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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Dragon

Something simple on Anything at Anytime today.

I started Playing a cheesy free game on Facebook called "Dragons of Atlantis".

Hey, by now if you haven't figured out I LOVE Dragons, I don't know what to say.

It is a time consuming game but since I get to "Grow UP" my Own Dragon, well, I couldn't pass it up.

I figured I would post the Pictures I have taken of him so far as he Grows.

So, without further ado:  Strike Fang

I started with nothing
When I could afford it I got Strike Fang's Egg
Cute little fella after he hatched
only problem was he liked to chase the Squirrels around

With all the Feedings and care
he rapidly grew into a Teen 

Now he has Grown into a "GREAT Dragon"
He still has a bit of Growing to do
and I need to Train him to wear his Battle Armor
but that will all come with time.

I hope He enjoys all the other Dragons that will be around him here and all of those that I will continue to bring in?
He does have a little bit of Attitude and He still likes chasing after Squirrels, just more of a Problem now as He is so much bigger and his tail tends to take out parts of buildings when he is running after them.

His Pictures will soon be going up on the Dragon and Books page
Hope your Weekend is Good!



  1. Oh I want to play this now. Must find it on facebook
    Thanks :)

  2. I am a HUGE castle nut.. so it goes without saying I love dragons too. Have you read any Books by Terry Goodkind? Wizard's first rule is the first of the sword of truth series...good read. good post. Blessings, Joanne

  3. your blog is cool, my wife shes a dgragon person to and our lieing room is full of dragon =s and athentic dragon swords that i we got from scottland and ireland when we took out acation a few yrs ago.when new people come into our home they dont stay long and plus they tell her that shes well protected, lol i will tell her about your blog and she will like this its cool.


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