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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Have You ever Noticed.....

Hey All,

Anything at Anytime is slowly approaching 100 Followers.  1 - 50 was quick but 50 - 89 has been..... well, Christmas got here First.  LOL

I still have that Freaking Headache but Life must go on.

First things first.  Becca over at "My Life" has Awarded Anything at Anytime with the Life is Good Award.

Tomorrow I will Follow the requirements and get it up and pass it to a few deserving Blogs.

No, I am not going to give any hints to who is getting it.

Have You ever Noticed.....

Have You ever Noticed..... - that a full take of gas last DAYS LONGER than 2  Half tanks?
     (in City Driving.  Distance Driving - well if you are traveling any long Distance, your not getting to far on a half a tank and you might not find a gas station by the time it runs down.)

          - We all bust our butts to learn everything to drive and almost as soon as we get our licence everyone FORGETS - Turn signals, Courtesy and SAFETY?
     (We all do it at one point or the other sometime in our life - but should we use that as an excuse?)

          - As SOON as you buy a brand New Computer or Phone - it is already OUT DATED?
     (It is as if something is watching over your shoulder and won't let you have the TOP of the Line for more than (what seems) 5 seconds.)

          - When you get to the Dr.s Office for an appointment On Time - you wait for 20 - 30 minutes at least to see the Dr.; however, if you are 5 - 10 minutes late they can't fit you in and you have to reschedule.
     (Not just the Dr.s but Everything you have to schedule seems that way.)

          - Foods advertising that they are a MEAL for Four and turns out to be nothing more than a SAMPLE!
     (That is just WRONG!)

          - That to watch a TV show you have to turn the Volume up High to hear it (as if your Deaf) but when the Commercials come on THEY MAKE you Deaf!
     (Supposedly there has been legislation to control that here in the U.S.A. but to date I have No Idea when it is to go into effect.)
Looks Good Doesn't it?
I haven't Tasted it but I still would
put Money on my Dad's!
He makes a Killer Pecan Pie.

          - That something sits out - a pie, cake, cookies, Soda, etc..... - and Not a person has touched it and by the time you want some - ITS ALL GONE!
     (THAT happens all the time around this house.) :) LOL

Just a few things for you to NOTICE.
As I Notice more I will bring them to your attention.

Hope you are all having a Great Day!



  1. interesting points Danny! i thought the commercial thing was already in effect...since i got a DVR i never have to watch them so they seem much quieter...

    have a good one!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  2. good observations and you are welcome you totally deserve the award

  3. Congrats and I loved this post! It made me smile, thank you!!


  4. how cool would it be if you and I hit 100 at the same time?

    I was nodding at all your observations. Sorry I missed you tonight but I hope you are feeling better soon darln.

  5. CONGRATS on your award - much deserved.

    I laughed over this post, particularly "a meal for 4" - too true!

    Cheers, Jenny


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