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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dime Store Detective

Anything at Anytime is always trying something different.

The following is to be read in that "Cheap, Dime store Detective" type of commentary.
For those of you "regulars", I hope you enjoy and maybe get a chuckle.

It was one of those nights.  You know those nights that the humidity makes you feel like your in a sauna no matter where you go.  Yeah, that kind of humidity that makes you sweat just thinking about it.

I was sitting at the desk.  I had my feet up and was reading my papers using the light from the windows.  I had the lights out in the office because I didn't want to be disturbed.

Shirley, the girl out front that keeps the Dames and Idiots from bugging me, was getting ready to leave and call it a night.  She is a good girl and makes sure I don't catch any flakes walking into the office.  Every now and then she allows a Dame with "Legs" to walk in.  She knows I'm a sucker for Long Legs.  I think she does it just to see my reactions.

I can hear her walking back and forth gathering her things and getting ready to leave and then I hear the front door open.  Shirley starts talking and telling whoever it is that I am really busy and can't be disturbed right now but she would take a message and have me call her back when I was done.  I couldn't hear what the other woman said but I think I recognized the voice.

I turned in my seat and put my feet up on the window sill so that I was "looking" out the window.  The door to my office opens and I can see the silhouette of a woman standing in the doorway in the window.

Hmmmmm, Nice Shape!

I don't turn around, I stay right where I am and say "I heard Shirley tell you I was busy and would call you when I was done.  I don't have time right now."

There is no response and the shadow leaves the doorway and I can hear her approaching.

I can smell her perfume before she gets halfway across the room.  This woman has done her homework.  I Love the smell of THAT perfume.

I hear her getting closer and know she is near.

I reach back to the desk without looking at her and get my cigarettes and light one up.  Blowing the smoke out into the flickering light of the window watching the smoke as it weaves its way around in the light like a bunch of snakes curling around in a mating ball.

A hand is placed on my shoulder and I turn my head to look at the hand.  Not the person but the hand.  I take a deep breath and inhale the smell of THAT perfume.  The nails are perfectly manicured and Red, dark Red, so dark that it almost appears black in the low light.

Then I feel her move and before I know it her lips are at my ear.  A soft whisper of breath at my ear.  I love when a woman talks like that in my ear.  Just a whisper to barely be heard.  A whisper that makes you wonder if what you heard was what you actually heard.

The other hand comes down on my other shoulder and she says "You know that cigarette is not going to stop me!"  She reaches around and brushes her chest across my back as she takes the cigarette from my fingers and I watch the cigarette as she puts it out in the ashtray on the desk.

Then she spins my chair around and takes my hand and pulls me up with my hands and says "Time to go home Honey."

So of course, Time to go home.


  1. Another terrific post! And that's why you're one of my favorite bloggers which is why I'm passing on a special award that was handed over to me the other day. Your award can be found at http://whenasouthernwomanrambles.blogspot.com/p/pass-it-on.html


  2. Great job, Dan. Reminds me of Mickey Spillane and his hard-boiled skirt-chasing detective, Mike Hammer.


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