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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Multiple Muses

Anything at Anytime would not have been if not for my Muses.

Not to get all dictionary on you or anything like that but "Muse" was in Greek Mythology any of 9 goddesses that oversee/oversaw Science, Art, and Literature.  Today we view a Muse as an inspiration to writers, poets and artist.

I suppose most of us would be Glad, and feel Lucky to have a Muse that inspired some of our works.

Am I wrong?

I don't think so; however, you may disagree.

Truly, I believe everyone that takes the time to do what they WANT is responding to their Muse.  Bloggers and Writers write.  Bloggers and Artist use pictures to show what they Want you to see.  Some Love to work on Science projects to try and better our lives.  Others enjoy what they do for a living.  Is that not Responding to a Muse - an inspiration?

Me,  I am more than Lucky.

I am Blessed!!!!!!!!!!!

I have not one Muse, I have many!

My Wife, of which I have written a bit about.

Both of my Daughters, both of which are older but still young enough to Inspire Wonder in the simplest of things.

People and Friends and Yes, You my Readers Inspire me to write many things that I have posted and yet to post here on this blog.

Anything at Anytime was created at the need (Inspiration) of my Wife.

Today's Post was Inspired by a comment on yesterday's post by nothingprofound when he mentioned that Jackie was my Inspiration.  He was Right! of course.

Inspiration, or Muse may come to you when you least expect it.  You can look for it and maybe find it somewhere around you at home or work.  Honestly, I find the ones you don't expect to be the best of them all!

Have you had your MUSE today?

1 comment:

  1. Great to have multiple sources of inspiration- glad I was able to serve as one today.


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