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Monday, January 3, 2011

Introducing "MUSIC Mondaze" QuarterFlash

Anything at Anytime is up and running again - yesterday's post will tell you the why I was off for a few days (a week to be exact) but it was worth it.

I am going to start something New here on Anything at Anytime - MUSIC Mondaze

I will still put music from time to time in my regular Posts but will Definitely have a Song or two on Mondays from now on - thus the Title:  MUSIC Mondaze

Some of what I put on may be something you have heard before, and some you might not have heard but I will do my best to give you something that will make you think........

Maybe a recollection of a First Kiss,
That song you heard when you First Drove your OWN car,
just Maybe,
That Song that you and that Special Someone in your life call "Your Song!"

Today, I am going back in My Past and pulling out a group that Many of you may not have heard of:  QuarterFlash

A mid 80s group that put together a few albums that were Good but didn't get the recognition of other groups.  In Part because the 80s was so full of Groups that it got difficult to weed through them all and find the GOOD ones.

I recall this group and the first album of theirs I got - Take Another Picture -
(Good Title and Good Song - I just haven't come across a good recording online yet to use.)
Honestly, I had never heard of them Until one Christmas I had asked my parents for some music tapes, Yes, I said tapes.  (For those of the younger crowd that read this blog, they used to put albums on Vinyl and on tapes (not a Disk/CD).


My Parents, being my Parents, did not agree with the music that my generation got into.  A few of those groups:  KISS, Twisted Sister, Guns-N-Roses, well you get the idea.

Christmas was approaching and they were doing their shopping and came across the Discount Rack at one of the stores and saw some tapes and the title "Take Another Picture" seemed innocent enough and the Cover picture was full of Dressed Mannequins so it couldn't be that bad right?  Turns out it was Music that they could listen too as well, might not like but different and easier on the ears than the other groups I mentioned.

Turns out - I liked it as well.

That little tape they got me turned out to be a Really Good Stocking Stuffer.
Good Enough that I remember Today and that was, well..... Let's just say, over 20 years ago.

So with No further Ado -- QuarterFlash with "Take Me to Heart" and Their Biggest Chart Hit - "Harden My Heart"

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If any of you readers have a song you would like to see on MUSIC Mondaze please feel free to comment and leave me the title and group and I will do my best to find a Good Sounding version of it for all of us to enjoy.


  1. New one on me Dan, thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year

  2. new song to me but really like it thanks

  3. noice!

    i saw QF open for another band, and i cannot remember the headliner. the eighties...ah yes..

    i love her voice!

    great pick to start off your new mondaze feature!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book

  4. I've heard this song before . I just know it. It sounds very familiar. Especially the sax solo. Good post. you have great ideas. Blessings, Joanne

  5. I had never heard of them, great post... It is always good to remember the songs of our past, the 80's were a great time for music...in my opinion..

    Naughty Nights


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