at the house.  Sooooo...... we began talking about it all the other day and have for the last couple of nights.  

Our Roles are reverse of what we both envisioned for ourselves.  I Always viewed myself as being the bread winner and the "King of My Castle".  She Always wanted to be the stay at home wife that took care of everything at home and have things waiting for me.  Now, due to health and Life doing what we least wanted, we are dealt cards that dictate we do the opposite of what we desired.  She wants to be where I am (not the sick part but the at home part), and I want to be where she is providing for my family.  

Believe me, I have plenty of time to think about things and when I start thinking on a topic I can come up with some interesting aspects.  I like to look at things from all sides.  One moment I can be all for one way and before you know it turn around and be the "Devil's advocate" for just the opposite of what I just talked you into.  
Real Asshole, Huh?

Where I am going with that last paragraph is this:  Look where society has put us.  To be successful in Society, Society has instilled in us the mentality of the 50's (of the man providing and the wife staying at home).  When in reality that mentality should have gone out the window in the late 70's or early 80's as somewhere in those years is when you see homes slowly but increasingly needing added income to "survive".  Another view should also be looked at is:  Why do we always think of it as the man providing and the woman doing the cooking and cleaning?  

Society needs to stop and reevaluate what we all see as successful.  

I wish I could give Jackie her vision but I can't unless I somehow, someway got lucky to catch a job working from home here at my computer earning 50K+ a year.  

Anyway, just my ramblings for the day.

Maybe it makes you think of where you are and why, Maybe it doesn't.


  1. Interesting post on all sorts of levels. I'm not sure if my life, or even bits of it, turned out the way I planned or expected. I didn't expect to stay away from my husband for the working week for quite so many years. Not quite the vision of togetherness that you have for a marriage. Hope you're well these days.

  2. life loves throwing us these bloody curve balls... my life is nowhere near to what i figured it would be

    hats off to you fer trying to tackle the reversal head on

  3. Dan, so true, I guess a lot f us picture the getting married in your 20s, settling down and having kids. I did but in reality I'm happily living on my own, looking after myself with no obvious signs of marriage or kids.


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