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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Anything at Anytime - I am back.

I haven't Posted in almost a week.  What has happened to me?  Hell, even I am not sure on that.

I have been THINKING about all kinds of things.

THINKING -  That is my problem.  Sometimes it leads to some really good things and at other times it can cause all kinds of "Royal Pain in the Asses"!

Some of that THINKING has lead to some good changes for my wife and girls because I am trying to do more to help them out so that they are not always doing everything.

And or But, take your choice (Yes, there is almost always an "And" or a "But").

Some of that THINKING has been.......... Well, let's just say out there even for me.

I have written some of it in my little notebook and may end up putting it in here eventually on the site but for now let us just say it is out there enough that I only need to put a little of it out here once in awhile.

Examples:  UFOs or ways to explore other planetoids in the solar system or ...... get the idea?

And or But, again!

Some of it has been that crappy assed Depressed feeling.  My oldest decided to start volleyball this year and I have a feeling she will be good if not great at it if she applies herself (I know your thinking "but that is a good thing", right - it is and it isn't).  The First game actually ended up being in a tourney and Me being me and my usual hard headed self decided I was going to be there for her.  Her first Tourney.

Not a great idea as it is that I happen to be one of those individuals that if someone has a cold or a flu, yeah you guessed it, I get it.  That in itself tends to be a Pain in the Ass but with Emphysema it tends to be a Royal Pain in the Ass.

Guess What?  .......................  I caught a cold at the tourney somehow.

So, if you have read me enough, I think you all know what kind of Father I want to be for my Girls.  I would like to be the Father that is there for All or as many of their first as I can be.  However, with my situation the way it is I have to pick and choose the "Firsts" I can attend without getting sick.

Just something I have to deal with.

Despite that, I am back and will stay on track.

Hope you all had a good week and will have a good start to your new week.


  1. Thinking is all very well, but sometimes it drags us down far deeper than we want to. Hope you feel better soon and look forward to the next post too.

  2. Welcome back Dan, Hope your cold gets better quick. I think too much, yoga is trying to slow this.

    To answer your question I never spoke more than a few words to him and have no idea where he would be now. Just a teenage thing, I actually knew very little but invented myself the perfect guy and put his face on my creation. I'm sure now that I would have been disappointed :0)

  3. Lovely to see you back. Hope you are over the cold soon. As parents there are somethings we just cant miss. No matter the risk to ourselves. Hugs xx

  4. What the hell?? I have a cold too, and have talked to no less that five people this morning who also have colds. Yuck.

    It is always good to hear from you Danny Boy. I am working up a post now, it has been almst a week since I posted too.


  5. Spam is only unacceptable if its got too much starch in its collar...or is that an unacceptable statement of fact?


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