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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Change of Plans

Well, It doesn't Look like you all left Anything at Anytime after yesterday's Tirade.

Thanks for the responses I got from you all.
(and that is all I am going to say about that or I will get on another Rip Roaring Tear (don't want that))

I did have Plans for Today's Post; however, they got side tracked by Mynx over at Dribble..... .

I got back from Dropping the Girls off at School and checked my email, messages and comments and was told I needed to make a mad Dash over to Dribble.... so that I could get my "Goodies" before they went bad.

Lo and Behold:
Anything at Anytime has been Honored to Receive the PAV!!!!  aka: The Irresistibly Sweet Award

An Award she Created Back in November and has been Sparsely given out.
(see her guidelines here:  Mynx's Awards)

Now having Received this award it is to be Portioned out in Moderation -- Not just Freely Thrown about like the latest Cosmopolitan or ESPN magazine you just got in the mail.

I am to find 3 Blogs that I Find "Irresistible" that I can't help myself but go Running to when I see them up.  That is already harder to do because Mynx's Dribble.... is one of those sites and I am not going to give it back to her and treat the Award like a Tennis ball in a Tennis Match...... That Just wouldn't BE RIGHT!

So those will come Later as I contemplate which Blogs shall receive this AWESOME Award!

Next:  I am to divulge 5 Guilty Pleasures ---- Hmmmmm ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(Besides Mynx thinks I am "Cheeky" - My Wife KNOWS I AM)

1.  Strawberries and Raspberries -- Love 'em, if I see them on a Dessert I have to have some. mmmmmmmm

2.  Legs in Stockings, Garter and Heels (nice heels, not the kind that make a woman look uncomfortable wearing them), They just make a Woman LOOK SEXY - and No, I am NOT being SEXIST

3.  Teasing My Wife in that way - You know - that way that says "I always WANT YOU!" (a pinch, tickle or Tease {got that from my GranPa W.}) without being obscene.

4.  Bums.  YES, BUMS  - have you ever noticed how a Nice Shaped Bum on a Woman looks like an upside down Heart?  You haven't?  Well, take a peek sometime - they really do!

BEST for LAST  -  I am one of those that If I KNOW I REALLY Enjoy something, I save it for LAST so I can Remember it Longer (sort of Savor it).

5.  I could suffer HELL a thousand times over just to See my Girls (J,D, and E) HAPPY.  When they are HAPPY, NOTHING can go wrong.  Their Happiness is MY BEST GUILTY PLEASURE!

So, My GUILTY PLEASURES  -  Open to the World.

If you stop by Mynx's Site to see what she had to say about my blog......
In my Own Defense,
I don't look that bad in a Pink Dress (LOL)
(Yes, there is a Picture on this site of me in a Pink Dress But I will not tell - You must find it on Your OWN!).

Hope you all have a Great Weekend!



  1. just knew I should have linked back to the dress hehe
    Fabulous "pleasures" darln man. Thankyou for sharing and passing along. Big smile on my face right about now

  2. congrats you deserve this award you are very sweet.

  3. congrats man! love the stockings and bums as well!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy


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