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Monday, September 13, 2010

An OMFG Moment

Anything at Anytime takes a trip on the OMFG side.

As our Anniversary approaches and Halloween as well, I am stepping out on a precipice with what I am about to disclose.

J and I will have been married 14 years on the 14th of Sept. (OH, SHITTTTTTTTT!!! That's Tomorrow)

Happy Anniversary Honey!!!
from the bottom to the top of My Heart.

I was asked awhile back what was one of the weirdest / out there things I have ever done.

Well, it was shortly after J and I were married and I was a (person's worst nightmare) car salesman.  As a newly wed couple we did not have a ton of money and were (still are in some cases) paying bills and trying to sort out living with another person.

We were a month and a half into marriage and Halloween was upon us.  Work was having a Halloween costume contest and I wanted to get into it but we couldn't afford a costume.  Here is the start of the OMFG side.

J was supportive of my wanting to be in the costume contest and so she was trying to figure out what we could do to get me a costume.  The idea she had blew my socks off and then some.  (Sitting here and chuckling about it as I recall it all.)  Her "Idea" was simple, easy (for Her) and wouldn't cost us a single dime.

I will start it off with this......... my first action on the evening of the 30th was to shave closely that night.  Nothing big so I did.  When I got out of the shower I was informed I needed to go back and shave again........ MY LEGS...... That night before bed and as my hair was still wet she set my hair in curlers and I got to experience what some women used (and some still do) to do to "Look Good".  Wear curlers all night.  Damn, it is hard trying to sleep in those things!!!

She woke me at 5 am and started working on my make up and primping my hair and finding the right dress for me to wear that would still be good to work in.  Luckily, she had some low heeled sandles that weren't going to kill my feet.

Not that it is "my cup of tea" but she had me looking GOOD.

I went to work early that morning and 3 of the guys from the sales floor came running until I spoke in my voice which is a bit deep.  Talk about skidding to a halt and double take.  Then when I got in and got to my desk which at the time I shared with one of the women we had working there and she about tripped but said my wife had done a fantastic job.

The day progressed slowly and sales traffic was slow that day but I did get my own and in the strangest way. First client I "caught" out on the lot saw me coming and told me "Not, now Honey.  I am just looking."  (standard blow off speak - LEAVE ME ALONE!)
My response in my regular voice was "No Problem while you looking why don't I show you some of the particulars on the cars you have been looking at."  His jaw dropped.  I told him we were having a Halloween contest later and this was what my wife came up with.  That Halloween ended up being one of my best sales days as I sold three cars that day in the span of 4 hours.  All three to men who mistook me as a woman and were stunned from the get go when they realized it was a man under that dress and makeup.

Needless to say later when we had the competition and everyone voted for the various costumes for those of us that participated - I Won "The most Convincing" and a $25 restaurant certificate for me and J.

It is amazing what we will do when young(er) and in Love and don't have money.

J and I still laugh about that to this day.


  1. Awwww super sweet :) I hope you enjoyed that $25.00 certificate and had some laughs too. :)

  2. I remember helping a boyfriend shave his chest for a fancy dress night. He made real ugly woman but we had a fabulous night. He told me later that the regrowth was a killer. I just love that you went along with it all day.
    Happy happy anniversary. Hope you and J have a lovely day.

  3. I had to do a lot of shaving for M. DeFarge. Good for you being such a sport. And happy anniversary today!

  4. It is amazing what we will do when young(er) and in Love and don't have money. <--- so true


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