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Monday, January 17, 2011

MUSIC Mondaze

Anything at Anytime's MUSIC Mondaze brings you What I feel are some Great Classics today.

Four Songs by Simon & Garfunkel and one is a Special treat -- someone took the time to record straight from a 45 and video it and put it up for view.  Great Sound from that one and brings back memories of actually using and playing some old 45s of my own.
(if you have no clue skip to "The Boxer" in the Play list - 45 refers to the number of revolutions per minute in order to get the sound right, any slower and it sounds like S-o -m--e ---o----n-----e talking really slow, faster and it sounds as if you are listening to "Alvin and the Chipmunks".  

MUSIC Mondaze 
brings you

Simon & Garfunkel


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Hope your Week is Great!



  1. Love all those songs. Great choices. Love the 45 you just can't get that sound anywhere else. remember the little plastic thingys you had to clip in the middle of 45s? Please say yes...Blessings, Joanne

  2. I love Simon and Garfunkle...even if I can't listen to your clips. LOL

  3. I love Simon and Garfunkel. Always a nice treat to hear their songs.


  4. Love these songs. Bring back so many memories and there is nothing like the crackle of a real record. Actually packed up some old albums today and youngest son made sure to remark that we no longer have the equipment to play them. Too bad, they are coming with us


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