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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a Small World (Brisbane) and a Return to Space

Anything at Anytime, I, has/have a realization and a touch of worry with it.

With several years in the service(s) and having spent most of my Life around the various military branches, I have learned this World of Ours is SMALL.

I have run into people on many occasions, that I knew as a child or from when I served, that I thought I would Never see again.  It is just weird how that works out.

Today, as everyday, right after J woke me up, I pulled up the Yahoo News to see what immediate News happened overnight.

I do this everyday before I take J and the Girls to school and before I start my daily Post for Anything at Anytime here.

What do I see?  Flash Floods in Brisbane Australia.
Now honestly, what do I care about Flash Floods in Brisbane Australia?
It is halfway around the Globe from El Paso, TX.  Nothing that happens there is going to effect my getting food, water, electricity or any other necessity of life.
Well, if you notice, Anything at Anytime does not have a TON of Followers (I wish and hope); however, Two of those Followers Live in Brisbane Australia.

They haven't commented on the site in awhile but from time to time I catch them peeking in to see what is going on here.  Thanks Google Analytics.
I imagine, depending upon the damage and how long it last (the flooding), it will be awhile before they do much of anything down there while trying to recover.
I ask that you all just keep them in your hopes and prayers.

It just makes you think how Small the World has become with the various Military representatives traveling the globe and the Internet bringing you into my home and me into your home (so to speak).

Prior to seeing the bit in Yahoo! News, I was planning on some new Space Pictures that are currently running about on the Internet.

The Green bit is called Hanny's Voorwerp
and it produces/births stars out in the No Mans Land
between Galaxies

I remember when at sea, the night sky looking full like this.
Not with the same brightness of some of the standouts,
but full of lights very similar

Can you Imagine what it would be like to be Traveling in Space
and Seeing something like this?

Just amazing the Things that are found out in Space!
Things we Never would see if we didn't LOOK around!

Again, my Love for Space just required I had to put some new Space pictures up.

Closing today off I ask you for two things:

1.  Please keep those in Brisbane Australia in your Hopes and Prayers.
2.  Always keep an eye on the sky -- You never know what you might see - even with the naked eye.

Hope all is well and you and your Loved ones are Safe.



  1. I witnessed my first partial eclipse of the sun recently - absolutely brilliant.

    Also, I agree wholeheartedly. The smallness of our little world both amazes and (more often than I care to admit) terrifies me.

    Thought I'd pop over and say hello.

    - B x

  2. I will definitely keep the Brisbane folks in my prayers, and hope that you and all your followers keep the good people of Arizona in your prayers too. We are stunned and saddened by the recent shooting down in Tucson.

  3. beautiful pictures it always amazes me how vast the universe is

  4. I ran into a friend from high school once in Florence, Italy. It was hilarious (she was completely drunk too).

    Love the pics!

  5. The Queensland floods have taken over our media with everybody in Australia praying for those affected. Not sure how much news you have but there have been 10 confirmed deaths and 78 people missing.
    Truly is mother natures fury. I am a long way from Brisbane but my hert is breaking for those affected. This link will take you to more news if you are interested


  6. Prayers on their way. Thanks for those beautiful pictures. They are truly humbling. Blessings, Joanne

  7. I took in the Lunar Eclipse up here in Vancouver, it was touch and go, because of the cloud cover - but, thankfully, it seemed to thin out and I was totally impressed with the blackness of the heavens.

    I'm always facinated with what's "out there"!


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