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Friday, January 14, 2011

God give me Patience - I'm about to Pop You in the Nose!

Anything at Anytime wades in another one of "THEM" Days.

Man, am I tired of those.  Tired of Writing about "Them" as well!

I need to write something Worthy of Your time rather than (what seems as of late) Constantly gripping about my Crappy Luck.

It is hard sometimes but even when the Luck is Bad I try and look at it like: "If I don't get it Someone is going to and I know I can "Handle" it - to a degree."  It still wears on you - like a bearing without grease, eventually its going to lock up and "Freeze".

Enough of that -- I go there I am going to ------------------ (Use one of Bruce's wonderful words there.)

(Oh, you don't know Bruce -- his site is "Stupid Stuff I see and hear" ***WARNING*** Very Verbal Creative with Certain Words - if you take exception to profanity stay away.  If you have No issues with profanity - It is an AWESOME site of just plain Stupid CRAP that is going on.  So when I mention "Use a Bruce Word" or some such mention, you will get the idea.)

Between Car Windows, Dr.'s Assistants, lack of (insert a Bruce Word) money, and My (another Bruce Word) Luck; I feel like a ..... well, I just want to take it out on Something, Someone!

Hell, if "THE BIG GUY" were down here in front of me right now -- I would take a Monster Poke at his Nose (if THE BIG GUY has one), I would Lash out with all I have.  Not that it would get me anywhere but getting it out of my system and letting HIM know my Patience has Snapped!

Yesterday, my friend Mynx from the Great Land DownUnda - seems she had one of them days as well.
Woman, You are not alone.
She had an UGLY day at work and..... Well, go read it - it is called "Panda Eyes".

We all have 'em.  Those days where Nothing goes right and Everything goes Wrong.

I am FED UP with 'em.
Take this Crap and FEED it to some bottom feeding (Use a Bruce descriptive here) thief that steals from the poor, he deserves it!

It is one thing to "Turn the Other Cheek" - I do that often enough.  It is a totally different thing to let yourself or your Loved Ones be "ABUSED" - I don't care who you are: THE BIG GUY on Down - I will stand toe to toe and Tell you so and try to shove it right back up your (USE Several Bruce Words here).

I Want to get back to writing something GOOD or at least descent.
I don't want to be locked into a Blue Mood Crappy Post because Depression is trying to get a foothold.
I Want my Wife to be able to Breath and Relax!

I don't want to say this but in all fairness to this Post I must:
I am Glad my daughters are seeing this.  (I know sort of strange.)
Here is why:
With my daughters seeing this all happen, they get to see What Mom and Dad do Right during times like this, and they see the Wrong.  Where that is a benefit, is that if they EVER find themselves in a similar situation they will have an idea of "How to" and "Not How to" handle it.  (My opinion - A Good thing to see and learn).

Well, I am going to finish here as I need to cool down just a bit before I call the Dr.'s office and see if the Assistant got off her Butt and has done her Job.  Been two hours and she still hasn't called to say she got it FIXED and I am on NUKE Mode.

So, Before I make a Totally idiot out of myself I need to get a cup of coffee and CHILLAX before making that call.


  1. Danny!

    anytime you need to vent, or if you want to really let it go, come on over and do a guest post, or leave a bruce word trail in the comments...kinda like a quickie guest post!

    we are all her for ya, my friend. thoughts and prayers and even when you are not feeling the best, and things are bad, thats when your friends pick you up the most...

    you are a good man. and it sucks that you are having a bad time!

    thanks for the press and shout outs!

    you have no idea what it means to me and how much your including me in your life is important to me. words cannot convey my gratitude!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  2. Come rant on mine too hun. Happy to have bruce words, after all evil twin came for a visit once (and left a dreadful mess)
    Melting down sometimes is good for the soul. Beleive me, I have had a few lately. First time I have cried at work tho.
    Thanks for the plug. I am going to have a major blog pimping session later.
    Big hugs for you and yours xx

  3. Vent away. Let all that anger out into the universe and keep it away from your body where it might fester and create more havoc. Then afterwards fill that space with the love you feel for your family. Thats what I try to do...if that doesn't work I throw something...hey you're human right? I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Blessings, Joanne

  4. please vent away it's your space use as you see fit and i will be here to read and listen

  5. Gave you some blog loving over at my place. Pop by sometime.
    Hugs xx


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