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Still Wondering What's Next? Anything at Anytime (I) has/have had a rough start to the year. Sorry for the delays in Posts and I Promise to do better. No Excuses as Life Must GO ON! So Keep an Eye Open... Oh, if you would like to follow on Twitter I am @DanWins2007.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Old and New - What and Where do We Go?

For those that Have been following me for awhile here at Anything at Anytime,  I know, I know - "What Happened?"

I Took a Break - stayed off of here for a bit to refresh my mind, body, and soul; by spending time with my Wife and Girls.  

In the Process, Life has proceeded on, a Year has Come to an End and a New Year has Begun, fresh and clear. 

An Idea has crept into this mind of mine and I am going to give it a ride and see how far and fast this thing can go.  (I am gambler, what do you expect?)
This Idea is running around in my mind and I have NO Clue where it will take me or Anything at Anytime but it should be a Fun Ride.  

Enjoy a tad bit of Good Classic Music and I don't know - Maybe hear a Clue or Two.  
You never Know.

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The Old Has come to an End.  
Time to Contemplate the Past and view in your minds eye that which has happened in your Life: Weigh IT, Judge IT and Be Done with IT.
That was the Past -- 
Keep the Good,
Learn from the Bad,
Move On!

Now the New Year has come.  
Hope and Dream!

Treat the New Year as a Blank Canvass yet to be touched by an Artist (You)!
Give your Canvass Definition and Life by filling it in with what You See and Want because it is New, Blank and Open to your interpretation and desires.

Over the next few days, Anything at Anytime will remember the Past (Not Ancient History, well, maybe it is for a Blog) here and begin to form an outline of what is to come.  

A Breath of Fresh Air has arrived and Time to Grow and Explore and see what is there, is here.

Let Us see what we can fill our New Year with.


  1. good to hear from for you! i am glad you got to re-boot and spend time with the family!

    Happy New Year!
    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book

  2. Danny, you had me a touch worried about you. So glad you have had time to reflect. Now I am excited about what is to come. Happy new year. Hugsxx

  3. We all need some time off. Glad you got to spend yours with your loved ones.

  4. i love this song and welcome back

  5. Since I love to paint your post was especially touching. Great Post. My Dad used to say "Yesterday no longer exists so why dwell there?" Thanks for reminding me. I have a feeling your post will ignite many hearts to dream and look forward.


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