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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Inspired by Another's Post

Anything at Anytime has been doing some "Catching Up" on reading Blogs that I missed during my Hiatus with the girls for a week.

I came across a Post that was put up Yesterday from Tribal Writer (Justine Musk) "ego vs soul", talk about making one think!

If you are "ANYONE" doing "ANYTHING" in Life this is a MUST READ!

Go over and check it out.

It is not a long Tirade that beats you up.
Simple statement of Facts.
It is REAL!

If you didn't check out Tribal Writer from the "12 Blogs by Christmas" (last link goes to Last 12BbC so you may see the full list if you missed them) now is the time to visit.
Look around, she has some good input on Blogging, Writing and Life in General.
What she writes can be applied to a multitude of different things.

It Really got me to Thinking!
(yeah, I know, That burning rubber smell smelt around the world last night was my brain.)

Where am I?
am I more Ego?
More Soul?

I would like to think that I lean more on the Soul side of that equation.
It is hard because natural Ego says - MUST have more Followers -- Must get People to See ME.
But not at the Expense of what I am writing, Saying, THINKING.

Justine Musk has put in this one post of hers a conundrum (for me at least).

That is a Good Thing!

It makes me think about:
Who am I?
What am I doing?
Where am I going?
When and How long am I going to do it?
Why am I doing it?

The Conundrum is this: It takes BOTH, Ego and Soul to really get something Going - The Trick is "How much of Each?"

To Much Ego and you loose your audience to poor writing and whimsical "Crappy" posts.
Great Writing without a touch of Ego to promote it, is about as useful as some of my old Poetry that still sits in odd notes here and there (some of which may Never be found again, LOL).

Yesterday's post "ego vs soul" by Justine Musk is a must Read!  I can't say that enough.  It applies to more than just Blogging.  It applies to Everyday Life!

Give it a read, and...... When you are done..... Let me know if I lead you astray.


  1. grabbing my stuff and running right over now. see ya later

  2. sounds very interesting to me, I 'm on my way!

  3. I couldn't find any contact information on your blog so have to ask here. I found a question you posted on the help forum "Issues with creating a new post - tab stuck on edit HTML and timer stuck in body of typing screen. I'm having the same problem. How did you fix it?

  4. Hey Danny, Thankyou for directing me to that post. I loved it. I would say that I am probably evenly divided between soul and ego.

    I want people to like me. But I dont think I am hung up on numbers.
    I never delete or change a post (except perhaps to fix a typo or two) and I guess my posts are a balance between "me" and "us", us being the blogging world.


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