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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is This Happening to YOU?

Anything at Anytime.


Today brings you another bit of it.

Something that Everyone that writes and Post on the Internet and WWW need to be very aware of it.

From time to time I go into my Webmaster Tools and check and look around at some of the various links that lead back to Anything at Anytime and most times I see the page and go "Cool", "Neat", "Will You Look at That" or some such thing.

As I write this - this is Not the case.

I saw this in my Webmaster Tools:

This is what the link connected to:

excuse the writing in blue as am writing with the mouse

This is What I had/HAVE a Problem with:

This Is What I Commented:

This is the Ranking of Local Spur on Alexa (El Paso Local Spur is a Sub of their Pages):


Considering the way Google and Various Advertisers are Paying for advertising and theses are just Farms to Pull OUR Traffic and get the $$$$$ for OUR Work?

Figured this was Something Everyone that Puts stuff on the Net should see and maybe look around and find out where some of Their links are coming from (and I am talking about those links that you only see 1 visit from).

I'm just glad Google has given Us the TOOLS to keep an eye out for stuff like this.

Not what I wanted to Post for Today BUT................



  1. I must admit I really dont understand the webmaster thing. I had a bit of a look around and found some of my stuff on an indonesian page but it was all linked and attributed to me. Just wish I could have read the "about page"

    They definately have to properly attribute it if they use it. Only fair. Dont mind people quoting but... Mind I dont think anybody would want to pass my stuff off as thier own

  2. honestly i don't understand any of that stuff i just blog because i enjoy writing i don't know anything about the adsense or google or anything

  3. Oh wow, that's incredible. I've never heard of a... what is that, an online newspaper? I've never heard of a newspaper doing something like that. Other bloggers, sure, but not something that is supposed to be professional.

    I get funky aggregating links a lot - there are plenty of services that try to make blog searches, so every once in a while one of my posts will be linked by them, but it's always just a snippet of the post and then a link back to the blog. Never the whole post.

  4. @becca -- *OMG - I responded* -- I have no clue what the equation is either, but the Big thing was that the person that created the Link by saying "Posted by" was/is taking credit for the writing.

    THAT is what I have a problem with and from what I saw on "Local Spur" last night that is what their site is built upon.
    Since they are a HEAVY Traffic site - THOUSANDS of Visits a day - they get better position in keyword searches and end up getting traffic thout could be going to our sites and then we loose the chance for people to read what we have written.

    Somebody wants to Use my stuff - Fine - but at least Give Me credit for my Work.

  5. Not good if you're being ripped off. Don't know if it's happened to me, as I've never checked, but I'd be spitting feathers if it had.


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