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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Haunted Car??? and I Don't Know about You...... But???

Anything at Anytime has a real life laugher and a "You got to be Kidding!" that happened Yesterday.

Yesterday was J's first day back to school and it was an in-service day without the kids.
She gave me a call about 3 O'clock to tell me that I should be up there around 3:30PM to pick her up and we could run the errands we had to once I got her.

Not a Problem.

As I was walking out the door my cell phone started to buzz and I checked it out, and Damned if I forgot to charge the phone and it was shutting down.

Again, Not a Problem.  I grabbed E's phone since I was leaving the Girls at home and jumped in the car and headed out.

Picked J up about 10 minutes later and we headed off to Walmart.

As we headed to Walmart I made a left turn and J ask "What's that noise?"

*Ugh OH*
clack, clack pause clack clack pause clack clack pause (imagine two pieces of Plastic tapping together, that sound)
over a 2 minute period.

I have no idea, not my blinker, no vibration in my steering column just that repeated sound.

Then it just Stopped.
NO Clue what it was.

A couple minutes later I make another Left turn and there goes that sound again!

clack, clack pause clack clack pause clack clack
again for 2 minutes then it just Stopped.

By Now I am beginning to wonder what the *#LL is going on with my car.
I like to say I am a "Jack of all Trades" but I have never heard a sound like that coming from a car.  It just befuddled the mind to try and think of what could make that sound.

I was beginning to wonder if somehow, someway my Car became HAUNTED?!?!?

We got to Walmart with No further instances and we get out and go in to start grabbing the stuff we needed.

I reached up to a shelf to grab something and.........

*wait for it*
Clack Clack pause Clack Clack pause Clack Clack pause

Holy Rat Hairs!!!!

It's happening in the store!!!!!!

What the ........????

I practically jumped back from the shelf and J's like what happened and I say "Listen"....... Her Eyes got that questioning look then reached into my jacket and pulled out E's Cell Phone.

E had her alarm set on her cell and with the weirdest Alarm sound I have Ever Heard.


Now still at Walmart after the "Haunted" Phone incident....

J had to go.  You know it never fails.  When you get somewhere and you are in a touch of a hurry (just wanting to get in and immediately out of the store), you gots to GO.

Anyway, we found our way to the Restrooms and I am waiting out there for her and I see this display right outside the Bathrooms:

Can't make out what it is?  That's fine: Here is a Closer look

Now I don't know about you..... but I come out of a Bathroom -- The Last thing I am thinking about is MELTED CHOCOLATE for Fondue.

In all my years in Sales and Marketing - That has to be the WORST Placement of a Display!
Get Real Walmart!


  1. Melted chocolate LOL... It surely is a weird placement.

  2. also, couldn't you just melt chocolate on your stove?

  3. Very funny Danny. Must tell you one day about the frogs.
    Everytime I hear about Walmart I am rather glad we dont have it here. Seems an odd little world of it's own


    Secret Pleasures

  4. This story makes me smile and wonder what the alarm was originally set for. Maybe there was a ghost after all? Nice post.

  5. This post was too funny! I thought it was hilarious enough with the ring tone, but the last bit had me hysterical! Life is funny. Blessings, Joanne

  6. omg that is to funny what a great story

  7. Nice post danny!

    i think i have had a few cars that were possesed by demons...

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book


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