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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Laundry Days.

Sorry for the delay from yesterday to today.

Anything at Anytime was in the middle of Laundry Day(s).

Considering that I don't do much to bring an income into the house I have decided to try to do as much of the "Domestic House Duties" as I can.  One of those things is the laundry on the weekend.

It does take awhile as most will tell you.  2 teenage kids, Wife, myself (Thank God they don't dress the dog).

Sheets, Lights, darks, whites, Uniforms, you know the drill.

With finances as they are we try not to use the dryer except on fluff for the towels.  Everything is dried on the line and Ironed by me on Mondays or them as they need them.  Again, we only use the dryer on the towels in order to get them fluffy soft.  I hate, they hate, and I imagine most of you would hate using towels that feel like stiff boards when you are trying to dry off after a nice shower or bath.

So today and yesterday have been spent getting all of the laundry done and trying to help keep things in order without it getting so bad that Jackie feels she has to step in and takeover.

Anyway, a New Week is starting and I wish you all a good New, Prosperous, and Healthy Week!

UPDATE:!!!!!   Had the Last Load on the line and was just getting ready to get the basket and get them brought in and Lo and Behold -  The Skies opened up and provided us with one of our 5 min down pours and everything is Soaked again.



  1. It's the ironing that I hate. Washing is fine, but the ironing fills me with dread. Have a great week yourself!

  2. Can I send you my ironing? Job I most despise.
    I am doing the washing today (the Laundry being the room with the washing machine here in Australia). Hope to get it all dry outside.
    Loads going in and out on the line inbetween cleaning the oven and other crazy stuff for the "great move".
    Have a lovely week Dan. Hugs :)

  3. my hate of ironing is why i first started using the dryer
    figured the amount of extra electric used possibly was balanced out by the fact i was saving electric by no longer ironing ;-)
    thats my excuse and i dont care if the equation adds up or not ;-)

    sods law... its always going to piss down from the heavens when you do laundry

    i must b really odd i hate soft towels i like a nice vigorous dry off with a preferably starched towel hmmmm

  4. Dan I'd love a man who would do my ironing! That is my most hated task. I quite often don't bother and go to work looking a bit crumpled.


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