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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Hodge Podge of What Nots!

Well, Anything at Anytime left the last post up for a couple of days so that as many people that came to the site could go visit the Petition site and Sign it.

It has been up long enough that now it is time to get back to Anything at Anytime's pretty regular schedule.  I have tried to keep it everyday posting and have done a fairly descent job keeping that schedule up with a few misses here and there.

A few things have happened lately that need to be commented on:

**********The miners in Chile have been Rescued!  Way to go everyone involved in working so hard to rescue those men and for those men to have the stamina to keep going under those circumstances!
To Everyone and those men Congratulations!!!!!!!

**********A Laugher that apparently no one noticed until recently on an absentee ballot from one of the Counties here in Texas.  Apparently the Absentee ballot for that County was to have the Texas State Flag on it and for some reason the person that chose the design for those ballots confused the Chilean Flag with the Texas State Flag.  The Flags do bare a very very similar appearance.  The Texas State Flag has a Blue field from top to bottom on the left side with a White star in the blue field followed by white upper half and red lower half.  The Chilean Flag is so similar the only difference is that the blue field only takes the upper left corner with a white star in it.  Just something to chuckle about how someone in a hurry doesn't pay attention to what they are doing and grabs the first thing that they see.

**********The Texas Rangers (Baseball) have won their first Post Season Series and advanced to the next stage for the first time in the team's 49 year history.  In the process they accomplished a first as well with their series with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays -  This was the first Series that all 5 games were Won by the Road team.  GO RANGERS - Claws and Antlers UP!  (you have to have followed the team to understand that last).

**********A couple of earlier Post Need your attention and comments/assistance if you can take the time to read them and do as they ask.  At most both will take 5-10 mins. no more than that (unless you fall asleep doing them).  The Petition Site to try and get the U.S. Post Office to create a COPD Stamp.  Your input on "You've got to be Kidding" for My Halloween Costume this year (Anything that can be done with stuff here at home, that we have).

**********Saturday My Corn Huskers play the Texas Longhorns and hope to improve their record to 6-0 and really put a crimp in Texas' season as that will give them 3 losses in a row for the first time in a long long time.  GO HUSKERS  (the game will be at 3:30 ET on ABC or ESPN - if it is not on your ABC affiliate it should be on ESPN or vice versa)

Hope you all have been having a good week and things are going well.


  1. You're so funny how you're all into sports, Dan!

    I signed the petition that day and yes ... yay for the miners. I think it is a testament to keeping the faith alive. It was a great day yesterday.

  2. I'm with Annah. The Miner story was amazing. Petition is signed and I have no idea what all the rest of the post is about lol.

  3. It's wonderful about the miners, isn't it? Nice to have good news for a change.


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